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Doctor Goes Viral for Calligraphy-Like Handwriting

A doctor goes viral for calligraphy-like handwriting – and we’re quite impressed! Have you met a doctor with handwriting like hers?

Doctor Goes Viral for Impressive Penmanship

Many of us associate doctors with bad penmanship after receiving countless prescriptions with barely legible writings.

There’s even a running joke about doctors being so smart in most other stuff that they have barely anything left for writing skills.

doctor goes viral
Photo credit: Dr. Ruth Arigue / TikToker @ruthariguemd

Of course, that doesn’t apply to all doctors, but many people have encountered really, really bad handwriting that it’s like common knowledge. We don’t even call it an open secret.

That’s why many netizens were impressed to see the handwriting of Dr. Ruth Arigue who’s also a TikToker (username: @ruthariguemd).

Photo credit: Dr. Ruth Arigue / TikToker @ruthariguemd
Photo credit: Dr. Ruth Arigue / TikToker @ruthariguemd

Not only is her handwriting good, she actually knows how to write so beautifully in elegant calligraphy-like letters that her prescription and doctor’s orders look like they’re wedding invitations.

Some netizens joked that after you’re done buying the prescription this doctor issued, you can frame it because it looks so beautiful!

Hindi lahat ng doctor ay pangit ang sulat, yung iba parang imbitasyon sa kasal ang reseta,” Dr. Arigue joked.

(Not all doctors have bad handwriting, others write prescriptions like they’re wedding invitations.)


Hindi lahat ng doctor ay pangit ang sulat, yung iba parang imbitasyon sa kasal ang reseta🤪🤩😉@dockilimanguru

♬ original sound – ruthiemd💜 – Ruth Arigue MD

Of course, there will always be skeptics on the internet – and we can’t fault them because we’ve seen our fair share of fake news and edited videos or photos. But Dr. Arigue is the real deal.

To prove that she’s really the one writing the prescriptions, she makes videos and posts them on her TikTok account.

Here are some examples:


Pampagood vibes sa Sunday duty na nurse na mag carry out ng doctor’s orders ko✍️😊

♬ original sound – ruthiemd💜 – Ruth Arigue MD


Pwede din ipa-frame pagkagamit 😂

♬ Ooh La La – Josie Dunne

She explained that she even writes medical certificates in this calligraphy-like handwriting because, well, it’s her “regular” handwriting!

Some netizens pointed that her handwriting looks like the computer-generated Script and Calligraphy font, but she laughingly replies that she actually made her own font.

Her handwriting is so good that many parents are even asking her to write their children’s names so they can have it framed as decoration, while others are requesting the same thing so they can have it printed as tattoo. Wow.


Replying to @Kim Predicala Hope you like this💜

♬ a thousand years (lullaby) – christina perri


Replying to @Mommy Jek & Stacet for your mom 🌹

♬ La Vie En Rose – Emily Watts

What’s Calligraphy?

Calligraphy is the visual art relating to design and writing, previously done using an ink brush but can also be achieved using a pen or other writing instruments.

The word “calligraphy” is based on a Greek word that means “beautiful writing.”

This artsy form of writing features elegant, harmonious.


Teen Ridiculed for Charles & Keith “Luxury Bag,” Now a Model of Several Brands

A teen ridiculed for Charles & Keith “luxury bag” gets the last laugh after the brand signed her up as their model.

But that’s not all. She has also become the face of other brands, including an airline! Wow.

Let’s just say that those who mocked her aren’t laughing now, huh?

Teen Ridiculed for Charles & Keith Bag Becomes a Model

When 17-year-old Singapore-based Pinay teen Zoe Gabriel happily posted about her “first luxury bag” after getting a Charles & Keith tote as a present from her dad, several netizens mocked her.

Some were even mean enough to comment on her post, pointing out that Charles & Keith isn’t a luxury brand.

Other netizens jumped to her rescue, assuring the young girl that “luxury” is relevant and she was right in considering the bag a luxury, especially because her dad bought it with his hard-earned money as an OFW (overseas Filipino worker).

Soon, Zoe and her dad were invited to the brand’s headquarters where they had a tour of the facility. The brand also gave her more bags.

Later, it was announced that Zoe is the newest model for Charles & Keith.

Photo credit: Charles & Keith

But her turn of luck didn’t stop there. After visiting Charles & Keith, she was also invited by other brands for a visit and got freebies from restaurants and other companies in the area.

Recently, it was also revealed that the teen isn’t just modeling for Charles & Keith but has also been signed up as the face for several other brands.

For example, she can be seen wearing an AirAsia cabin attendant’s uniform while dancing to a TikTok video posted by the airline.


Dare to dream with @zoe 🦋

♬ original sound – smokinaftereat – smokinaftereat

In another video, she can be seen dancing with the cabin crew.


