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Teacher Shares Students’ Heartbreaking Experiences in Broken Families

A teacher shares her students’ heartbreaking experiences in broken families, showing the difficult realities that children have to go through when their parents break up.

Students’ Heartbreaking Experiences in Broken Families

It’s a sad reality in life that not all relationships last forever. Millions of couples break up each year – and there’s really nothing that anyone can do about it.

What’s so sad, however, is that the kids are usually the ones who are the most affected by the break up.

While their parents might eventually move on and have their new families (or worse, found a new love and family that’s why they broke up), the kids don’t usually find closure.

They end up being caught in the middle, passed from one parent to another, or worse, sent to another relative because their now-single parents couldn’t handle taking care of them while juggling time for work.

heartbreaking experiences
Photo credit: Mecca Derla

Those are just some of the experiences that the Grade 11 students Teacher Mecca Derla shared when she asked them to write an essay entitled, “Ano ang pinakamalungkot mong karanasan?

The teacher explained that she just wanted to know more about her students in her “Komunikasyon” class, but was surprised with what they shared.

Teacher Mecca added that her students are often cheerful and “makulit.” Yet it appears that many of them are masking a sad life at home.

heartbreaking experiences
Photo credit: Mecca Derla
heartbreaking experiences
Photo credit: Mecca Derla

Many of the students experienced living with just one parent after their parents broke up – and most of these break ups were due to the dad finding a new love and new family.

The student’s heartbreaking essays touched a nerve and quickly went viral.

Many netizens commented that it’s really sad how so many people only think of themselves and find new families, forgetting that they aren’t just hurting their partner but their kids as well.

heartbreaking experiences
Photo credit: Mecca Derla

Pag nag asawa KC kau , nagkaroon Ng MGA anak. Pagnagkasawaan na kau SA isat isat, hwag kau selfish SA sarili, isipin ang MGA anak..PRA maging buo parin pamilya ninyo,” one netizen advised.

However, there are also others who defended these parents, sharing that sometimes things just happen and it’s better to break up than to live in a loveless relationship.

Sana balang araw maiintindihan ng mga anak ko kung ano man yung maging desisyon ko, na sana maunawaan nila na para sa ikabubuti nila yung ginawa o gagawin ko., Di kasi lahat ng nagsasama o mag-asawa masaya pa sa sitwasyon nila, minsan kailangan mong bumitaw para maging malaya. Di tayo pare-pareho ng pinagdadaanan sa buhay, kaya dapat intindihin muna natin at unawain ng mabuti kung saan mas makakabuti yun ang piliin natin. Ikaw/tayo ang magdedesisyon sa buhay na tatahakin natin hindi ang ibang tao,” one netizen commented.

heartbreaking experiences
Photo credit: Mecca Derla

Marriage Cases in the Philippines

The Philippines doesn’t have divorce, but annulment is also very expensive. Still, according to the data of Office of the Solicitor General (OSG), over 100,000 marriage cases have been filed from 2009 to 2021.


Guy Jokes about Becoming Thin Because of Waiting for the National ID to Arrive

A guy jokes about becoming thin because of waiting for the national ID to arrive – and the post quickly went viral because most people are still waiting for theirs, too!

Guy Jokes about Becoming Thin Over National ID

Have you received your national ID?

For most Filipinos who don’t have a valid ID, the national ID was the best option for getting one because it was for free and available for everyone. It was the saving grace of all the IDs, considering that you need to present a valid ID to get a valid ID. It’s a never-ending bureaucratic loop.

Everyone is entitled to get it for free from the PSA (Philippine Statistics Office).

Sadly, it was excellent in theory but the execution was less than satisfactory. Many Filipinos are still waiting for their IDs to arrive over a year after flocking to the registration centers to get one.

guy jokes about becoming thin
Photo credit: Joemar Santos Torres

Recently, netizen Joemar Santos Torres went viral after sharing a photo with his national ID, joking that he became thin waiting for it to arrive.

It’s actually an allusion to the joke/saying that you can get thin for worrying over or waiting for something.

But because most people haven’t received their IDs, many can relate to the joke.

In the photos, Torres holds his national ID with a chubbier photo.

Dear PSA, pumayat na ‘ko kakahintay,” he joked.

guy jokes about becoming thin
Photo credit: Joemar Santos Torres

Of course, it’s just a joke. He actually began to lose weight shortly after having the photo taken for his ID in July 2021.

He has lost as much as 60 lbs since then and looked so different when he finally got the ID in November 2022.

But it was actually his choice to do it.

