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Woman Caught on Video Grouping Three Families into One for Social Amelioration

A woman was caught on video as she grouped together three families to answer one form, telling them they would have to divide the money and relief goods they are set to receive under the social amelioration program. When someone questioned why that was so, she told them to choose if they wanted to receive the money or none at all!

Social Amelioration for the Poor

social amelioration program
Photo credit: cut#share / Facebook

Under the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) “Bayanihan Fund: Tulong Laban sa COVID-19”, financial assistance will be given to families across the Philippines to help them survive the enhanced community quarantine imposed by the president or their local officials to combat COVID-19.

social amelioration program
Photo credit: cut#share / Facebook

Priority is given to poor families; thus, the DSWD will still conduct an assessment after receiving all the forms. However, Pres. Rodrigo Duterte and also Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano clarified that the financial assistance is not given per house but per household. This means that if there are three families living in one house, they will receive three forms.

social amelioration program
Photo credit: cut#share / Facebook

But the woman in the video uploaded by Facebook page cut#share was doing the opposite thing. Instead of giving every family one form to fill up and sign, she grouped three families into one form and told them that this is the proper way to answer the forms.

She went on to explain that the families will receive the first Php2,500, with Php1,000+ of it in relief goods, and the next Php4,000+ in cash. She urged the gathered families to choose who among their relatives and neighbors they choose as groupmates so they can later divide the relief goods and money among themselves.

social amelioration program
Photo credit: cut#share / Facebook

Instead of each low-income household getting one form and later financial assistance, they have to divide the money among themselves!

Watch the video here:

Naku po isa nanamang MANLOLOKO na Videohan

Ate saang LUPALOP nanggaling yung 3 TAO o GRUPO sa isang FORM? Ang LAKAS MO KUMITA nyan. (Pakiusap namin sa Pangulo sana may kasamang 1 Pulis at 1 Sundalo ang KAPITAN or DILG kapag nagbigay ng AYUDA sa isang PAMILYA upang maiwasan ang ganitong PANGGAGANTYO.) Video from Mr. Jr JuaHeto ang nakasulat para hindi kayo MALOKO may Video din po galing sa DSWDSOCIAL AMELIORATION CARD FORM1. Nakatanggap ka na ba sa Barangay po ninyo nito? 2. Paano ba magkaroon nito galing sa Barangay ninyo?3. Sino sino po ba ang mabibigyan nito?************************************************Paano makatanggap ng Social Amelioration Card Form?Step 1: Ang lokal na pamahalaan ay namamahagi ng Social Amelioration Card (SAC) form sa kanilang nasasakupan. Gagawin po ito sa pamamagitan ng pagbigay sa bawat kababayan o house to house basis. ( Video Information 👇🎦 ) 2: Ang puno ng pamilya ang siyang magsusulat ng kanilang impormasyon na hinihingi sa SAC Form. Kinakailangan ibigay ang kompletong impormasyon na hinihingi sa dokumento. ( Video Information 👇🎦) 3: Siguraduhin na kompleto na inilalagay sa form. Isumite o ibalik ang form sa kinatawan ng lokal na pamahalaan na babalik sa inyong bahay. (Video Information 👇🎦) 4: Ipapahatid ng DSWD (Department of Social Welfare Development) at ng ibang ahensiya ang tulong sa pamamagitan ng lokal na pamahalaan (Video Information 👇🎦) TANDAAN: Ang SAC form ay isang validation tool lamang na naglalayong makita kung sino ang higit na nangangailangan ng madaliang ayuda. Ang lahat po ay nilalayon naming makatanggap ng Social Amelioration Program subalit ang pagpapamahagi po ay naaayon sa lebel ng pangangailangan. Kung kaya't ang inyo pong kooperasyon, pagbibigayan at pang uunawa ay higit na kinakailangan.Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, makipag- ugnayan sa DSWD sa numerong 8951-2803

Posted by cut#share on Friday, April 3, 2020

What is Social Amelioration Program (SAP)?

The Social Amelioration Program (SAP) is a cash assistance program that varies depending on the minimum wage rate of a region. The beneficiary can receive Php5,000 to Php8,000 per qualified family per month.

PANOORIN: Narito naman ang gabay sa pagsagot sa Social Amelioration Card (SAC) alinsunod sa pagpapatupad ng Social Amelioration Measures o ayuda ng pamahalaan para sa mga household.#WeHealAsOne#BeatCOVID19

Posted by DILG Philippines on Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Prayer before Meals? Photo of Kneeling Customers of Roadside Carinderia Goes Viral

A photo of kneeling customers at a roadside carinderia goes viral, with many netizens joking that these “religious” buyers are already praying before their meal. LOL

Photo of Roadside Carinderia’s Kneeling Customers Goes Viral

In the Philippines, carinderias are a popular place for finding affordable, budget-friendly meals.

They’re usually small stalls with simple dining sets where people can dine for much less than what you’d normally get billed at a restaurant.

Carinderias themselves can still be considered a restaurant, but they’re a toned down version with much cheaper rates. You can even order “takeout” meals that they’ll usually put inside plastic roll bags instead of a Styrofoam or cardboard box you might expect from a regular restaurant.

And while carinderias aren’t usually the subject of a viral post, one recently gained social media fame after some customers have been photographed kneeling while taking their order.