*Domestic: all-in from RM23. Asean: all-in from RM60. Includes airport taxes, MAVCOM fee, fuel surcharges and other applicable fees. T&C apply.

♬ i think he knows sped up – r & m <33

The future seems bright for this young lady – and it all started when people laughed at her over an innocent, happy post.

Good luck, Zoe Gabriel!

Famous Luxury Brands

Some famous luxury brands include:

  • Chanel
  • Dior
  • Gucci
  • Hermès
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Prada
  • Rolex
  • Tiffany
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Family’s Funny Convo Goes Viral after Kids ‘Reprimand’ Parents for Staying Out Late

A family’s funny convo goes viral after a role reversal that many netizens can relate with, as the kids jokingly “reprimand” their parents for staying out late. Cool or not?

Family’s Funny Convo Goes Viral

Parents are expected to discipline their children and make sure that they’re following the house rules, focus on their studies, and be home at certain hours or before the curfew.

Of course, many parents don’t impose a strict curfew but they do expect their children to be home. It isn’t surprising that many parents get angry at their children if the kids stay out late at night, especially during school days.

And many of us can just hear what our parents usually tell us – how we should be home early, what we’re supposed to do, what we shouldn’t do while out, etc.

Photo credit: VM / Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital

So, imagine what happens when the roles are reversed and the kids are left at home while their parents are out late, just hanging out with their friends or with each other.

The situation can turn hilarious, just like what happened to the family of a certain netizen “VM” whose convo went viral on Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital.

According to their convo, the parents were out somewhere, with Grace (obviously the mom) sharing a selfie to their GC. It was posted close to 8 PM.

One of the kids, Michael, immediately replied and “reprimanded” their parents, asking where they were and “accusing” the two of going out to have fun.

Another child, Ejay, pointed out that it was already night and their parents should already go home.

Photo credit: VM / Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital

The rest of the convo used phrases that parents usually tell their kids when they’re still out, adding that they’re “hard-headed.”

This entire convo is a joke, of course, but many netizens had a good laugh about it.

Some netizens even “advised” the kids to refrain from being too strict with their parents because they might rebel against them. LOL

VM later clarified that the couple, their parents, do get out often these days, but that’s only because their kids are all adults already. Only one child, their youngest, is left at home with them.

Photo credit: VM / Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital

The convo is a running joke in the family – and we all think that’s sweet because their easy banter shows that they’re a close-knit family.

What’s a Close-Knit Family?

The term is used for a family or group of people that have close bonds or ties with each other. They can be closely related or have a very close friendship – and they support each other.

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Makeup Artist Fulfills Promise to Ex-GF on Her Wedding Day

A makeup artist fulfills his promise to his ex-girlfriend on her wedding day. Although it wasn’t exactly what he had in mind when he made the promise, he’s proud to say he was able to make it!

Would you fulfill your promise to an ex even if you’ve already broken up?

Photo credit: @makeupbyericsonpascual

Guy Becomes Ex-GF’s Makeup Artist on Her Wedding Day

It’s difficult to fulfill a promise to an ex – especially when you made the promise while you were still together but you’re no longer a couple now.

But that’s not an issue for Ericson Pascual.

Back in the day, he didn’t have any money to buy a gift for his then-girlfriend. But he promised to make her the most beautiful bride on her wedding day.

makeup artist
Photo credit: @makeupbyericsonpascual

It was the best thing that he could think of to promise her at the time. However, fate had other plans for the young couple and they broke up.

What’s amazing is that even if they are no longer together, Pascual was still able to fulfill his promise to her – he made her the most beautiful bride on her wedding day.

However, in this twist of fate, Pascual wasn’t the groom that made her beautiful. Instead, he literally made her beautiful because he’s her makeup artist!


Replying to @Mae hoy bakit ako naiiyak habang ineedit to 😁🥺😢 highschool pa yun e #wedding #weddingmakeupartist #tiktokph #fry #makeupartistph

♬ original sound – taraveltheworld – taraveltheworld

While many people couldn’t believe that he actually did it and that the groom actually allowed it (considering he’s the bride’s ex-boyfriend!), it appears that he’s chill with the couple as he even posed with the two, with the labels “past” and “present” placed on their images. Whoa.

Photo credit: @makeupbyericsonpascual

Some netizens think it must have hurt Pascual to do this to his ex, but it appears that he’s actually so happy to have fulfilled his promise even if it wasn’t something that he had planned on.

What’s the Cost of Hiring a Wedding Makeup & Hair Stylist?

How much do weddings typically cost in the Philippines? You’ll be surprised that a huge chunk of the budget goes to the bride, including her hair and makeup.

For example, while the wedding gown typically costs anywhere from Php5,000 to Php80,000, the hair and makeup can also go as high as Php7,500 to Php30,000.

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