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This ‘Baby-Faced Boy’ With 4 Ex-GFs Is Already an 18-Year-Old Teen

Many are surprised to find out that this “kid” already has four ex-girlfriends. But, even more surprising is that he is actually an 18-year-old teenager. Ralnhero Dacasin has intrigued netizens not just for cute looks but how he didn’t seem to age through the years.

Ral boy
Screengrab: KMJS via Facebook

In an episode of GMA’s Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, Ral was first introduced as a young boy whose cute looks has captivated many girls. According to Raln, he already had four relationships because of his charms.

The interesting story continued to share that while he looks like a young boy, Ral is already 18-years old. Ral recalled that it was when he reached 6 years old that his mother noticed that he didn’t seem to age.

According to Ral’s mother Glenda, she didn’t experience anything odd while pregnant with Ral. However, she recalled how much she enjoyed watching a spider with thin legs stuck on a wall. While Ral looked like he stopped aging, he revealed that he still experiences changes in his body.

ral boy
Screengrab: KMJS vis Facebook

Because of his looks and height, Ral became a center of bullying in school. He was called names such as “tiyanak” and “nuno.” Ral said what helps him get through the ridicules is the love from his girlfriend.

The KMJS team took Ral to be checked by a medical practitioner. This was the first time the teen was evaluated by a doctor. According to Dr. Philip Banas, except for the obvious height problems, Ral’s extremities and vital stats are normal. He called Ral’s health problem as “Stunting”.

Dr. Banas explained that Ral was born with abnormalities in the brain that hindered him from growing. It is related to hunger and unfortunately, the effect is no longer reversible. Ral could not have been given the right nourishment while growing up.

While Ral currently has no other health issues, the experts suggest that his brain be checked and his bone density evaluated.

In the end, the teenager remarked that he hoped the criticisms for his looks would stop. “Huwag po kayong mag-judge kasi parehas po tayong tao na nilikha ng Diyos na pantay-pantay,” Ral said.


Wife Claims Deceased Husband Appeared to Show Location of P3M Savings

A widow from Pampanga claimed her deceased husband, Manuel, appeared to show them where his savings worth P3 million was located.

Screenshot: KMJS via GMA YouTube channel

When Manuel Canilao died due to heart attack, his family had to face several financial problems. They were already considering selling the house Tatay Manuel built for them. However, it looks like the deceased patriarch has other ways to help his family out.

According to Nanay Mercedes, since her husband Manuel passed away, she would constantly dream of him. In the recent episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho,” Nanay Mercedes recalled how her husband has always been financially prudent. As a fisherman, Tatay Manuel would always set aside some of his earnings as savings.

His discipline in keeping money allowed him to buy his own fishing boat worth P1 million. Until eventually, he was able to buy his family a house.

Money in unexpected places

When Tatay Manuel suffered a heart attack, he told his children he had money under the pillows and on the shorts he was wearing. His children were surprised to find over P300,000 cash in unexpected places. When he eventually passed away, all that money was used for his funeral.

Screenshot: KMJS via GMA’s YouTube channel

But it looks like not even death could stop Tatay Manuel from taking care of his wife and 11 children. According to his family, they would still feel his presence around the house, especially in his bodega.

Tatay Manuel’s family started selling his things to earn money. But when they decided to sell his hard-earned house, it seems like the deceased didn’t agree.

Tatay Manuel gives instructions

According to Nanay Mercedes, she dreamt of her husband instructing their children to destroy his bodega because they will find something there. At first, his children were hesitant because the shed was newly built. But they eventually heeded their mother’s request.

Screenshot: KMJS via GMA’s YouTube channel

While inside the bodega, the children stumbled upon a hidden compartment. They decided to dig further until they found something that surprised all of them. Inside were glass jars of money, mostly P1,000 bills. When they decided to count them all, the money amounted to over P3 million.

Despite the joys of the savings left behind by Tatay Manuel, Nanay Mercedes couldn’t help but be tearful. She said that Tatay Manuel could have taken himself to the doctor instead of saving the money.

Nanay Mercedes decided to split the money among her 11 children, giving them P100,000 each. The rest she kept in a bank as savings.

You can watch the rest of the video via GMA’s YouTube channel:

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Baby Born with Undeveloped Twin Attached to Chest, Draws Attention in South Cotabato

A baby in South Cotabato is drawing the attention of curious neighbors and netizens because of an undeveloped twin attached to the chest. Many neighbors have taken to visiting their house to take a peek at the baby’s unusual appearance, but the mom’s heart is simply broken to see the child suffering.