Hindi po ako nag-rice for three months, almost every day ang exercise like jogging, volleyball, and badminton with my brother,” he explained.

He shares that he’s happier now because he can do so many things, including running faster.

Getting Your National ID

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Freediving is Booming in the Philippines Taking Over Traditional Dive Spots

Filipinos many times forget how beautiful it is in their own country and have the idea that world class travel only starts when one leaves the Philippines.

Thanks to a sudden boom in a certain diving style called “free diving”, Filipinos discover what foreigners have already 30-40 years ago, that Philippines is such a beautiful country to do diving in.

“Freediving means you hold your breath under water free from any diving gears.” , explains Risa otherwise known as “Madame Riri” on Social media, a leading influencer in the field of freediving. Her goal is to promote local Tourism amongst Filipinos to explore the freediving destinations, to help the Tourism economy get back on its feet.

Just like Madame Riri, thousands of Filipinos are excited in exploring the Philippines, and in just 3 months she has already went diving in Anilao nearby Manila, Boracay, Bohol, and just recently visited Coron to explore the fresh waters of Barracuda Lake. “Coron is definitely one of the best dive spots i have seen so far”, said Madame Riri.

The lake is specially beautiful as the Limestone walls continue to descend very sharply under water, this is what makes freediving such a great photo opportunity for the social media crazy society nowadays.

“Freediving is booming because you can do certain movements in the water that divers call “to aura” under water”, along side coral walls and the colorful fishies.”, said Madame Riri

Another reason why divers love the underwater world is to explore the nature, with amazingly colored corals that come in different shapes and forms and the thousands of beautiful fishes one should see.

“It’s like flying to Africa to visit the safari tours to see the wildlife, the only difference here is that everything happens under water. I like to call it the “ocean safari”. I am glad we Filipinos finally discover our world class corals, which foreign travelers have been flying for. They come from all corners the world”, said Madame Riri

Here is a picture of Madame Riri in Busuanga, Palawan, paying a visit to the so called “Dugong” during her recent Coron trip.

Madame Riri Busuanga

Philippines is very beautiful on land, but also under water – our Country with a wide variety of tropical underwater life we should enjoy and explore.

It is always good to remember that it doesn’t need to be a trip out the country to enjoy a world class vacation.

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Buffet Restaurant Appeals for Customers to Pay for Wasted Leftovers

A buffet restaurant took to social media to appeal to a group of customers to return and pay for their wasted leftovers. The post went viral, gaining mixed reactions from netizens.

Buffet Restaurant Posts about Customers’ Wasted Leftovers

These days, you can find so many buffet restaurants offering eat-all-you-can promos for a fixed price. Restaurants like this appeal to the public because of the many variety of food items that customers can enjoy with their money.

Sadly, this can lead to food wastage, particularly when the customers don’t understand that they should really just get the food that they can actually eat, not the amount they think they can.

Most of these buffet restaurants make guests pay for their leftovers, ensuring that the customers don’t waste the food. But it seems that a group was able to leave a buffet restaurant without paying for their wasted leftovers – and the photo of their table quickly went viral.

In a post shared by the Daily Guardian, the buffet restaurant was named Bariotik Eat-All-You-Can.

buffet restaurant
Photo credit: Bariotik Eat-All-You-Can / Daily Guardian

Bumalik po kayo para bayaran yung left over po ninyo. Marami ang nagugutom,” the buffet restaurant’s management reportedly appealed to the group who left this wasted food on their table.

Magkano lang po ang kita namin, hangad po namin na mabusog ang bawat isa pero sana naman po kahit konting disiplina man lang.

The restaurant charges diners Php499 for the eat-all-you-can offer, but they’re supposed to pay for wasted food or leftovers.

Di daw po nila alam na bawal ang left over… Di po dahilan yun para mag sayang ng pagkain,” the restaurant wrote after the customers came back.

The post went viral but gained mixed reactions from netizens.

While many netizens sided with the restaurant, saying that these customers should have only gotten what they can consume, others wrote that the food was probably not delicious because they didn’t eat it all.

Still, most netizens agree that the food’s quality shouldn’t be reason enough for these people to waste it They should have tasted it first before getting so much.

How Do Buffet Restaurants Earn Money?

Buffet restaurants usually charge customers a fixed fee for their eat-all-you-can meals, but they still earn because the price is often high. Plus, only a few people can actually eat so much food – but they’re unlikely to make a buffet restaurant bankrupt (as long as they don’t eat there every day).

So, the customers still end up paying around the same amount they would have if they ordered their meals like in regular restaurants.

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