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Raffy Tulfo Tries to Help Couple Living in the Streets in New “Balik-Probinsya” Segment

Raffy Tulfo recently launched a new segment, “Balik-Probinsya”, that aims to help bring street people out of the streets and back to their home provinces. The program will help them find a brand-new start.

There are many people living in the streets of Metro Manila. Most of them came from faraway provinces, lured by the promise of a better life in the big city, only to find that their dreams are too difficult to achieve. Many of them were also promised big money but ended up doing things they aren’t supposed to do – and not getting paid at all!

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

The team from Raffy Tulfo in Action roamed the streets in search of a person or family to help send back to the province, in line with the new segment.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Patoy Latimbang lives at the sidewalk somewhere in Brgy. West Kamias with his partner, Baby Rose Villen from San Fernando, La Union. According to Patoy, he came from Davao City and has been in Metro Manila for 10 years.

Like many others from the provinces, he was promised a good job in Manila but found bad living conditions and wasn’t paid as much as he was told he would get. So, he decided to leave that job and just be a scavenger. He would spend hours walking around Kamuning and Morato in search of things he could still sell.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

He met Baby Rose in the streets and they became a couple. Seeing that these two seem like the best candidate to send back to the province, especially because Baby Rose is pregnant, the team decided to help them out.

Baby Rose is 8 months pregnant with Patoy’s child, but already has a kid living with her aunt in Araneta. She left the child under her aunt’s care because she doesn’t have a home. The older child is now 9 years old.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

In a day, they earn about Php100 to Php150 as scavengers. They sometimes don’t have enough food to eat, but Patoy makes sure Baby Rose has food because she’s pregnant.

The team from Raffy Tulfo in Action planned a surprise for the couple, but they weren’t at their spot the following day. It turned out there had been clearing operations by the local government; they were asked to move from their spot at the sidewalk.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

They later found the couple living at an impounded jeep. The brought the couple to a medical facility for Baby Rose to undergo ultrasound.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Then, Patoy and Baby Rose met with Raffy Tulfo at the studio. He promised to help them out, bring them to La Union, help rebuild their house and buy appliances, give them a sari-sari store he would stock with groceries and rice, and help them shop for things they could use for their baby and their new life.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

But on September 23, the scheduled day of their “Balik-Probinsya” move to La Union, the couple was nowhere to be found…

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Here’s what happened next:

Life in the Province and the City

As opposed to the rushed life in the big cities, life in the province is much slower and quieter. Whereas the big cities have lots of vehicles, tall buildings, and people who appear to never sleep, you can find the farms in the provinces. Although there are highways in the provinces, life begins to slow down at dusk and people retire to their beds early.

While many people enjoy living in the big city because of the modern advances and perks they can enjoy, a lot also take time to spend their weekends in the province or during vacation months.

In the provinces, there are fewer jobs and people tend to receive lesser pay than if they were in Metro Manila; this lures many workers to move to Manila, with the dream of living a better life.


Dog Carrying Hollow Blocks in Mouth Goes Viral

Photos of a dog carrying hollow blocks in its mouth have gone viral, with netizens sharing their fears of getting bitten by such a fierce-looking dog. But it sure does look cute, huh?

Dog Goes Viral for Carrying Hollow Blocks

A lot of people fear dogs because these animals could bite them, especially the breeds that are known to be fierce. Many owners feel safer in homes with these kinds of dogs, particularly if these are just free to roam around the yard.

But one dog recently went viral after its owner shared photos of it carrying hollow blocks while appearing to be patrolling from the balcony.

Photo credit: Juneth Bognot / DOG LOVERS PHILIPPINES – Facebook

Juneth Bognot reposted the pictures on Facebook group DOG LOVERS PHILIPPINES with the funny caption:

Bisita: “Nangangagat ba yang aso niyo?”

Ako: “Hindi. Nambabato lang.”

Netizens had a good laugh over the photos, saying that they are sure to avoid such a house if a dog like this is standing guard – and most especially one that carries a hollow blocks on patrol!

Kung ganyan makita ko sa daan. Baka hahanap na lng ako ng ibang daan lol,” one netizen commented.

Photo credit: Juneth Bognot / DOG LOVERS PHILIPPINES – Facebook

Pakipost po ang address nyo para iwasan na po ng sambayanang Filipino 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hello there babies… you are still cute and adorable despite of hollow blocks. 😍” another joked.

Lagot ang mga magnanakaw o akyat-bahay, may bantay na kayang-kayang mangagat ng buong buto o kaya naman hulugan lang ng hollow blocks,” another pointed out.

Others were concerned over the dog, especially because the hollow blocks might hurt its mouth.

Bakit ganoon? Paano nasubo ng aso yung ganiyang kalaking hollow blocks? Baka naman gutom na gutom yung aso at hindi napapakain hahaha. O baka naman ang tingin niya sa hollow blocks ay malaking-malaking buto kasi halos pareho ng kulay at parehong matigas,” one netizen commented.

