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Student’s Heartbreaking Excuse Letter Goes Viral, Cites Lack of Rice as Reason for Absence

In the Philippines, there are a lot of people who live below the poverty line. Sadly, many of them have nothing to eat for days, especially because the parents don’t have jobs or are just earning a meager income.

Recently, a teacher named Jen Dullente shared on Facebook the heartbreaking excuse letter of her student who had been absent for several days.

A Public School Teacher at the Department of Education – Division of Cagayan de Oro in southern Philippines, Dullente felt really sad after receiving the student’s excuse letter. She would later share a photo of the excuse letter on Facebook where it quickly went viral.

Dullent wrote:

“As I read my students’ excuse letter, a magnitude of realization slaps me!

That’s why I choose to be a TEACHER.

To lend a hand to students like them and make them perceive that poverty is not a wall to break but an opportunity to climb and see what’s lies behind.”

She ended the post with a crying emoji.

Photo credit: Jen Dullente / Facebook

In the excuse letter, the mother asked for the teacher’s understanding that her child had been absent for 3 days because his father was not able to drive his sikad. Since the head of the family did not have income in those days, they did not have rice to eat.

Thousands of netizens could not help but cry along with the teacher over this sad excuse letter. Many said that it really is difficult for a student to go to school with an empty stomach. Others pointed out that this is a common problem among many families in the Philippines.

What is a Sikad?

A sikad or traysikad is a tricycle that uses a bicycle pedaled by the driver. It is a cheap option for public transport in a smaller area, often inside a village or at a población (town center) where the passengers’ destination is just around or less than 1km away.


Cops Contribute Own Money to Build House for Old Woman Who Lived in Ramshackle Home

Sometimes, cops are seen as the bad guys who use their authority to make others feel afraid of their power. But there are also lots of news about cops doing good deeds that go beyond their call of duty.

On Facebook page I Love PNP, photos of several policemen working on the house of a 98-year-old lady went viral. Many netizens were impressed that these amazing policemen are doing this for the old woman, without asking for anything in return.

Photo credit: I Love PNP / Facebook

It all started when the story of Lola Celerina Ibus Villa of Brgy. Labut, Badoc Ilocos Norte went viral. Someone found her living in a ramshackle 2-story wooden house that appears to be falling apart. The house looks like it is about to fall down any minute – and the old lady is left there by herself, most of the time.

Photo credit: I Love PNP / Facebook

She has two sons, but both are also very old and don’t have families of their own. Thus, the three are living in a difficult situation. They don’t even get to eat three meals a day due to poverty. But netizens were also quite concerned about their house, particularly because it could break apart and fall on them anytime.

Photo credit: I Love PNP / Facebook

After learning of Lola Celerina’s plight, police officers from Badoc Patrolbase, 101st Maneuver Company, RMFB1, Police Regional Office 1 contributed money to have enough funds to buy construction materials for Lola Celerina’s house. Then, they actually worked hands on to help build the house for the old lady! Isn’t that awesome?

Photo credit: I Love PNP / Facebook
Photo credit: I Love PNP / Facebook
Photo credit: I Love PNP / Facebook
Photo credit: I Love PNP / Facebook

Everything simply started with a netizen helping out the old lady by visiting her ramshackle house and giving her some groceries. Thanks to this viral story, Lola Celerina now has a new house where she can live in safety!

Photo credit: I Love PNP / Facebook
Photo credit: I Love PNP / Facebook

What is a Ramshackle House?

A ramshackle house is something that is so old and broken down that it might fall apart at any given time. This is not safe to live in and must be evacuated as soon as possible.

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Old Lady Still Sells in the Streets at 82 to Support 8-Year-Old Grandchild

She might already be 82 years old but Nanay Gloria Tupas continues to sell at the sidewalk in front of HSBC at Northgate in Alabang, Muntinlupa. She’s old but she doesn’t have much choice because this is the only livelihood she knows. It is the only way she can support herself and the 8-year-grandchild who’s her only companion at home.

