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Bride Expresses Dismay Over Disastrous Wedding Photos from Official Photographer

A bride expressed dismay over the disastrous wedding photos they received from their official photographer. Not only did the photos arrive four months after the wedding, most were either too bright or too dark. Tsk. Tsk.

Disastrous Wedding Photos Go Viral

Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime moments that you want to preserve forever. But not everyone knows how to use a camera to capture great photos of your big day.

disastrous wedding photos
Photo credit: Nayumi Stone Heart / Radyo Bandera Philippines

Sadly, there are some photographers who pretend that they’re good, but their output actually looks bad. They might even charge you a high price tag.

So, make sure to only hire professionals with a track record for snapping and producing high-quality, beautifully taken photos. While these photographers tend to offer their services with a higher price tag, you’ll know that your big day is in good hands.

disastrous wedding photos
Photo credit: Nayumi Stone Heart / Radyo Bandera Philippines
disastrous wedding photos
Photo credit: Nayumi Stone Heart / Radyo Bandera Philippines
disastrous wedding photos
Photo credit: Nayumi Stone Heart / Radyo Bandera Philippines

Recently, photos shared by netizen Nayumi Stone Heart showed some disastrous wedding photos that broke the bride’s heart.

According to the post, the couple had to wait four months before receiving their wedding photos. You’d think they’d come up with something awesome.

disastrous wedding photos
Photo credit: Nayumi Stone Heart / Radyo Bandera Philippines
disastrous wedding photos
Photo credit: Nayumi Stone Heart / Radyo Bandera Philippines

But the bride was especially heartbroken after seeing that the photos were either too bright or too dark.

She bitterly commented that it seemed like the photographer was giving them the life sentence of meeting St. Peter at the heavenly gates from these photos.

Netizens also had similar comments, with some saying that the bride appears to have descended from the pearly gates in many of the photos.

disastrous wedding photos
Photo credit: Nayumi Stone Heart / Radyo Bandera Philippines
disastrous wedding photos
Photo credit: Nayumi Stone Heart / Radyo Bandera Philippines
disastrous wedding photos
Photo credit: Nayumi Stone Heart / Radyo Bandera Philippines

Others joked that this wedding must have occurred in the skies.

Several kindhearted netizens took it upon themselves to edit the photos.

It’s sad that the couple had to receive these photos – and it would be difficult to recreate the moments considering that the wedding happened several months ago.

How to Hire the Right Photographer for Your Wedding

How can you find the right photographer?

It’s important to know your budget and how much you’re willing to pay for a photographer.

But the most important rule is to check your photographer’s previous jobs – carefully check their portfolio to ensure that they’re actually good at their craft, whether they charge small or big.

If possible, meet with your chosen photographer before the wedding for some sample photos before settling the downpayment.


Teacher Shares Students’ Heartbreaking Experiences in Broken Families

A teacher shares her students’ heartbreaking experiences in broken families, showing the difficult realities that children have to go through when their parents break up.

Students’ Heartbreaking Experiences in Broken Families

It’s a sad reality in life that not all relationships last forever. Millions of couples break up each year – and there’s really nothing that anyone can do about it.

What’s so sad, however, is that the kids are usually the ones who are the most affected by the break up.

While their parents might eventually move on and have their new families (or worse, found a new love and family that’s why they broke up), the kids don’t usually find closure.

They end up being caught in the middle, passed from one parent to another, or worse, sent to another relative because their now-single parents couldn’t handle taking care of them while juggling time for work.

heartbreaking experiences
Photo credit: Mecca Derla

Those are just some of the experiences that the Grade 11 students Teacher Mecca Derla shared when she asked them to write an essay entitled, “Ano ang pinakamalungkot mong karanasan?

The teacher explained that she just wanted to know more about her students in her “Komunikasyon” class, but was surprised with what they shared.

Teacher Mecca added that her students are often cheerful and “makulit.” Yet it appears that many of them are masking a sad life at home.

heartbreaking experiences
Photo credit: Mecca Derla
heartbreaking experiences
Photo credit: Mecca Derla

Many of the students experienced living with just one parent after their parents broke up – and most of these break ups were due to the dad finding a new love and new family.

The student’s heartbreaking essays touched a nerve and quickly went viral.

Many netizens commented that it’s really sad how so many people only think of themselves and find new families, forgetting that they aren’t just hurting their partner but their kids as well.

heartbreaking experiences
Photo credit: Mecca Derla

Pag nag asawa KC kau , nagkaroon Ng MGA anak. Pagnagkasawaan na kau SA isat isat, hwag kau selfish SA sarili, isipin ang MGA anak..PRA maging buo parin pamilya ninyo,” one netizen advised.

However, there are also others who defended these parents, sharing that sometimes things just happen and it’s better to break up than to live in a loveless relationship.

