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Pinoy Tourist Pays “Best Photographer”, Receives Hilarious Photos

A Pinoy tourist realized too late that he’s paying too much for the photos offered by an older man who bills himself as the “best photographer.” But thanks to his hilarious photos, this guy went viral. We’re literally laughing out loud!

Pinoy Tourist Receives Hilarious Photos from “Best Photographer”

When traveling, it’s important to know that there are people who might overcharge you for something that actually comes at a much cheaper price – or they might ask you to pay for services that they don’t actually know how to do properly.

That’s exactly what happened to Pinoy tourist Mark Anthony Claveria while on a trip to Paris, France.

That was my last day in Paris. I was taking Photos of myself with the Eiffel Tower tapos biglang may dumating na nag-iikot na photographers (usual kasi yun sa paris),” he narrated.

“Madami ring mga vendors ng mga beers na nagiikot around Eiffel Tower and mga Signature for a cause).

An older man approached him, showing photos of what appears to be his portfolio, and claiming that he’s the best photographer.

Seeing that the photos look great, he accepted the offer for services – and he was told that each photo costs €10 (close to Php600).

The photographer told him to pose in the same way as the other tourists do when visiting the Eiffel Tower and similar attractions – but it was certainly an epic fail when the photos arrived.

best photographer
Photo credit: Mark Anthony Claveria / Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital

Dapat nakatayo lang ako sa gilid katabi yung Eiffel tower pero he suggested na itaas ko daw yung kamay ko para daw kunwari abot ko yung Eiffel,” Mark explained.

Nagulat ako kasi two shots lang ginawa niya di man lang niya chi-neck or pina-check sakin yung mga shots deretsong after two shots siningil agad ako ng €20 kasi €10each eh ako uto-uto nagbayad agad, tapos after madevelop yung picture umalis siya agad tapos ako nagulat sa result wala akong nagawa kundi tumawa na lang, wala akong galit or hate kay tatay kasi usual na sa akin tong di marunong makipag makipag usap or socialize sa tao because I am introvert.

Avoiding Tourist Traps

Lots of people take advantage of the fact that most tourists visiting the area don’t know the regular prices or rates of the local commodities.

To avoid tourist traps, it’s best to research about the place you’re visiting, including the prices of the goods or stuff offered in the area.

Find ways to save money, such as bringing your own water bottle or even packing some snacks. Compare prices of commodities before buying.


Supermarket Goes Viral for Flag-Inspired Instant Noodle Display to Honor Independence Day

A supermarket recently went viral for its flag-inspired instant noodle display to honor the country’s upcoming Independence Day.

The creative display earned admiration from netizens – and was even noticed by the noodle brand, Lucky Me! Cool, isn’t it?

Supermarket’s Flag-Inspired Instant Noodle Display Goes Viral

There are people who are naturally creative – and they manage to make impressive artwork out of simple things that others might not even consider as artsy.

That’s what workers at a supermarket in Valencia City, Bukidnon, were able to achieve.

Photo credit: Bhen-j Agudera

In a post that earned praise online and was reposted by several sites or groups, Bhen-j Agudera shared photos taken from the Lucky Me! noodle display at NVM Supermarket in the city.

What’s impressive is that the workers were able to create the patriotic display using the packs of Lucky Me! noodles arranged in the shape of the country’s flag.

This patriotic display is timely, considering that Independence Day on June 12th is just around the corner.

Photo credit: Bhen-j Agudera

Of course, as pointed out by other netizens, this large flag will soon be broken by the customers who will be picking up their noodles from the display shelf.

Still, it also stirred patriotism among netizens who expressed admiration that the workers were able to think of a way to create the flag using their products. Brilliant, right?

Some people are calling for the brand to give the workers a raise or some sort of bonus for what they did here – after all, Lucky Me! certainly received a lot of free publicity from the viral photos.