Netizen Kring Man shared Nanay Gloria’s plight on her social media account, saying that the old vendor is a regular figure at that spot. Every night, Nanay Gloria sells there from around 6PM to 10PM or even later than that, depending on some factors.

Photo credit: Kring Man / Facebook

Though there were days that she doesn’t sell there, Nanay Gloria revealed that she sometimes takes a rest from selling because she feels tired. However, when she feels better, she goes back to the spot to earn some money.

According to Kring, Nanay Gloria’s baskets are heavy, but she often gets help from kind van operators with routes to Paliparan. They often let her ride and even help her carry the heavy goods to her spot.

Photo credit: Kring Man / Facebook

Each night, Nanay Gloria brings various food items to sell, including kakanin, candies, and junk food that are popular among the younger crowd passing by her spot. A lot of her regular customers are kind-hearted people like Kring who often buy a lot of her goods, often not asking for their change back.

But going to that spot every night, with her heavy baskets, is already taking a toll on the old woman’s frail body. She admits that there were many times she wanted to rest but couldn’t do it because it’s the only way she could support herself and her only companion at home, an 8-year-old grandchild.

Photo credit: Kring Man / Facebook

She hopes to have a house of her own with a small sari-sari store. Since she can’t grant that wish, Kring calls on netizens to help. While it might be too difficult to give Nanay Gloria her wish, Kring hopes that they could at least find her a spot near SM Molina or nearby areas as she lives in the vicinity.

Many netizens are hoping Nanay Gloria would get her wish soon, even as they tagged civic-oriented shows like Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho and Raffy Tulfo in Action.

What is Junk Food?

Junk food is any food that has very low nutritional value. It is an unhealthful food that’s rich on calories from sugar or fat. But while it is an unhealthy food, junk food is a popular choice by many people, young or old, because of the delicious taste.

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Previous Foe of Doctor in Viral Road Rage Incident Tells Story to Raffy Tulfo

Some days ago, a doctor figured in a road rage incident that got netizens talking. The doctor was later identified as Tomas Joaquin Mendez. He was linked to St. Luke’s, but the hospital later issued a statement that Mendez had never been a full-time part of the staff as he had only been an intern.

It was later revealed that Mendez works at Diliman Doctor’s Hospital, but the team from Raffy Tulfo in Action was not allowed to enter the facility or bring their cameras in to interview the doctor.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

The driver of the L300 van, 49-year-old Santiago Paredes, went to Raffy Tulfo in Action to seek justice over what happened to them in the incident. His wife, 46-year-old Merely, accompanied him to TV5. She was the one who could be heard talking in the video, but the doctor keeps on telling her to keep quiet.

According to the couple, they had their four kids in the van when the incident happened. It turned out that Mendez wanted to overtake and cut into Paredes’ lane but because the traffic was heavy and he was on the right lane, anyway, the L300 driver did not let Mendez move ahead. This angered the doctor who threw something at their vehicle.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

With kids in the vehicle who got scared of Mendez’s action, Paredes decided to ask him why he would throw something at their vehicle. But this angered Mendez who was already so angry that the L300 refused to let him go first.

Here’s Part 1 on Tulfo:

Tulfo called up LTO Dir. Roberto Valera who said that they would issue a show cause order to Mendez regarding the incident. This was later confirmed to be on December 5.

Later on, as the incident with Paredes went viral, many netizens pointed out that this also happened last year, this time with Cris Pulo Eusebio. While he’s no longer involved in the current incident, Eusebio was willing to help Paredes, if ever there’s a case that must be filed against Mendez.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Eusebio’s story was quite similar to what happened to Paredes, with Mendez still driving a Black Fortuner just like in the recent incident. But Eusebio said that he did not even know why Mendez was so angry at him. He was just shocked to see a Php5-coin thrown at their car. He was angry about it, especially because the coin hit the passenger seat window where his wife and their 1-month baby were sitting!

Just like the recent viral incident, Mendez also belittled Eusebio.

Here’s Part 2:

What is a Fortuner?

A Fortuner is a brand of sports utility vehicle (SUV) from Toyota. It is one of the most popular SUVs in the Philippines and is even considered as a status symbol.

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