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Grab Driver Offers Free Food, Other Items for Passengers But Someone Got Everything Once

He didn’t have to do it, but a Grab driver is offering free food and various items like clothes, blankets, pillows, medicine, and other items for his passengers. Sadly, there are those who get a lot of items – and one even got everything at once! Tsk. Tsk. Tsk.

Photo credit: Che Rubio-Abando / Facebook

Netizen Che Rubio-Abando shared photos of the cool Grab ride, saying that no passenger would ever be hungry if they were able to book the vehicle driven by Jp Curada Secarro, with plate number VU2349. She said that if only she could rate him 10 stars for the ride, she would gladly do so as she was quite impressed by this guy.

Photo credit: Che Rubio-Abando / Facebook

At first, Che thought that the food and various items on display inside the vehicle were for sale. Since she hadn’t had any breakfast yet, she felt hungry seeing all that food and thought about buying some.

Photo credit: Che Rubio-Abando / Facebook

It was a surprise for Che to learn that everything she could see displayed inside the car can be availed for free by anyone who rides the vehicle!

Ma’am libre po yan. Kuha lang kayo ng gusto nyo. May mineral water na din po dyan. May biogesic din po sa medicine kit kung masakit ulo nyo,” the driver offered.

Photo credit: Che Rubio-Abando / Facebook

Che joked that she might eat everything in the car – and the driver said that someone actually did that!

Photo credit: Che Rubio-Abando / Facebook

Ma’am ngyari na po yun. Ung pasahero ko inubos lahat. Almost 3k ng stocks ko na mga food pati mga magazine. Sa 80pesos na binayad nyang pamasahe pero ok lang naman yun.napaghandaan ko na po yun since pwede naman talaga mangyari. Bumaba sya na nagpasalamat pa dahil may mga baon na daw yung anak nya,” the driver recalled.

Saken naman ma’am madali naman kitain yun. I’m not into money naman talaga masaya lang talaga ko sa ginagawa ko. Tsaka ung mga food pag may namamalimos yan na din pinangbibigay ko.

Photo credit: Che Rubio-Abando / Facebook

That part of the story angered a lot of netizens who just could not believe that someone would actually do something like that, considering that Grab drivers don’t even have to offer anything to passengers at all, except bring them safely to their destinations.

Photo credit: Che Rubio-Abando / Facebook

Aside from food, this impressive driver even provides feminine napkins, diapers, medicines, ketchup, and even clothes for those who might need to have a change of clothes while riding the vehicle. He even has an ‘arinola’ (chamber pot) just in case you get stuck in traffic with the need to pee but your destination is still far away.

Photo credit: Che Rubio-Abando / Facebook

Driver Rating System

In Grab and other ride-hailing companies, a driver rating system is important to ensure that drivers are driving safely, remain courteous, and are providing their passengers with a clean, safe vehicle they can be comfortable in.


Tulfo Angrily Withdraws Support from Michelle, Refuses Her Apology

Raffy Tulfo angrily withdraws support from Michelle Lhor Bana-ag, refuses her apology after she changed her mind about the test she was supposed to take when she challenged everyone about the test.

Tulfo Withdraws Support from Michelle

Raffy Tulfo received the ire of netizens these past days after he sided with Michelle Lhor Bana-ag, the estranged live-in partner of comedian Romeo Librada, better known as Super Tekla or simply Tekla.

Photo credit: Wanted sa Radyo / YouTube

It was Michelle who first went to Tulfo, badmouthing Tekla and saying that he is forcing her to do things she didn’t want. If she refuses to sleep with him, Michelle said that Tekla does not give her money as support for their child, her siblings, and her nieces and nephews.

But Tekla and her friends disproved Michelle’s accusations. Soon, netizens sided with Tekla and wanted Tulfo to stop listening to this woman, especially because she is a “user”. But Tulfo wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and recognized that she has a big heart for her family.

Photo credit: Wanted sa Radyo / YouTube

When Tekla and Michelle came to an agreement on the show, Tulfo said that Michelle no longer has to take the hair follicle test. But Michelle appears to be acting on a dare as she challenged everyone to the test. She earned Tulfo’s admiration and the latter thought that she must be innocent for her to do that!

But just a day later, Michelle message the Tulfo team that she will no longer undergo the test because a tita supposedly got angry at her for agreeing to the test. Since she had just given birth 4 months ago, the tita supposedly told her the test could harm her.