Sana balang araw maiintindihan ng mga anak ko kung ano man yung maging desisyon ko, na sana maunawaan nila na para sa ikabubuti nila yung ginawa o gagawin ko., Di kasi lahat ng nagsasama o mag-asawa masaya pa sa sitwasyon nila, minsan kailangan mong bumitaw para maging malaya. Di tayo pare-pareho ng pinagdadaanan sa buhay, kaya dapat intindihin muna natin at unawain ng mabuti kung saan mas makakabuti yun ang piliin natin. Ikaw/tayo ang magdedesisyon sa buhay na tatahakin natin hindi ang ibang tao,” one netizen commented.

heartbreaking experiences
Photo credit: Mecca Derla

Marriage Cases in the Philippines

The Philippines doesn’t have divorce, but annulment is also very expensive. Still, according to the data of Office of the Solicitor General (OSG), over 100,000 marriage cases have been filed from 2009 to 2021.

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Guy Returns to Store, Pays Correct Amount (Php5k+) after Realizing Cashier’s Mistake

A guy returns to the store, pays correct amount (more than Php5k difference) after realizing the cashier’s mistake. His kind gesture made waves online, especially because the cashier’s mistake would have been deducted from her salary!

Guy Pays Correct Amount after Realizing Cashier’s Mistake

If someone makes a mistake and hands you a change that’s much bigger than you’re supposed to get or charges you an amount much smaller than what you’re supposed to pay, what would you do?

For some, that might be an “unexpected blessing,” but for others, it’s simply not right to keep the money.

That’s exactly what Rodel Ocampo Acuña experienced after buying from a grocery store in Pampanga.

He bought groceries worth Php5,388.45, but the cashier accidentally charged just Php53.88 from his debit account.

Neither of them realized the error. It was only when he got home that he realized the error. He was surprised to see that only a small amount was charged from his bank account.

Instead of keeping quiet about it and thinking it’s a “blessing” since it wasn’t really his fault, Rodel decided to do the right thing. He went back to the grocery store to pay for the difference.

Rodel Ocampo Acuña
Photo credit: Rodel Ocampo Acuña

He knows that if he didn’t, the cashier will have the amount deducted from her salary – and Php5k+ is already a big amount.

He originally posted the video on TikTok where it garnered over 1.4 million views, but the social media platform deleted it. So, he reposted the video on his Facebook account.

Reposting this to make sure everyone’s aware that one person’s blessing could be another person’s suffering,” Rodel captioned the post.

Hindi porket kulang ang chinarge sayo or sobra ang sinukli sayo e blessing na yun. Yes, you may consider it a blessing sa part mo baka nga kasi need mo yon nung time na nangyari yon. But the other person would be suffering ng malala kasi magtatrabaho sia habang nagbabayad ng nawala sa kaha niya. Imagine kung ikaw or yung mahal mo sa buhay ang ganunin? Papayag ka ba?

He explained that he didn’t do this to brag but to inspire.

Sharing this video not to brag what I did but to inspire others who think na nagulangan nila ang kapwa nila dahil sa pagkakamaling nagawa ng cashier or ng kahit sino pang nagtitinda jan,” he explained.

Remember, karma is digital. In an instant, something can happen to you or your loved ones. Iba bumalik ang karma. Not just one, not just two, but could be ten times or even more!

Common Errors or Mistakes Encountered by Cashiers

  • Double scanning items
  • Not scanning items
  • Entering the wrong numbers
  • Giving out the wrong change
  • Accepting counterfeit money
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Guy Buys Food in Beach Outfit and Towel at Fast Food Chain, Goes Viral

A guy buys food in beach outfit and a towel at a fast food chain. His photo went viral, with many netizens laughing at his antics. Would you also dare do this at a fast food chain or other restaurants and shops?

Guy Buys Food in Beach Outfit

There’s a certain level of decency expected of people when they go out in public to, say, catch a meal or do some grocery shopping.

But what if you live near that place or on your way to the beach, for example; do you still need to change into a decent, regular outfit instead of going there in your pajamas or beach outfit?

Well, that depends.

Netizen Willmer Ang shared a snapshot taken at a fast food chain in Boracay.

In a post on Facebook, Willmer jokingly captioned his photo with, “1 bigmac meal, 1 sundae, 3 winston, 2 katol tska paload bente.”

beach outfit
Photo credit: Willmer Ang

It was obviously taken at a popular fast food chain – and Willmer was wearing board shorts, slippers, but didn’t have a shirt. Instead, he had a towel swung over his shoulder, as if he was heading to the bathroom or the beach.

The post went viral, with some netizens making jokes about it.

Pag pogi feel at home, pag pangit akyat bahay,” one wrote.

Pero pag pangit yung tao pinalabas na yan.kawawa naman kaming mga di kagwapuhan,” another chimed in.

But many others pointed out that this is actually a common scene in Boracay. Many of them have even tried going shopping in the mall while wearing their swimsuits. Wow.

Many of those who have gone to Boracay explained that many of these fast food chains are along the beach or coastline, so it’s really not uncommon to find people in their beach outfits.

Willmer explained that this photo was actually taken at a McDo outlet along the highway, not the beach, since the one close to the coast was already closed at the time.

Still, we found it quite hilarious that he did this.

Is There a Dress Code for Dining at Fast Food Chains?

Most, if not all, fast food chains don’t impose a dress code.

Aside from Willmer’s Boracay experience (and the many others that netizens pointed out), a woman went viral for buying at McDo in her PJs some years ago. LOL

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