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Raffy Tulfo Tries to Help Couple Living in the Streets in New “Balik-Probinsya” Segment

Raffy Tulfo recently launched a new segment, “Balik-Probinsya”, that aims to help bring street people out of the streets and back to their home provinces. The program will help them find a brand-new start.

There are many people living in the streets of Metro Manila. Most of them came from faraway provinces, lured by the promise of a better life in the big city, only to find that their dreams are too difficult to achieve. Many of them were also promised big money but ended up doing things they aren’t supposed to do – and not getting paid at all!

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

The team from Raffy Tulfo in Action roamed the streets in search of a person or family to help send back to the province, in line with the new segment.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Patoy Latimbang lives at the sidewalk somewhere in Brgy. West Kamias with his partner, Baby Rose Villen from San Fernando, La Union. According to Patoy, he came from Davao City and has been in Metro Manila for 10 years.

Like many others from the provinces, he was promised a good job in Manila but found bad living conditions and wasn’t paid as much as he was told he would get. So, he decided to leave that job and just be a scavenger. He would spend hours walking around Kamuning and Morato in search of things he could still sell.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

He met Baby Rose in the streets and they became a couple. Seeing that these two seem like the best candidate to send back to the province, especially because Baby Rose is pregnant, the team decided to help them out.

Baby Rose is 8 months pregnant with Patoy’s child, but already has a kid living with her aunt in Araneta. She left the child under her aunt’s care because she doesn’t have a home. The older child is now 9 years old.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

In a day, they earn about Php100 to Php150 as scavengers. They sometimes don’t have enough food to eat, but Patoy makes sure Baby Rose has food because she’s pregnant.

The team from Raffy Tulfo in Action planned a surprise for the couple, but they weren’t at their spot the following day. It turned out there had been clearing operations by the local government; they were asked to move from their spot at the sidewalk.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

They later found the couple living at an impounded jeep. The brought the couple to a medical facility for Baby Rose to undergo ultrasound.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Then, Patoy and Baby Rose met with Raffy Tulfo at the studio. He promised to help them out, bring them to La Union, help rebuild their house and buy appliances, give them a sari-sari store he would stock with groceries and rice, and help them shop for things they could use for their baby and their new life.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

But on September 23, the scheduled day of their “Balik-Probinsya” move to La Union, the couple was nowhere to be found…

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Here’s what happened next:

Life in the Province and the City

As opposed to the rushed life in the big cities, life in the province is much slower and quieter. Whereas the big cities have lots of vehicles, tall buildings, and people who appear to never sleep, you can find the farms in the provinces. Although there are highways in the provinces, life begins to slow down at dusk and people retire to their beds early.

While many people enjoy living in the big city because of the modern advances and perks they can enjoy, a lot also take time to spend their weekends in the province or during vacation months.

In the provinces, there are fewer jobs and people tend to receive lesser pay than if they were in Metro Manila; this lures many workers to move to Manila, with the dream of living a better life.


Student Stopped from Getting Diploma Mid-Ceremony, Allegedly over Graduation Fees

The family of a student felt humiliated in the middle of the graduation ceremony when the nursing graduate was stopped from getting his diploma mid-ceremony, allegedly over something so trivial as unprocessed graduation fees which they had only managed to pay the day before.

Student Stopped from Getting Diploma in the Middle of Graduation

Graduation day is one of the best moments in a student’s life, and a proud moment for their respective families, particularly for college students.

But imagine not being allowed to march on stage to get your diploma because the school wasn’t able to process your graduation fees on time – and being stopped from going up the stage in the middle of the graduation ceremony! That’s certainly a big heartache and humiliation for the graduate and their family.

That’s what allegedly happened to John Marcelino Rosaldo, a nursing graduate of Lorma Colleges La Union.

diploma mid-ceremony
Photo credit: PEP

According to John’s sister Celene Rosaldo, her brother was already lining up among the other graduates to receive his diploma on stage, but he was asked to pull out of the line to the stage.

She took to social media to share her frustrations.

Yung graduate ka pero di ka pinaakyat ng stage para kunin diploma mo kasi di naconfirm payment mo sa grad fee,” the alleged in a TikTok video, according to PEP.

Photo credit: PEP

It was certainly a humiliating, heartbreaking moment for the family.

My brother just graduated but my mom cried coz the school did not allow him to get his diploma up the stage,” she explained.

He has already paid his grad fee the day before his grad but the school didn’t confirm his payment. That’s the f*cked up part.

She later told Manila Bulletin that the most heartbreaking part for the family is when their mother saw what happened to her son.

diploma mid-ceremony
Photo credit: PEP

Ang pinaka-masakit po dun ay yung hitsura ng nanay ko po na kitang-kita niya na yung anak niya na pinull out sa line papuntang stage upang i-receive sana yung diploma,” Celene said.

Celene further explained that her brother paid the graduation fee the day before the ceremony but it seemed that the last-minute payment wasn’t properly processed nor the graduation list updated.

Can a School Stop Student from Graduating Due to Unpaid Fees?

Most schools have specific policies relating to payments and can stop students from graduating if they have unpaid fees.

