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#FriendshipGoals: Barkada Goes on a Trip to 5 Countries

A group of friends recently went viral after they achieved a dream they had 5 years ago of going to another country for a vacation. Many were quite inspired by what these friends had achieved.

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

A lot of us joke about barkada trips ending up as ‘drawings’ which means that they never really come true.

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

After all, while everyone certainly wants to go someplace to travel and have fun, there really are lots of reasons why the trip does not happen. One can’t get a leave, another is busy with something really important, or perhaps someone doesn’t have enough money to join.

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

But for this group of friends, they had a dream – and they all worked hard to achieve that dream just as they had planned! Wow.

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

Visiting another country was just part of these friends’ dream but according to Jocel Guden, they were able to visit not just one country but five! They went to Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand in 18 days.

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

Guden said that she really worked on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day just for her leave to be approved. After all, not many employers or companies allow their workers to go on a straight leave that’s more than a week long – and this one was nearly 3 weeks long!

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

“Dream ko talagang makapag ibang bansa para mag OFW pero never in my wildest dream sumagi sa isip ko na imbis trabaho ang ipupunta ko, bakasyon kasama ng barkada ko 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Life is truly amazing and full of surprises! Dati akala ko chinacharot lang ako nung bestfriend ko na nagsabing 5 years from now magbabakasyon daw kami sa ibang bansa.

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

Who would have thought 5 years later magkakasama nga kaming magbabakasyon not only 1 but 5 countries 💘

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

Solid yung barkadang hindi puro drawing yung ganap talagang tinototoo yung pangako 💁🏻‍♀️💖 kaya masasabi ko lang “Okay ng onti basta lahat tunay”

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

Nakita namin yung iba’t ibang culture, kung gano kaganda tong mundong to at kasaya ng magkakasama. Sobrang dami mo pa palang dapat makita sa mundong to.”

Photo credit: Jocel Guden / Facebook

Impressive, right? #FriendshipGoals


Teen Ridiculed for Charles & Keith “Luxury Bag,” Now a Model of Several Brands

A teen ridiculed for Charles & Keith “luxury bag” gets the last laugh after the brand signed her up as their model.

But that’s not all. She has also become the face of other brands, including an airline! Wow.

Let’s just say that those who mocked her aren’t laughing now, huh?

Teen Ridiculed for Charles & Keith Bag Becomes a Model

When 17-year-old Singapore-based Pinay teen Zoe Gabriel happily posted about her “first luxury bag” after getting a Charles & Keith tote as a present from her dad, several netizens mocked her.

Some were even mean enough to comment on her post, pointing out that Charles & Keith isn’t a luxury brand.

Other netizens jumped to her rescue, assuring the young girl that “luxury” is relevant and she was right in considering the bag a luxury, especially because her dad bought it with his hard-earned money as an OFW (overseas Filipino worker).

Soon, Zoe and her dad were invited to the brand’s headquarters where they had a tour of the facility. The brand also gave her more bags.

Later, it was announced that Zoe is the newest model for Charles & Keith.

Photo credit: Charles & Keith

But her turn of luck didn’t stop there. After visiting Charles & Keith, she was also invited by other brands for a visit and got freebies from restaurants and other companies in the area.

Recently, it was also revealed that the teen isn’t just modeling for Charles & Keith but has also been signed up as the face for several other brands.

For example, she can be seen wearing an AirAsia cabin attendant’s uniform while dancing to a TikTok video posted by the airline.


Dare to dream with @zoe 🦋

♬ original sound – smokinaftereat – smokinaftereat

In another video, she can be seen dancing with the cabin crew.


*Domestic: all-in from RM23. Asean: all-in from RM60. Includes airport taxes, MAVCOM fee, fuel surcharges and other applicable fees. T&C apply.

♬ i think he knows sped up – r & m <33

The future seems bright for this young lady – and it all started when people laughed at her over an innocent, happy post.

Good luck, Zoe Gabriel!

Famous Luxury Brands

Some famous luxury brands include:

  • Chanel
  • Dior
  • Gucci
  • Hermès
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Prada
  • Rolex
  • Tiffany
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Relationship Goals? Pilot Couple Goes Viral

A pilot couple goes viral, with netizens commenting that they’re their relationship goals because of their impressive jobs – and they even work together. Talk about being partners for life!

Pilot Couple Goes Viral as They Share First Flight Together

Most couples have different jobs or professions – and that’s fine, of course. But a couple recently went viral for their job as pilots, especially after they shared their first flight together.

Luigi and Cello Custodio from Parañaque City are pilots by profession.

They met in 2017, became official in 2022, and got married 2 years later – but it was on December 8, 2022, that they shared their first flight together.

Although they have the same job and work for the same airline, it’s actually a rare moment for them to fly together. That’s why it was sweet that they were able to do it last December.

They even described the experience as “once in a blue moon.”

Because they don’t do it on a regular basis, the Custodio couple said that the moment was extra special for them.

Photo credit: Latest Chika

They both described the experience as wonderful, with Luigi saying that he felt very relaxed because he was piloting the plane with his wife.

Cello also said that she felt happy with that shared flight, adding that she prefers to fly with him because it’s easier to be open about asking how she can improve and become a better pilot.

She shared that Luigi also gives her tips about flying, and it’s a good interaction for them without them feeling bad about the situation.

She also admitted that flying together was really one of their goals as a couple – and flying with their baby is their family goal. We can’t wait to see that dream come true!

During their first flight together, Luigi announced to the passengers that he was flying with his wife.

Many netizens were impressed by this couple, although some joked that they shouldn’t fight mid-air because something might happen to the flight. LOL

Aiming for the Best Couple Goals

There are actually a lot of goals that a couple can make – and you don’t have to become a pilot to achieve that.

Some couple goals include:

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New Pilot Goes Viral as He Flies Above House to Thank His Parents

A new pilot goes viral as he flies above their house in their hometown as a way to thank his parents for their continued support so he can reach his dreams. Isn’t that wonderful?

New Pilot Goes Viral for Unique Show of Gratitude to Parents

How do you thank your parents for what they’ve done for you?

Most parents don’t really ask for anything in return, but it’s sweet to know that there are children who think of showing their gratitude in their own simple way.

For Jan Nicole Crencia, a new pilot, showing gratitude meant flying over their house so his parents can see him up in the sky.

On March 13, 2023, Crencia shared a milestone in his pilot career: he was able to reach the minimum accumulated flight time requirements for his commercial pilot license.

Photo credit: Jan Nicole Crencia

With that achievement, he decided to take a flight over his hometown in Sogod, Southern Leyte.

He happily announced the feat on social media, posting some photos taken from the air and one taken by his parents from the ground.

Photo credit: Jan Nicole Crencia

I was able to fly atop our house as a way to show my gratitude to my parents who gave their endless support so I can reach my dreams in life, and so they can also see that all their hard work paid off,” he explained.

He also added a promise, “Even if they already spent a lot of money for my flying, they still didn’t hesitate to pay. Thank you ma and pa, soon, it will be my turn to provide.

As he achieved this new milestone, he also thanked a certain Capt. Dwight, his mentor, for giving him a schedule so his plans will happen and for everything that the instructor taught him.

Photo credit: Jan Nicole Crencia

I still have a long way to go, but I am already far from where I used to be,” he ended the post, also thanking God for being with him in every flight.

Isn’t that wonderful?

How to Be a Pilot

You need to enroll in a flight school to become a pilot. But first, you must also pass the entrance examination to enter a flight school.

Being a pilot requires a lot of hands-on flying hours.

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