Baby with Undeveloped Twin Draws Attention

Conjoined twins have become common, with several gaining attention in recent decades for various reasons, including being conjoined at the head or stomach.

But there are times when one of the possibly conjoined twins doesn’t develop and still remains attached to the surviving baby.

Photo credit: KMJS

Just like what happened to a child in South Cotabato, who’s becoming an ‘attraction’ of sorts in their locality.

Nu’ng lumabas siya, nagulat po ako sa nakita ko! Nakapatong po kasi sa leeg niya ‘yung dalawang paa. Sa gitna, may dalawang kamay. Ang nasabi ko na lang, ‘Diyos ko!’” said the child’s mother, Angie.

On the child’s chest are a smaller pair of legs facing towards his body, with just a small part that must have been the undeveloped baby’s supposed body.

Photo credit: KMJS
Photo credit: KMJS

It’s clear that this would have been another baby had it fully developed. It’s unclear whether that two would have been conjoined twins if the other one had become developed, but the child is now drawing curious neighbors to their home. They want to see the child, especially because they believe cases like this can bring them luck.

Photo credit: KMJS
Photo credit: KMJS

Habang lumalaki ‘yung bata, lumalaki rin ‘yung nakapatong sa kanya. May mga nagsasabing swerte raw ‘yung anak ko. Kaya araw-araw, lima hanggang sampung tao ang pumupunta rito para makita siya,” Angie said. But she just takes pity on her baby.

Pero ang sa akin po, bilang ina, napakahirap na makita na nahihirapan ang anak mo.

It might be possible for this undeveloped twin to be removed from this kid’s body, but the family doesn’t have the means to pay for the medical bills that would ensue.

Photo credit: KMJS

What’s a Parasitic Twin?

An undeveloped twin attached to a surviving baby is called a parasitic twin or, sometimes, a vanishing twin. Each case is unique, with the attached parts varying among patients. Some are even found inside the living child’s body and discovered only years later.

Parasitic twins occur in fewer than 1 in 1 million births.

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KMJS Investigates ‘Dancing’ Matchstick Believed to be Controlled by Dwarves

Inside an old house in Sorsogon City, neighbors saw a dancing matchstick that appeared to move on its own without strings and no wind. While they believe this was controlled by dwarves, the paranormal investigator of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) discovered something else…

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho / Facebook

According to Evelyn Leoncito, the ‘punso’ in the house had already been there since she got married in 1990. Her mother-in-law used to talk to the entities living in the house, claiming that dwarves are there, but Evelyn just could not see them.

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho / Facebook

Evelyn’s husband, Mager Leoncito, confirms her story. According to Mager, there are times when they see very small footprints all over the house, particularly when it rains. His sister, Loreta, would also hang out at the ‘punso’ and spends most of her time there.

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho / Facebook

Often, Loreta would ask for favorite food, champorado which she would eat while hanging out at the ‘punso’ inside their house. But they lost Loreta in 1976. It came without warning; she wasn’t even sick. The family continued living in the house and ‘sharing’ it with the dwarves.

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho / Facebook

Recently, however, some neighbors noticed a matchstick dancing inside the house while buying something the couple’s store at the porch. The matchstick was standing on the table and was ‘dancing’ on its from 8AM to 11AM!

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho / Facebook

Jhonas Jamon, a neighbor, took a video of the strange movement – and this surprised Evelyn who had been in Manila at the time it happened. While cleaning the house, Melanie Beruega said she noticed that the matchstick was standing but there were no cobwebs or strings or magnets attached to it.

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho / Facebook

The family sought the help of KMJS to investigate the dancing matchstick. Paranormal expert Ed Caluag came. Though he was not told about the back story of the family’s old house, he would soon find the supposed ‘lost spirit’ of Mager’s late sister.

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho / Facebook

While ‘talking’ to the spirit, Loreta reportedly asked for champorado and told her brother that she feels sad that they had forgotten her. The couple promised to visit her grave and bring her favorite food…

Photo credit: Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho / Facebook

Watch the episode here:

Palito ng posporo, pinasasayaw raw ng duwende?!

Caught on cam ang mistulang pagsayaw ng palito ng posporo sa isang bahay sa Sorsogon City. Ayon sa mga residente, hindi raw ito mag-isang sumasayaw dahil ang nagpapagalaw raw dito… isang duwende?! Watch ’til the end! #KMJS

Posted by Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (One at Heart, Jessica Soho) on Sunday, July 28, 2019

What is a Champorado?

A champorado is a kind of rice porridge that is sweet and flavored by chocolate. It is made of up glutinous rice, milk, and cocoa or chocolate powder.

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