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Scavenger Tries to Swim from Cebu to Bohol to Visit Departed Parents for Undas

‘Undas’ or All Saints’ Day is a Christian festival that falls on November 1. It is the day when a lot of people in the Philippines travel to their respective hometowns to visited their departed family and friends.

This is often among those times when workers don’t fail to travel to their faraway provinces, braving the overcrowded terminals and long queues at the ticket booths just so they could spend time with their family and also visit the departed ones.

Photo credit: Facebook / The Freeman

But not everyone get to go home at this time, of course. While November 1 (and sometimes 2) is declared a regular holiday, there are workers who just can’t leave their jobs for various reasons, including being in a job that doesn’t really honor holidays (such as hospital staff and peace keepers).

Yet there are also those who can’t go home for monetary reasons.

One of these is a scavenger in Cebu who attempted to swim to Bohol to visit his departed parents for Undas. Ceferino Angco didn’t want to get in trouble with the law but didn’t have money for fare home. So, instead of attempting to stow away in a boat from Cebu to Bohol, he decided he would just swim to get there.

But the 47-year-old resident of Carmen, Bohol didn’t have the strength or stamina to complete the swim.

Photo credit: Twitter / @cebudailynews

He decided to swim home at around 11 PM on Sunday but was unable to go far due to cramps. After a few meters, he was too tired to move and had to hang on to a slab of Styrofoam until he was rescued by the Bantay Dagat Commission off the waters of Talisay City at around 8AM on Monday.

His plight quickly went viral and many people offered to help him, not just with the boat fare but also for the bus ride home.

Photo credit: Twitter / @cebudailynews

Talisay City Councilor Jojo Bacaltos accompanied him to Pier 1 and bought him a ticket for the 1:30 trip to Bohol that same day.

Donations continued to pour in for the scavenger, with people offering to pay for his fare and also give him food if he plans to return to Cebu.


Kite Maker Pranked by ‘YouTuber’, Sent on Wild Goose Chase

A kite maker was pranked by a ‘YouTuber’ who sent him on a wild goose chase. The poor kite maker even had to deliver the kites using a bike, but the heartless prankster did not even think about how the guy would feel…

‘YouTuber’ Pranks Kite Maker

Finding a topic to write or make a video about can be quite difficult, particularly with so many other sites or vloggers competing with you over the same niche. That’s the reason why so many vloggers or content creators try to outdo each other in hopes that theirs would go viral.

Going viral would mean gaining more followers and, hopefully, getting more cash. What’s sad, however, is that there are content creators who don’t hesitate to use other people to gain fame.

Netizen Khikay Pangilinan (Facebook username Xia Jae) angrily shared the conversation between her older brother and a woman named Jane Aquino who pranked the kite maker. This Jane claimed that she lives in Proj. 8 but has a house in Tinio, Bagong Barrio where the kite maker lives.

The woman ordered 10 kites worth a total of Php500 from Khikay’s older brother. The kite maker spent days creating the kites, then went out under the rain to deliver the kites to the designated meeting place at a gas station near the barangay.

The kite maker was on his bike and was even asked to take photos as proof that he is at the meeting place, only for the customer to tell him she went home a bit because her phone’s battery was about to go empty.

Then, this Jane told him to meet up at a McDonald’s outlet and promised to give him food but when he finally arrived there, she told him it is just a prank. Tsk. Tsk. The poor kite maker was sent on a wild goose chase for a prank!

Many netizens are angry at the ‘YouTuber’ but the video has yet to surface on social media…

Best Materials for Kite Making

In making a kite, choose materials that are light yet also durable. Ripstop nylon fabrics are often used due to their durability and because these are lightweight and tear resistant. But you can still make a kite out of ordinary plastic bags and even newspapers.

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Heartless Customer Cancels FoodPanda Order, Throws Food at Rider

A heartless customer cancels her FoodPanda order and throws food at the rider for being late in bringing her food! The story has gone viral, with many netizens wishing karma on the woman for her heartless actions.

Delayed Order Gets Canceled

These days, a lot of people enjoy the convenience of simply using their smartphones to order food from their favorite restaurants. So, despite the lockdown and various versions of the community quarantine wherein most people are not allowed to go out, they can still fulfill their cravings for such delicious foods.

cancels her FoodPanda order
Photo credit: Pilipinas Trending Viral / Facebook

What’s sad, however, is that there are customers who are so impatient with their orders that they get angry or even cancel when the rider takes a long time to deliver their food! But that is not the rider’s fault because the restaurants are usually too busy these days, too.