However, John already paid the school for the graduation fees the day before the event.

Netizens also commented that the school should have been more compassionate and allow the graduate to march on stage, especially since he’s already there, anyway. They could always just hold his transcript until he pays up, if he hasn’t done it yet.

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Wife In Viral Appreciation Post Defends Husband: “I married a great guy”

The wife mentioned in a recent viral appreciation post defended her husband from the judgment he received online.

On Facebook, Mhei Legaspi Nodado aired her sentiments and defended her husband Mark Vincent Yap Nodado. It can be recalled that Mark posted an appreciation post for his wife, who felt like she didn’t accomplish anything 10 years after graduating. The post went on to share how Mark felt grateful for all the support and even the little things Mhei did for him and his family.

appreciation post
Photo credit: Mark Vincent Yap Nodado

Amid the mixed reactions that the post received, Mhei spoke up and lamented how easy it is for other people to throw judgment at her husband.

She wrote, “The problem with some people is that they are too quick to judge. Never will I ever exchange my life now to anything. I married a great guy. Yes, he is not perfect, but he is a great one. He is responsible, appreciative, loving, soft-hearted, generous and the best there is.”

“Some say stuff castigating him. Saying as if they had known him from the start. But may I ask you, have you ever been married? Have you had children of your own? Or even, do you know him, me, us?
No one deserves harsh words based on a single post which actually meant to appreciate your wife,” she added.

Mhei explained that it was her choice to choose a profession where she gets to take care of her family most of the day. She also feels grateful that her husband didn’t force her to work full time.

She also explained that her complaining about feeling that she didn’t accomplish after 10 years was just brought by hormones and not her husband’s fault.

Mhei shared some of her accomplishments, including being a businesswoman and a financial advisor. However, she said that her biggest accomplishment was being a good mother and a wife.

In the end, she reminded all the mothers that they’re all doing a great job. She also appealed to spread positivity instead of harsh comments.

“To all the moms out there, whether full-time moms, working moms, kudos to you! We are doing a great job and let us all uplift everyone. Let’s share positivity,” Mhei wrote.

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Has Mosang of ‘LenLen’ Series Switched To Being A Kakampink? Direk Darryl Yap Denies & Clarifies

VinCentiments Director Darryl Yap clarified the alleged “switching” of political sides of his actress Rowena Quejada, or “Mosang” in his controversial series, LenLen.

Image by Darryl Yap via Facebook

Recently, social media was abuzz over reports that Rowena or “Mosang” is one proud “kakampink”. This created a controversy as Mosang is part of the series, “Lenlen: The Untold Story.” The series has sparked interest as it focused on a political figure dubbed “Lenlen” with a campaign that focused on “Parang Angat.” Many supporters of Vice President Leni Robredo has slammed the series as they said it was obviously an attack against their candidate.

With Mosang declaring that she’s a supporter of Robredo, many reports surfaced that Mosang had “switched” her support.

However, Direk Darryl clarified that there was no “SwitchToLeni” at all. He said that he had always known that Rowena was a Robredo supporter, but she agreed to take part in the series.

He wrote on his official Facebook page their conversation. He recalled, “‘Mommy? Ok lang ba? Kunin kita sa Lenlen? kasi kailangan ang Role, may alam kay Lenlen, gawin ka sana source si Mosang; eh di ba? MakaLeni ka? Baka pwede ka? Kaya mo ba?'”

‘“…oo naman anak, kayang-kaya, work,'”was the reply of Mosang.

According to Direk Darryl, this shouldn’t be an issue at all. He explained, “VinCentiments’ MOSANG, Our Mommy Rowena Wengkie Quejada has always been a KAKAMPINK. Wala pong #SwitchToLeni, kasi Leni po talaga siya noon pa man. at hindi lang po siya sa grupo ang hindi #BBM, may mangilan-ngilan pong gusto rin sa talo. (charot!)”

He said that despite their differences in political beliefs, they remain professional with each other. Direk Darryl also shared that Rowena even experienced the generosity of Senator Imee Marcos, despite being a Robredo supporter.

“Hindi po totoong nagbago ng isip ang Mommy Weng namin; Talagang pong simula’t sapul siya ay makaLENI. Gayunpaman, walang lamat o bitak sa aming samahan; at siya mismo, naranasan nya nang personal ang kabaitan ni Senator Imee R. Marcos,” he said.

The VinCentiments director said the Robredo supporters are reacting maybe because they couldn’t believe that it’s possible to remain friends and professionals despite having different political views.

He added, “Ngayon, Bakit po gulat na gulat ang mga kapwa nya Kakampink? Kasi po hindi nila alam na pwede pala iyon; ang magpatuloy ang pagkakaibigan at trabaho kahit magkaiba kayo ng paninindigang Politikal, basta manatili ang respeto at pagtanaw ng utang na loob.”

In the end, Direk Darryl continued to defend Rowena and said their political beliefs don’t define their friendship and love for each other.

“Siya po ay 12 years ko nang kaibigan at nanay-nanayan. hindi po si Leni o BBM ang susukat sa aming pagmamahal para sa isa’t-isa,” he added.

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