Now, we forgot to mention that many carinderias have a loyal customer base of people who often go there on a regular basis. Many of them might be workers or students in the area. Other carinderias also have nearby residents as regular customers.

kneeling buyers
Photo credit: Casper Correche

So, it isn’t surprising that when a carinderia was affected by a new road made several feet above the old one, the loyal customers kept coming back to the their favorite food source.

The only difference is that now they have to adjust and kneel down so they can check the food items being offered by the carinderia.

A photo of the said carinderia, credited to Facebook user Casper Correche, was shared on Facebook page “Calbayognon.” In the post, the page identified the carideria to be somewhere in Calbayog, Samar.

The page joked that the three guys seen in the photo were ordering one more serving of adobong manok before ending it with an “Amen.” It’s like they’re already done praying before they get to eat their meal.

How Road Widening Affects People in the Philippines

There are lots of great benefits to road widening:

  • Better roads
  • Wider roads that can accommodate more cars
  • Less traffic

However, road widening can also some negative effects:

  • Roadside houses and establishments might be included in the expansion
  • Some of these buildings can also become lower than the road level, leading to various issues (and the owners don’t usually get compensation to change their houses so they can be at road level again)
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Customer Wants Free Portrait, Sends Bible Verse to Make Artist Feel Guilty

A customer wants free portrait – and had the audacity to send a Bible verse to make the artist feel guilty for trying to ask for payment in exchange for the drawing! Whoa.

Customer Wants Free Portrait, Guilt-Trips Artist with Bible Verse

These days, it has become easier for artists to connect with new customers through apps, messaging, and other social media or online tools.

You can even find an artist on Facebook marketplace, TikTok, Instagram, or just about any online platform available.

What’s sad is that these artists also encounter a lot of bogus “miners” or those who request for an artwork to be done, but then vanish without a trace. For example, a customer canceled two paintings created by a deaf-mute artist after he was already trying to deliver the pieces!

artist portrait
Photo credit: Chaboy dela Cruz / News5

Recently, someone reached out to artist Chaboy dela Cruz to ask him to create a portrait.

And while that isn’t something new, the artist had a good sense to ask whether the person he was chatting with had plans to pay for the commissioned art – because they actually didn’t want to pay up!

This person even set the deadline, but was shocked to learn that the artist was asking for payment over the artwork.

artist portrait
Photo credit: Chaboy dela Cruz / News5

Instead of asking how much they’re supposed to pay, this freeloader sent dela Cruz a screenshot of a biblical passage from Hebrews 13:5-8, which says in English, “Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have (because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake).

What’s even more hilarious about the customer’s demand is that they didn’t even know the artist personally. You’d think they were friends by how they worded the post. LOL.

How Much Do Drawings And Portraits Cost?

This actually depends on several factors, but mostly the artist’s talent and name. You’d see newbie artists charging as low as Php100 per bond paper-sized portrait, but the same thing could fetch thousands of pesos, maybe even millions if commissioned by a famous artist.

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Doctor Goes Viral for Beautiful Penmanship and Writing Instructions in Filipino

A doctor goes viral for beautiful penmanship – and we also love that he writes the instructions in Filipino for his patients to better understand. Isn’t that awesome?

Doctor Goes Viral for Beautiful Penmanship

Yes, doctors are known for having a really bad, barely readable penmanship. There’s even an on-going joke that only pharmacists can understand what they write (which is actually true on many occasions).

Thankfully, many doctors have realized that writing their prescription in incomprehensible handwriting might lead to errors in dispensing the medications.

Photo credit: Robert Dominic Gonzales

This can be dangerous, actually, especially because some medications can have lethal effects when given in incorrect doses or to someone with certain underlying medication conditions.

Recently, one doctor went viral for writing prescriptions in calligraphy-like handwriting – and she isn’t the only that impressed netizens with good penmanship.

Dr. Robert Dominic Gonzales amazed netizens when he shared a photo of a prescription that he had written for a patient.

It’s very clear from the prescription that he described this patient with Losartan at 50 mg per tablet.

Photo credit: Robert Dominic Gonzales

The prescription is good for 30 tablets, with clear instructions written in Filipino for the patient to drink one tablet per day to control high blood pressure.

Dr. Gonzales captioned the post, “From practicing the alphabet, writing essays, and answering tons of exams… we’ve come to this point of using a pen and paper.

The impressive handwriting amazed netizens who mused that doctors should learn to write prescriptions in this manner so that it will be clear to the patient, not just to the pharmacist.

He explained that it’s best to write prescriptions in a manner that’s clear for everyone to help avoid medication errors. He added that taking the wrong medication due to these errors can put the patient’s life in danger.

Photo credit: Robert Dominic Gonzales

How to Make Sure You’re Taking the Right Medicine

  • Check your doctor’s prescription to see if you can understand what’s written
  • Don’t be shy to ask the medications’ names and the right dosage you need to take
  • Don’t be afraid to request your doctor to make the medication name easier to read so you won’t mix up your medicines
  • Double check the name of the medicines you receive from the pharmacy
  • Buy a pill box or labeled container to help you keep track of the medications (many people forget whether they’ve already taken the medicine or not)
  • If you have plenty of medicines, organize them and create a list of what you need to drink for a particular hour of the day
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