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Village Guard Belittled by Former Classmate for Being “Just a Guard”

A village guard belittled by a former classmate for being “just a guard” has gone viral after sharing his sentiment over the incident.

He explained that he feels sorry for himself and was embarrassed because his former classmate laughed at him – but he still feels proud of his job.

Village Guard Belittled by Former Classmate Goes Viral

In life, there’s really no telling what the future might bring. Many poor people managed to improve their lives and became successful, yet there are also a lot of rich people whose fortunes changed.

What’s sad, however, is that there are those who laugh at the misfortunes of others, just because they are now in a better position.

A village security guard identified as TikTok user Red Parunquin (@redparunquin477) shared how he felt bad about himself after an encounter with a former classmate.

village guard belittled
Photo credit: @redparunquin477 / TikTok

Red shared that he was on duty that morning and had saluted the driver of a vehicle when the latter recognized him as a former classmate.

And while Red remained respectful and was at first in awe of his former classmate who’s now rich and drives a car, what happened next broke his heart.

This former classmate recalls that Red had been among the most intelligent people in their class. So, it was surprising for this person that Red wasn’t able to finish his studies.

What’s sad, really, is that this person began laughing over the situation, even telling his companions in the vehicle (Red thinks one of them is this former classmate’s spouse) how strange things have become for this intelligent guy.

Photo credit: @redparunquin477 / TikTok

The former classmate asked Red why he chose to remain “just a security guard” before offering him Php200 as tip. Red refused to accept the money even though this former classmate insisted.

Worse, this former classmate even had the audacity to suggest a reunion and for Red to visit him at his house in the village.

Watch Red’s heartbreaking account about the incident here:


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Nanliit ako kanina sa sarili ko nung sinabi niya na guardiya lang ako. Pero okay lang yun kasi siyempre, may mga tao na sinuswerte sa buhay at may mga tao ding hindi,” Red said, with so much sadness in his eyes.

Pero nagsusumikap naman ako. Hindi naman kami isang kahig isang tuka. May trabaho naman ako at ikinararangal ko ang trabaho ko na to kahit na kinakahiya ng ibang tao.

Do Smart People Get Rich?

There’s a social media debate over whether smart people get rich, especially because there are so many “average guys” who actually succeed and make it big.

Some argue that smart people don’t succeed because they follow the conventions and “live by the book,” while the others innovate and find ways to change their lives.

Do you agree?


Video of Bride’s Grand Entrance Goes Viral after Door-Opening Struggle

The video of a bride’s grand entrance to the wedding recently went viral after the dramatic moment was slightly delayed by the door-opening struggle.

Though the wedding coordinators had previously tested the door, they had a difficult time opening it when they actually needed to do it during the bride’s actual entrance. Oooops.

Good thing the bride was a good sport and simply laughed it off.

Bride’s Grand Entrance Slightly Marred by Door-Opening Struggle

It is said that the bride is the central and main character in the wedding – and the groom is really just the second place because it’s her time to shine.

Of course, that’s debatable but it’s also true that many couples splurge on the bride’s wedding gown, hair and makeup, and accessories – and it’s even an unwritten rule that no one else should wear a white dress to avoid taking the limelight from the bride.

Also, the bride gets to have her grand entrance after everyone else in the entourage had taken their walk down the aisle.

But not everything goes as planned.

Bride Ghie Anne Marie Cioco was about to enter the church in Masbate City for the wedding, but the doors refused to cooperate.

grand entrance
Photo credit: Lovewave / Philippine Star

The wedding coordinators had wanted the moment to be dramatic, so they closed the doors after the entire entourage had entered. But though they tested them beforehand, the heavy doors refused to budge.

It took some time before they were finally able to get the doors open – and we’re wondering whether the people inside were thinking that the bride might have ran away. LOL

Zye Lee explained that the old doors were really finicky and had to be pulled in a certain way to get them opened.

And while they were puzzled why the doors refused to open for several seconds, they were thankful that the bride handled the situation with grace and was laughing as they struggled – then quickly entered when the door finally opened.

Lee joked that the bride was afraid the doors might close again. LOL.

Here’s the video:

Making a Grand Wedding Entrance

It’s always a grand entrance for brides in a church wedding because they enter last – right after the flower girls.

During the wedding reception, however, there are many ways that the couple can make their grand entrance. One favorite way of doing this is for the couple to dance their way in.

