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Video of Bride’s Grand Entrance Goes Viral after Door-Opening Struggle

The video of a bride’s grand entrance to the wedding recently went viral after the dramatic moment was slightly delayed by the door-opening struggle.

Though the wedding coordinators had previously tested the door, they had a difficult time opening it when they actually needed to do it during the bride’s actual entrance. Oooops.

Good thing the bride was a good sport and simply laughed it off.

Bride’s Grand Entrance Slightly Marred by Door-Opening Struggle

It is said that the bride is the central and main character in the wedding – and the groom is really just the second place because it’s her time to shine.

Of course, that’s debatable but it’s also true that many couples splurge on the bride’s wedding gown, hair and makeup, and accessories – and it’s even an unwritten rule that no one else should wear a white dress to avoid taking the limelight from the bride.

Also, the bride gets to have her grand entrance after everyone else in the entourage had taken their walk down the aisle.

But not everything goes as planned.

Bride Ghie Anne Marie Cioco was about to enter the church in Masbate City for the wedding, but the doors refused to cooperate.

grand entrance
Photo credit: Lovewave / Philippine Star

The wedding coordinators had wanted the moment to be dramatic, so they closed the doors after the entire entourage had entered. But though they tested them beforehand, the heavy doors refused to budge.

It took some time before they were finally able to get the doors open – and we’re wondering whether the people inside were thinking that the bride might have ran away. LOL

Zye Lee explained that the old doors were really finicky and had to be pulled in a certain way to get them opened.

And while they were puzzled why the doors refused to open for several seconds, they were thankful that the bride handled the situation with grace and was laughing as they struggled – then quickly entered when the door finally opened.

Lee joked that the bride was afraid the doors might close again. LOL.

Here’s the video:

Making a Grand Wedding Entrance

It’s always a grand entrance for brides in a church wedding because they enter last – right after the flower girls.

During the wedding reception, however, there are many ways that the couple can make their grand entrance. One favorite way of doing this is for the couple to dance their way in.

Others have also done a grand entrance to the wedding or reception by singing or doing a certain performance.


Whamos Gets Life Insurance for Baby Meteor from 2022 Savings

Social media personality and content creator Whamos Cruz recently got life insurance for Baby Meteor from the money that he and his partner saved in 2022.

He encourages other parents to do the same and think of their children’s future, gaining praise from netizens who are happy that he’s teaching financial literacy and saving to his followers.

Whamos Goes Viral for Savings and Baby Meteor’s Life Insurance

Time and time again, we hear of former actors and artists who are now living dirt poor, having squandered the money they earned from the peak of their success or losing their hard-earned money in wrong investments or through bad managers.

That’s why it’s refreshing to see new-generation stars who are trying their best to secure their finances by opening a business or setting aside money, including getting an insurance policy, for their children and themselves.

Photo credit: Whamos Cruz

Recently, content creator and social media personality Whamos Cruz shared that he and his partner Antonette Gail Del Rosario got life insurance for their baby, to help secure Baby Meteor’s future.

Photo credit: Whamos Cruz
Photo credit: Whamos Cruz

He explains that they were saving money in 2022 – and that seems like a couple savings challenge; although he also added that the contents of their individual savings were roughly the same amount.

After opening both containers which are made of glass and wood, Whamos counted the money – and it totaled as much as Php650,000! Wow.

Photo credit: Whamos Cruz

The TikTok star explained that he isn’t sharing this to brag about his money but to encourage other parents to save for their children’s future.

He added that it might even be better if other couples begin saving money even before having any children. That can help them jumpstart their children’s future.

Insurance for Children

There are many perks of getting life insurance for children – and one of these is getting the policy at a lower amortization than if the child gets the policy as an adult.

There are lots of different insurance companies offering various products for children and families, including SunLife, PruLife UK, and Manulife.

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Couple Gives Away 150 kg of Onions as Wedding Souvenirs

A couple recently went viral for giving away 150 kg of onions as wedding souvenirs – and many people think that’s a practical giveaway, especially because the price of onions is still high and it’s something that people can use.

But others think it’s a giveaway that doesn’t last long – and giveaways are supposed to remind guests of the couple’s wedding.

What do you think?

Couple Chooses Onions as Wedding Souvenirs

The prices of onions have become the talk of town for several weeks – and we’ve already seen someone accept onions as payment during a traffic mishap.