Photo credit: Bhen-j Agudera

However, some people also think that the company will probably lose some sales if the makeshift flag continues to be displayed on the shelves of this supermarket because customers might feel uneasy breaking the artwork.

How to Properly Display the Philippine Flag

During peacetime, the blue part of the Philippine flag should be placed on top. The red part is put on top if the country is at war.

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Guy Tries Viral “Inverter Hack”, Ends Up with 9k Bill

A guy tries the viral “inverter hack” but instead of saving money, he ended up with a ₱9k electric bill! Ouch.

Viral “Inverter Hack” Goes Wrong, Guy Gets ₱9k Bill

There are lots of viral “life hacks” on the internet, but not all of them actually work or are true.

Many of these “hacks” can cost you a lot of money or even end up getting you in trouble (like the teens who tried the viral “overbaggage” hack).

Recently, netizen Rheez Ramos tried out a supposed life hack using an inverter air conditioner.

According to this supposed life hack, you need to keep the air conditioning unit on, and only turn it off once a week. It’s supposed to make your electric bill go down.

Without checking the veracity of the viral hack or monitoring their electricity consumption, Ramoa blindly followed the “hack.”

Viral inverter hack
Photo credit: Rheez Ramos

Imagine his shock when the bill arrived — and it was for over ₱9,000!

He said that their usual bill was just around ₱3,000 but it has skyrocketed to 3x the amount because of the fake “life hack.”

He jokingly posted on social media to find the person who made the misleading hack — and I would probably try to actually find that person if I were in his shoes!

Paying 3x your regular bill is not a joke, though netizens also slammed him for not using science to realize that the “hack” was fake.

Have you also fallen for a fake life hack on social media?

How To Determine If A “Life Hack” Is Real Or Not

This is actually easier said than done because many of these supposed life hacks have very convincing photos, videos, or stories.

Here are some ways to avoid getting duped:

  • Try to check the comments section of the post — usually, there are people who either tried the hack and knew it didn’t work or those who can explain the science of why the hack is fake
  • Research on your own — often, there’s actually some scientific explanation why the hack will or will not work
  • Don’t try the hack unless you’re 100% sure that it’s real and safe to try
  • Ask a second opinion from a reliable person
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Husband Fails to Get Flowers for Wedding Anniversary, Buys Land for Wife

A husband failed to get flowers for their wedding anniversary but still went viral after choosing to buy land for his wife to grow flowers, instead.

Land versus flowers? We’ll also take the land, please. LOL

Husband Buys Land for Wife on Wedding Anniversary

It is every wife’s secret wish to receive a gift from her husband on their wedding anniversary or during other important moments of their lives together.

Not everyone gets to receive those gifts, of course.

While many husbands are unable to buy gifts out of poverty or because they have other, much more important priorities, there are also who do have the money but just don’t like giving gifts.

Some women might say that they wish their husbands would just get them flowers for their wedding anniversary.

Recently, a guy named Kael John Canoy made waves on social media after publicly admitting that he wasn’t able to give his wife flowers on their first anniversary! Uh-oh…

Is he going to be in big trouble?

Well, not really.

It turned out that he wasn’t being thoughtless or had forgotten the date. Instead, he had other plans for his family.

Canoy would soon go viral after explaining in his post that while he failed to get her flowers on their first wedding anniversary, he was making it up with an entire land where she can grow all the flowers she wants to have. Awwww.

Photo credit: Kael John Canoy

Would you rather receive the land than flowers?

Well, considering that the land is going to last forever, and you can plant all the flowers you do want to have, then we’re all voting for land, too.

Buying Land and Other Real Estate in the Philippines

Buying real estate can be tricky in the Philippines, especially because many are still under a so-called “mother title” or a title still under the name of the seller’s ancestors.

To avoid issues, try to only buy land that already has a “clean title” (under the seller’s name or just one signatory).

Getting lots from a reputable real estate broker or under a property developer might also be a good idea.

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