Indeed, dogs are man’s best friends and they also make the best guards at home! But we just hope this dog is alright and that no person will be hit by that big chunk of hollow blocks. Ouch.

Photo credit: Juneth Bognot / DOG LOVERS PHILIPPINES – Facebook

What are Hollow Blocks?

A hollow block is a type of concrete block used in construction to make boundary fences, walls, and other structures that use cement for building. Hollow concrete block saves time in building walls due to its large dimensions but also saves money due to the reduced volume of concrete needed to build the structure.

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White Castle Whiskey Trends with 2021 Calendar Featuring a Guy for the First Time

White Castle Whiskey is long known for it calendars featuring beautiful ladies. But the whiskey company surprised everyone after rolling out its 2021 calendar featuring a guy for the first time – Ninong Ry! Whoa.

Whiskey Brand Features Calendar Boy

Though White Castle Whiskey has been releasing calendars since 1969, all of the models were females – and they were often riding a white horse or posing next to one. Moreover, the calendars often feature one of the most popular stars of the year.

Photo credit: White Castle / Facebook

Beautiful ladies like Peachie Veneracion (1978), Lorna Tolentino (1982), Carmi Martin (1984-1985), Roxanne Guinoo (2006-2007), RR Enriquez (2009-2011), and Aubrey Miles (2014) have graced the calendar as the year’s model. Sylvia Lichauco-de Leon was the brand’s first model.

Photo credit: White Castle / Facebook

But the whiskey company appears to be rebranding its calendar image by featuring a guy for the first time: YouTuber Ryan Morales Reyes or more popularly known as ‘Ninong Ry’.

Balikan ang nakaraan, at kilalanin ang panibagong model ng White Castle Light. Hehe,” the brand wrote, sharing a series of photos featuring many of their previous calendar girls and showing their first-ever guy model.

Photo credit: White Castle / Facebook

They added, “Syempre new era na tayo lods.

The funny vlogger also shared the calendar on his page, confirming that he’s really the whiskey brand’s new model.

Break the norm, mga brodie,” Ninong Ry wrote.

While there were quite a number of netizens who felt dismayed that the whiskey company changed its calendar from the pretty ladies to this guy, a lot were amused that the brand actually changed its calendar image now.

Photo credit: White Castle / Facebook

For the first time, mukhang umiinom talaga ng whiskey and model,” one netizen pointed out.

Bat nawala po yung puting kabayo sa dulo #NasaanAngKabayo,” another netizen joked.

Who is Ninong Ry?

When White Castle Whiskey featured Ninong Ry, their first-ever male calendar model, in their 2021 calendar, a lot of people were wondering who he might be. Avid fans know, however, that this funny vlogger is someone who loves to use catchy and witty titles to his YouTube videos.

His videos have titles like “sinigang na liempo sa kamias para sa jowa mong maangas”, “paksiw na liempo para sa ex mong di kuntento”, “binagoongan pero maarte”, and “mabilis na pasta para s amabilis magsawa awts”. LOL.

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Laguna Governor Goes Viral after Accidentally Brings Home a Caterer’s Plate

Have you tried bringing home a plate from a party? They say that this is a trait that a lot of Pinoys have in common – and this was recently proven by Laguna Governor Ramil Hernandez!

The busy governor accidentally brings home a caterer’s plate. LOL.

Laguna Governor Brings Home Caterer’s Plate

It is a running joke among Pinoys that one should be careful of their visitors who might bring home their plates and spoons, not just packed food as the standard ‘bring house’. Though a joke, there is actually truth to this and it is happening more often than you think.

But netizens got a good laugh when Laguna Governor Ramil Hernandez posted about accidentally bringing home a caterer’s plate, just because he was eating in his van.

As a public servant, the governor was surely busy with a lot of things to help his constituents. But due to the COVID-19 crisis, he does not want to set a bad example to his people by taking off his mask in public to join the others in eating lunch.

Because his staff had been insistent on him eating some food despite his busy schedule, the governor decided to take his food inside the van.

Photo credit: Governor Ramil Hernandez / Instagram

Pasensya na sa caterer kung nagkulang ang plato nyo. Mapilit kaseng kumain daw ako e ayaw ko ngang magtanggal ng mask sa public kaya yan sa van kainin… naiuwi ko tuloy ang plato nyo,” the governor wrote as he shared a photo of him inside the van, with the plate in question still full of food.

The post has gone viral, with many netizens joking that he must have planned on taking the plate while others suggested that he use a paper plate next time.

At least honest sya sa nauwi nya.. 😅 yan ang lider, transparent hehehe,” one netizen jokingly wrote.

Many lauded the governor for eating his van instead of doing it at the gathering, pointing out that it would be impossible for someone to eat without removing his masks. Considering the ongoing pandemic, this is important.

Parties and Gatherings Amid COVID-19

Filipinos are fond of parties and gatherings. These are part of our culture. But amid the COVID-19 crisis, such gatherings are discouraged even for families who are not living in the same house.

To avoid the spread of the virus, people are advised to stay at home and to not attend or host parties, whether Christmas parties, birthdays, reunions, or other special occasions.

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