Newlyweds Jayson and Lorellei Saplala from Bulacan recently went viral after giving away 150 kg of onions as wedding souvenirs, placed inside cute, reusable native bags.

The onion giveaways were simply perfect for what appears to be a boho-themed wedding.

onions as wedding souvenirs
Photo credit: Jayson and Lorellei Saplala

Now, you might say that Jayson and Lorellei are simply following the trend and want to be in the news for doing something unique but also timely (since the prices of onions remain a trending topic).

As you might have already heard, another couple also went viral for using onions as a surprisingly elegant wedding bouquet for the bride and everyone in the entourage.

Photo credit: Jayson and Lorellei Saplala
Photo credit: Jayson and Lorellei Saplala

But in the case of Jayson and Lorellei, it turns out that it wasn’t difficult to think of onions as giveaways the bride’s family business is selling onions.

So, choosing onions for their wedding giveaways is like hitting many birds with one stone:

  • They have trendy wedding souvenirs
  • They get to use something that their family can get for a lower price (from their supplier) but useful for guests who usually get it for a higher price
  • They even get to plug their family’s onion business to guests (and netizens)
Photo credit: Jayson and Lorellei Saplala
onions as wedding souvenirs
Photo credit: Jayson and Lorellei Saplala

Definitely a win-win situation!

Ideas for Wedding Souvenirs

Some unique and useful ideas for wedding souvenirs:

  • Succulents or seeds
  • Chocolate bars
  • Personalized soap
  • Personalized perfume samplers
  • Personalized mugs
  • Key chains or ref magnets
  • Unique or personalized décor pieces
  • First aid kids (given by newlywed doctors)
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Bride Goes Viral for Unique Yet Elegant Bouquet Made of Onions

A bride goes viral for her unique yet elegant bouquet made of onions – and netizens are both laughing and loving the “luxury” and funny concept.

Bride Goes Viral for Bouquet Made of Onions

With the prices of onions being so high, many netizens are joking about using the spice as jewelry or a currency to pay for something.

Recently, a car owner even went viral for accepting onions as payment after a tricycle driver damaged her vehicle. This got people thinking how anyone can even top that.

Yet a bride actually did! She used onions for her bouquet. Whoa.

Photo credit: RR Production / April Lyka Nobis and Erwin Vogel Nobis – Philippine Star
unique bouquet
Photo credit: RR Production / April Lyka Nobis and Erwin Vogel Nobis – Philippine Star

With so many people joking about onions being a “luxury item,” in allusion to the girl who went viral over a brand of “luxury bag,” couple Erwin Vogel Nobis and April Lyka Nobis decided to use them for their wedding.

The couple allotted Php15,000 for the bouquets, with the bride carrying as much as 3-4 kg of onions in her own bouquet. But the onions were styled so beautifully that you’d think it’s really a high-end plant or bulbs of an expensive flower.

bouquet made of onions
Photo credit: RR Production / April Lyka Nobis and Erwin Vogel Nobis – Philippine Star
bouquet made of onions
Photo credit: RR Production / April Lyka Nobis and Erwin Vogel Nobis – Philippine Star

Even the entourage received stylish wristlets, corsages, and wreathes – all decked with onions!

What’s quite amazing about this entire concept is that the entourage and their principal sponsors were able to bring home their unique bouquets. It was a practical bouquet that everyone can take home and use for cooking!

bouquet made of onions
Photo credit: RR Production / April Lyka Nobis and Erwin Vogel Nobis – Philippine Star
Photo credit: RR Production / April Lyka Nobis and Erwin Vogel Nobis – Philippine Star

The Php15,000 budget they had for the onion bouquets didn’t go to waste. Perhaps this novel idea will soon become a common thing at weddings?

But the bride’s choice was met with mixed reactions on social media. Though many were amused by the concept, others were not impressed.

Photo credit: RR Production / April Lyka Nobis and Erwin Vogel Nobis – Philippine Star
Photo credit: RR Production / April Lyka Nobis and Erwin Vogel Nobis – Philippine Star

These naysayers pointed out that a wedding happens once in a lifetime and the bride should have chosen her favorite flowers instead of riding on the trend just to get her 15 minutes of fame on social media.

Still, others jumped to her defense, saying that weddings are indeed a once-in-a-lifetime moment so the couple should do something unique so they won’t be like everyone else.

Unique Bouquet Ideas for Weddings

Fresh flowers have always been the norm for wedding bouquets, but many modern brides have picked others.

Aside from the onion bouquet, other ideas include:

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