Others have also done a grand entrance to the wedding or reception by singing or doing a certain performance.

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Smart Dog Goes to the Store to Buy Milk, Trends on Social Media

A smart dog recently went viral for buying milk from a sari-sari store – and many netizens are joking that they should also start training their pets to do the same thing! LOL

Smart Dog Goes Viral for Buying Milk from Sari-Sari Store

Humans have long known that dogs are smart and can be trained for a variety of activities. Aside from learning how to do tricks, countless dogs have been trained as police canine units, support animals, sledding, or for other stuff.

Recently, a dog named Epril went viral after it was able to follow its furparent’s command to buy from the nearby sari-sari store.

smart dog
Photo credit: Omasdang Lariwan Langeleca
In a post on his Facebook page, digital content creator Omasdang Lariwan Langeleca shared a photo and some videos of Epril.

The photo shows a note explaining to the sari-sari store vendor that the dog needs to buy two packs of milk. Then, the vendor was supposed to just tell the dog to go home.

Photo credit: Omasdang Lariwan Langeleca
Photo credit: Omasdang Lariwan Langeleca
The dog’s jaunt to the sari-sari store was documented in two videos that Omasdang shared on his page.

In the first video, the family puts the note inside a plastic bag wrapped around Epril’s neck. Then, they tell the dog to go and buy milk from the sari-sari store.

Photo credit: Omasdang Lariwan Langeleca
The dog seems hesitant at first and can be seen looking back whether the humans will follow, but they continue to encourage the smart pet to go.

Watch the video here:

In the next video, it seems that Epril’s mission to the sari-sari store was a success! The dog can be seen running home with the two packs of milk hanging from the plastic bag around its neck.

Here’s the video:

What do you think of this adorable pooch?

The post has been met with mixed reactions, though most are from netizens joking that he should take down the post because their parents might realize that getting a smart and hardworking dog can be more cost-efficient than having lazy kids. LOL

Photo credit: Omasdang Lariwan Langeleca

How to Teach Tricks to Dogs

Dogs are smart and often understand what you’re trying to tell them – and many can even take non-verbal cues or invisible clues.

Dog trainers often follow the “cue, action, reward” sequence in training dogs.

You can teach the dog the cue, then guide them through the action, and give them a reward if they do it right. Repeat this until they understand the lesson and do the trick.

Some common tricks to teach a dog:

  • Sitting
  • Crawling under a tunnel
  • Giving a high five
  • Rolling over
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Money Bowling Challenge Brings Laughs, Goes Viral

The video of a money bowling challenge brings laughs and goes viral, with many netizens wishing they can also do this at home with this much money on the table.

But you can actually still do this even with smaller bills! What do you think?

Money Bowling Challenge Goes Viral

What games do you play when your family or group of friends are hanging out together for a party, such as a reunion or Christmas party?

There are several classic games like musical chairs, statue dance, paper dance, charades, etc.

money bowling challenge
Photo credit: Pilyong NOYPI

But a group impressed us all with this amazing (and funny!) money bowling challenge, as shared by Pilyong NOYPI.

In the video, a table can be seen set up with several rolled-up money, including several Php500 bills. There are also some Php50 and Php100, while there are a handful of Php1,000 bills.

Photo credit: Pilyong NOYPI
Photo credit: Pilyong NOYPI

The mechanics are actually quite easy (or so it seems at first glance).

The player just needs to blow on a ping pong ball as hard as they can to try and knock out as many paper bills as they can – any paper bill that falls down in this money bowling challenge is for the player to take home.

Photo credit: Pilyong NOYPI

Sounds too good to be true? Well, there’s actually a catch. The players are blindfolded, spun around, and aren’t allowed to take the blindfold off until after blowing on the ping pong ball.

So, even if you can picture out the board so you can target the higher bills, there’s really no telling what happens next once you take the spin.

What’s even more hilarious is that one person even had his false teeth fly off and join the ball in knocking out some of the money on the table. Strategy? Hmmmmm. LOL

Watch the video here:

Fun Party Game Ideas

Here are some fun party game ideas you can try:

  • Pass the message challenge
  • Mystery word
  • Mirror charades
  • Balloon duel or balloon-popping challenge
  • Relay game
  • Bring-me challenge
  • Pictionary
  • Card games
  • Pass the parcel
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