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Family Denied Entry at Courthouse for Wearing Slippers

Many offices and government agencies impose a dress code on the workers as well as those visiting the facility. Most of the dress codes pertain to wearing decent outfits that keep the people inside the facility looking modest and what society would consider as ‘appropriate’.

But a number of dress codes also put restrictions on footwear, often not allowing those wearing slippers to get inside the facility. There are even offices that require female workers to wear standard footwear, possibly closed shoes with at least an inch of heel height.

What about courthouses, though? Most courthouses across the Philippines also impose such dress codes, including not allowing those wearing slippers to enter the country’s halls of justice – but many believe this is too much.

Photo credit: Ria C Fernandez / Facebook

Netizen Ria C Fernandez recently shared a photo of two women and a toddler standing outside the courthouse while a guard looks on. Apparently, the family was not allowed to enter the court because they were wearing slippers.

Turned away from the court because they were wearing slippers. Justice in the Philippines is only for those who can afford shoes,” Fernandez wrote in a Facebook post.

The photo surprised a lot of netizens who could not believe that such is happening in the Philippines.

Based on the announcement at the entrance to the facility, this photo was taken at the Hall of Justice in Valenzuela City. However, Fernandez pointed out in a comment that this is not unique to this particular courthouse but is actually imposed not just across the Philippines but even in the courthouses across the US.

Still, it is sad that this is happening in the Philippines, especially because a lot of poor folks can’t really afford to buy shoes – many of them can’t even buy food for their children!


Husband Alleges that Wife has Affair with Her Boss and Also His Boss

There are so many love stories that start in the workplace. Sadly, there are times when the love stories turn out to be stories of husbands or wives finding a new loved one in the workplace, eventually leaving the family for this new love.

Recently, Aljune Barrios a Safety Officer at a company went to Raffy Tulfo in Action to seek help against his wife, Benz Daoa, a Site Engineer at another company.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

The two have a 1-year-old child together but Aljune is not sure whether the baby was his, especially because his wife did not use his name in the birth certificate. Moreover, aside from the baby not carrying his surname, he was not able to see the child at the hospital when Benz gave birth.

Instead, he was surprised when his boss, Jeffrey Del Pilar, the Safety Manager of Concrete Masters Inc., was the one who was allowed inside the room first. His boss was able to carry the baby and give it a kiss while he, the supposed father, was not allowed to touch the child.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

This gave him doubts that the baby was his. He felt betrayed, but he swallowed his pride. But he was surprised when his wife’s boss, Marshall Damong, the Plant Manager of Trevi Foundation also arrived at the hospital – and was also able to hold the child.

What hurt Aljune the most is that their bosses were able to visit at the hospital and hold the baby, yet he was unable to kiss the child.

This strengthened his belief that the child is not his but could be the baby of his boss or his wife’s boss. According to Aljune, their two bosses even appear to be competing against each other for his wife’s attention.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Watch their full story here:

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Caught on Video: Old Man Angers Netizens as He Opens Lady’s Bag in Jeep

Old people are supposed to be the role model for the younger ones in society. Sadly, there are old people who are continue on their evil ways and are bad examples for today’s youth.

Take for example this old man who was caught on video as he opened a lady’s bag in a jeep. Another passenger seated in front of the old man and the young lady had an inkling of what the old man was planning to do; thus, he took a video of the incident.

Photo credit: Joann May / Pinoy Viral Videos – Facebook

The young lady, named Joann May, would later share the video which would soon be reposted by several Facebook pages, including Pinoy Viral Videos.

According to Joann May, this was taken in a jeep that was headed from Dau in Mabalacat, Pampanga to Angeles, Pampanga. She explained that she usually sits behind the driver or at the back of the passenger seat, but before she reached the spot the old man moved to give her space. Feeling obliged to take the spot the ‘kind old man’ silently offered, she sat there.

Photo credit: Joann May / Pinoy Viral Videos – Facebook

Moments later, she noticed there was something amiss but didn’t mind it, thinking that the old man had been kind and she was rather hoping this was not something similar to what she saw on Facebook. But she would soon feel that someone was trying to search something in her bag.

Photo credit: Joann May / Pinoy Viral Videos – Facebook

Upon checking, she noticed that her bag was already open! She nearly jumped from her seat – and the old man also jumped as if she was the one who was actually trying to open his bag! She did a quick check and was thankful that her wallet was still inside but the old man was able to take her coin purse which he hurriedly dropped on the seat as seen in the end part of the video.

Photo credit: Joann May / Pinoy Viral Videos – Facebook

She kept quiet even after discovering the incident as she was afraid he had a knife, but was thankful that the man seated across her was able to take a video which he later shared when they got off the jeep.

Though the experience was traumatic, she was still thankful that she was safe.

Watch the video:

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Ad Agency Posts Billboard Maligning Former Employee, Woman Seeks Help from Tulfo

She had amicably resigned from her job at an ad company, but one woman would soon seek help from Raffy Tulfo after the said company posted a billboard on EDSA with her name and picture, seemingly indicating that she had a major issue with money at the company.

After being the Admin and Accounting Supervisor at AdWorld Signs for 7 years, Maricel Azuelo Garcia wanted to resign. But because she was the only one who knew about the inner workings of the company pertaining to her job, her boss would not let her go.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

Eventually, she was allowed to go, under the condition that she would still be available “on call”. At the time, she owes the company money amounting to Php34,000 as loan; she had an agreement with her boss that she doesn’t have to pay the amount as long as she could still work “on call”. Meanwhile, she offered that the amount be deducted from her last pay – and if there was any balance left, then she would issue a PDC to cover the remaining amount.

During the course of her “on call” work, she lost Php30,000 while processing some papers for the company. The envelope containing the money fell, but she also paid for the lost amount; though not immediately as she didn’t have money at the time.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

She was rather shocked to discover that a billboard was posted on EDSA, with the company insinuating that they were looking for her because of an undisclosed “sum of money”. Garcia called her boss and asked for the billboard to be taken down, yet he refused.

Because the billboard is still up and many of her friends have already messaged her about it, Garcia had no other choice but to seek help from Tulfo.

Vincent Capuno, the Admin Manager of AdWorld Signs, denied involvement in the billboard and even asked Tulfo what case they were going to file against the company and on what grounds as they really believe they had done nothing wrong.

Photo credit: Raffy Tulfo in Action / YouTube

In a talk with Atty. Paul Castillo, a Professor at FEU Institute of Law, Tulfo learned that there were a number of cases Garcia can file against the company, including libel and unjust vexation.

Watch her story here:

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