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Good Vibes: Adorable TikTok Video of “Marites Nanays” Goes Viral

The adorable TikTok video of “marites nanays” goes viral, with netizens happy that they’re bringing good vibes instead doing “tsismis” that can incite fighting in their neighborhood.

Marites Nanays, Viral in Adorable TikTok Video

A group of “marites nanays” have gone viral on TikTok, with their video getting 22.1 million views and over 2.6 million hearts.

Originally posted by Cherl degomio (@kurdapya19811), the video shows four ladies in typical pambahay outfit, doing the funny dance by supposedly “introducing” themselves while dancing to “My Name Is.”

adorable tiktok video
Photo credit: @kurdapya19811

It’s hilarious how they danced so perfectly in this simple video, making netizens laugh.

People have their favorite “marites nanay,” with some saying they love the third one with her wild actions, but others said they enjoyed the first one most because she had the most time going solo on camera.

The “pa-bebe marites nanay” (fourth one) had the least time doing a solo dance, but she still had some fans from supportive netizens.

The video itself was captioned, “Ganahan ani ng[a] trend kaso dili jud mi makabalo.” (Gusto talaga namin ang trend na ito kaso hindi kami marunong.)

Photo credit: @kurdapya19811

It turned out that the group already has plenty of other TikTok videos. But their wish to become trending or viral finally came true in this video.

Many netizens expressed support, urging other “maritess nanays” to also do the same thing instead of spreading rumors and inciting fights in their neighborhood.

Ganyan dapat, hindi yung nagtsitsismisan hahaha charing!” one netizen commented.

Na pagud na mga maretis sa ka daldal…. Kaya dance2x mona. Galing nila aah..” another joked.

Photo credit: @kurdapya19811

Ang sarap mgkaroon ng ganitong mga kapitbahay 🤣 yung pagkatapos gumawa ng mga gawaing bahay e magtitipon sa bakuran para magtiktok naman hahahahaha nakaka goodvibes,” another added.

Watch the cute video here:


#ganahan kayko ani ng trend kaso dili jod mi makabalo#fyp #foryoupage

♬ My Name Is – D Billions

What’s a Marites?

In the Philippines, people joke about “mga marites” or women who enjoy talking about other people. But it’s not just simply “talking,” it’s more on backbiting, spreading rumors, and discussing the lives of others in a rather bad way.


Video of Kids Swimming at a Store’s Fountain Goes Viral

A video of kids swimming at a store’s water fountain goes viral, with netizens commenting how carefree kids are and how much fun they were having in that small water feature.

Kids Swim at a Store’s Fountain

It’s fun to swim at the beach, pool, river, or some other water body or feature, especially when the weather is so hot. Many of us don’t even mind traveling a long distance to reach these swimming spots to have a good time.

There are lots of fun places to swim in where you don’t have to pay an entrance fee to have a good time. For example, most public beaches in the Philippines are open for swimming without any payment involved.

But kids in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, have found another free water feature: a fountain outside a MINISO store! LOL

In a post that has gone viral on Facebook, netizen Veronica Buen shared a photo and video of some kids swimming at that small water fountain, having the time of their lives.

kids swimming
Photo credit: Veronica Buen

It’s obvious that these kids were having such a good time despite the fact that this water fountain could be dirty because it’s not meant for swimming – and it’s been open for months, without any chlorination as what swimming pools are supposed to have to cleanse them of harmful bacteria and other pathogens.

The kids’ identity is unknown, but it’s possible that they live in the streets and were likely just having fun in that water fountain. The waters of Dumaguete’s beautiful boulevard are actually just a few meters away from this fountain, but the kids chose this spot for swimming, instead.

Some netizens commented that the water was dirty, while others said that the kids should be allowed to swim there because they’re not bothering anyone, anyway.

Check out this video:

What is MINISO?

MINISO is a Japanese-inspired lifestyle product retailer offering high-quality food, cosmetics, personal, and household goods at affordable prices.

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Sinabawang Hotdog? Andrea Brillantes Goes Viral for Tasting Oil While Cooking in Music Video

Anong lasa ng cooking oil, Andrea?” netizens couldn’t help but jokingly ask actress Andrea Brillantes after she appears to taste the oil she used for cooking hotdogs in a music video, “Tahanan.”

Andrea Brillantes Tastes Cooking Oil

OPM singer Adie’s music video for “Tahanan” started off with a cliché scene of a man waking up in bed alone, then finding his partner cooking breakfast for him. She ruffles his hair and offers him a slice of sandwich.

It’s clear that she’s really just cooking some hotdogs (nothing wrong with that, of course).

Andrea Brillantes
Photo credit: O/C Records

But netizens found the next scene hilarious: Andrea’s character appears to taste the soup she’s cooking, saying “Sarap!” with rounded eyes – and everyone knew she was cooking hotdogs! Ooooops.

Do you taste the oil when frying something, then say it’s delicious? Of course, not!

So, netizens had a field day laughing at Andrea, but the actress happily went along, posting “sinabawang hotdog supremacy” on her social media account.

Why Did Andrea Taste the Cooking Oil?

The biggest question in everyone’s mind is why she tasted the cooking oil in the first place? But the music video’s director and producer, Kris Cazin, clarified that it was exactly what they wanted to happen.

Okay so nag viral tayo dahil sa sinabawang hotdog. It actually worked!” Kris happily announced.

I just thought it looks dumb so I went for it. If you think it’s funny and stupid, that’s the point!

He added that this isn’t about a gender role, but wants to point out that it’s important to show appreciation to your partner, even if they don’t really know how to cook – at least they tried to do it for you, right?

Don’t expect all women, jowa, asawa, etc na marunong magluto,” he said.

Ipagluluto ka parin niya kahit di siya marunong magluto. Show mo parin ang pagtingin mo sakanya, mahal mo parin siya despite mukha siyang ewan na umiinom ng sabaw ng hotdog.

What do you think of this video?

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Priest Stops Groom in Passionate “Kiss the Bride” Moment

A priest stops groom in a passionate “kiss the bride” moment that got netizens laughing and telling him the honeymoon isn’t done in church but reserved for later. LOL.

Priest Stops Groom in Hilarious Video

Not everyone’s a fan of the “kiss the bride” moment to seal the new couple’s wedding vows, but it’s an expected part of the ceremony.

Of course, everyone knows that the “kiss” in this portion of the ceremony is meant to be more of a customary peck or smack. After all, who would want to share a passionate kiss at the altar with everyone watching, huh?

Some couples are even too shy to kiss, just like a bride who irked a lot of people when she refused to kiss her groom! But many people also laughed at their video, saying that she’s really just a shy girl, a true “dalagang Pilipina”. Whew.

priest stops groom
Photo credit: Unang Hirit

But netizens are having a good laugh once again at another wedding video, this time the opposite of the shy bride video.

The short clip shows the hilarious moment the groom kissed his bride after the priest directed him to do it. But he decided the small kiss isn’t enough and leaned in closer to give his bride a full kiss.

Everyone had a big laugh as the priest quickly stopped him from giving his bride a passionate kiss.

Photo credit: Unang Hirit

The bride and groom were only identified as Erica and Justine.

Netizens commented that the groom was definitely excited for the honeymoon, while the priest must have been shocked by this passionate groom. LOL.

Some netizens suggested that perhaps it’s their first kiss that’s why the groom was too excited. Whatever the case, it’s quite hilarious.

Watch this funny video:

What’s a “Dalagang Pilipina”?

A “dalagang Pilipina” is described to be a demure, modest lady who’s supposed to be reserved in terms of showing her feelings of love towards a man she likes.

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