There are just too many people making orders for takeout or delivery food.

In Cebu City, a certain Mary Paras ordered food worth Php800+ from Chowking. When the FoodPanda rider arrived at her house, however, Mary reportedly refused to accept the order because the rider was late.

Considering that the rider had shelled out nearly Php1k for the food, he tried to insist that Mary pay for the order. But she got angry and threw the food at him! The poor rider had no choice but to leave, knowing that the customer won’t pay up.

cancels FoodPanda order
Photo credit: Pilipinas Trending Viral / Facebook

But a concerned passerby snapped some photos and shared these on Facebook where the incident went viral. The heartless customer received netizens’ ire.

Mary would later issue an apology, explaining that the FoodPanda rider is the second to arrive at their home with her order. She claimed that the first time she placed her order, the app was ‘loading’. She had no idea that order pushed through. So, she received the same order twice; thus, she didn’t accept the second one.

cancels FoodPanda order
Photo credit: Pilipinas Trending Viral / Facebook

This translates to:

“Good evening sa lahat na nagcomment sa Food Panda. Hindi ko po intension na manloko ng tao higit na sa panahon ito. Magcocomment nalang din po ako kasi nasasaktan na din ako sa mga sinasabi ng mga tao.

Kaya po eh explain ko po yung nangyari noong una nag-order ako pero nagloloading po at matagal yung net at data sa app. Hindi ko po namalayan na naorder na pala iyon at nadalawa na pala yung order ko. Noong dumating ang inorder po namin may tumawag ulit di ko nalang pinansin dahil dumating na yung order.

Kung may mali po ako nanghihingi po ako ng pasensya sa rider, kinontak ko na po siya at handa po akong magbayad sa kanyang pinang abono at nagpapasalamat din po ako sa nagpost po nito para mabigyang linaw ang lahat.”

But netizens are not buying her alibi. Many said that even if that is the case, she shouldn’t have been rude to the rider!

Safety in Food Delivery

These days of COVID-19, it is important to stay safe by staying at home. There are options for food delivery so you can still enjoy your favorite food from popular restaurants. Many restaurants impose many protocols to ensure safety in food delivery.

cancels FoodPanda order
Photo credit: Pilipinas Trending Viral / Facebook

Food handlers and delivery riders are required to follow hygiene protocols such as wearing masks, washing their hands regularly, using alcohol, and limiting contact with customers as much as possible.

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Old Man Bikes with Training Wheels Amid COVID Transport Restrictions

An old man bikes with training wheels amid the COVID-19 transport restrictions. His photos went viral, with many netizens expressing admiration that he found a way to solve his transport problem even if he did not know how to ride a bike!

Bike to Work

In the Philippines and even in many places around the world, restrictions are placed on transportation to stop the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Back riding is not allowed on motorcycles, with fines reaching to Php5,000! Public transportation also imposed social distancing; thus, most vehicles can only accommodate half or even less passengers than what they usually had.

man bikes with training wheels
Photo credit: Maryrose Reducto / Facebook

This led to shortage in transportation and many commuters having to wait longer hours to find any vehicle to ride. So, many workers began using bicycles to work.

Biking to work can be tiresome and dangerous, even, yet they have no choice. It is the cheapest option that most people can afford in these trying times. But many people don’t even know how to ride a bike, including a lot of adults! So, many have also began learning how to ride a bike.

An old man recently went viral after someone spotted him riding a bike with training wheels! Most of us associate training wheels on bikes for kids but because he probably didn’t know how to ride a bike without them, the old man had to put them on so he can ride safely to work.

man bikes with training wheels
Photo credit: Maryrose Reducto / Facebook

While a woman in Cebu had to struggle in riding her bike, and her husband had to act as her guide on a scooter, this old man found a way to ride the bike without a guide. Many hope that he would soon learn how to ride without the training wheels, of course, as such could lead to other accidents on the road.

What are Training Wheels?

Training wheels are two extra wheels placed beside the rear wheels of a bicycle to help someone learn how to bike. The wheels stay there until the rider learns how to ride the bike with their own sense of balance.

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