Photo credit: Wanted sa Radyo / YouTube

This did not sit well on Tulfo, however, who got angry at Michelle for fooling him. It can be recalled that at the last episode, Tulfo promised groceries, paid up rent for 4 months, and free dental treatment so Michelle can find a job.

Pustiso na, naging gilagid pa,” Tulfo joked.

However, he no longer listened to Michelle’s pleas even if she cried. He also told her that the DSWD will take her nephews and nieces from her… Watch the video here:

What is a Hair Follicle Test?

The hair follicle test is test that analyzes signs of drug use for up to 90 days preceding the test. The level of accuracy is high even if only a small amount of hair is taken from the patient’s head.

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Super Tekla’s Former Event Organizer Reveals Michelle’s 2017 Scandal in Tacloban

Super Tekla

When he heard about the fiasco surrounding Super Tekla and his live-in partner, Michelle Banaag, former event organizer, Winston Jay Ladera, was not surprised at all.

In his YouTube channel, Winston Jay Ladera TV, he shared what transpired three years ago in a Tacloban hotel where Super Tekla and Michelle were staying. According to him, what happened at that time was even worse. Back then, they kept mum about what happened to protect Super Tekla’s career. But he thinks that now is the right time to tell such a story.

September last year, Super Tekla went to Tacloban for an event that Winston co-organized. He brought with him his girlfriend, Michelle.

On the day that they were supposed to go back to Manila, the couple was not able to catch their flight because of an altercation. Apparently, Tekla woke Michelle up so she can get ready to go home but the latter got angry.

Michelle threw the plates and glasses inside their hotel room.

“Meron daw nagkagulo sa 2nd floor. Pagdating namin doon, yung naabutan naming doon na nakita ko, bukas yung pinto, nagkalat ang mga spaghetti. May basag na plato at saka wine. Duguan si Tekla sa kamay, sa mukha, at sa may leeg,” he shares.

Super Tekla

Screengrabbed from YouTube/Winston Jay Ladera TV

“Yung girl, medyo nagwawala na siya. Siya yung naghihysterical, ganun. Tapos si Tekla, pinatatahimik niya yung girl, that time,” Winston added.

Hotel security came and took the couple downstairs. Tekla went inside the van which was supposed to bring them to the airport. When it was Michelle’s turn, she kept on talking.

“[Sinabihan] ko yung girl, ‘Miss, sumakay ka na ng van kasi male-late na talaga yung flight. Anong sabi niya? ‘Hindi ako sasakay kasi gusto kong malaman ng buong Pilipinas, gusto kong sirain ang career niya,” Winston narrated.

The police came and brought them to the police station.

Watch the video for the full story:

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Couple Concerned Over Beautiful Vendor Who Still Sells Sampaguita at 11PM

A couple expressed concern over a beautiful vendor who still sells sampaguita at 11PM. They were worried that someone might take advantage of this young lady, especially because she is so beautiful.

Beautiful Sampaguita Vendor

It is a reality in the Philippines that there are so many children living in the streets or spending a lot of time in the streets, selling something to motorists and passersby or begging for money because their families are too poor.

From time to time, however, some of these young ones go viral due to their beauty or wonderful act of kindness.

Recently, Honney RJ Balasabas shared photos of a lovely young sampaguita vendor whom they met several times in the streets. According to Honney, her husband Onnie pointed out the beautiful sampaguita vendor to her as they waited for the light to change near an intersection.

Onnie gave the child some money for the sampaguita but didn’t want to get the flowers. Instead, he wanted her to simply sell the flowers again to another motorist. The girl refused, however, telling the couple that she wants to give them the flowers so she can already go home.

Photo credit: Honney RJ Balasabas / Facebook

While conversing about the kid, Onnie told his wife that he had actually seen the kid around many times before – even once while he was traveling at around 11PM! This troubled Honney because the girl really looks so beautiful and might be targeted by some guys with bad intentions.

Some days later, they saw the girl again. Honney was able to take some pictures of the kid. She even smiled a bit after Honney told her she’s taking pictures because she admires her beauty.

Photo credit: Honney RJ Balasabas / Facebook

The couple hoped that the girl has a family to guide her and that she will always be safe as she continues selling the sampaguita in the streets.

Sampaguita Vendors

In the Philippines, there are a lot of vendors selling sampaguita in the streets. The flowers are often strung together to make a sweet-smelling garland. The vendors will try to sell these to passersby and motorists at traffic stops.

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