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Barber Shows Impressive Skills in Hair Art Featuring Pacquiao vs. Broner

Pinoy boxing champ Manny Pacquiao is set to fight Adrien Broner in the boxing ring this Saturday, January 19, 2019, for the World Welterweight Championship.

And while everyone is busy getting tickets to the match or buying pay-per-view from their local cable companies or at least excitedly waiting for free live stream on Facebook, other fans are showing their support in creative ways.

Photo credit: Neshell Dacalos / Facebook

Meet Neshell Dacalos, a barber with truly gifted hands as he is able to make impressive hair art. Just in time for the Pacquiao vs. Broner match this Saturday, Dacalos created hair art for a fan using images from the poster for the fight!

Amazingly, despite the fact that he was just using the customer’s head and hair for the art, he was able to recreate the poster on that man’s head! Wow. This guy is really impressive.

Many said that it would have been easier to draw the poster by hand, using paint or pencil, but doing so on someone’s head using his hair for the black parts of the ‘drawing’ makes this a spectacular work of art, indeed!

Photo credit: Neshell Dacalos / Facebook

One small mistake could ruin the art, especially considering he just can’t make his customer’s hair grow back to correct it. This made the art even more of a gem.

Netizens were so impressed with Dacalos’ art that they are hoping he could also do the same for their hair, perhaps with other drawing options aside from the Pacquiao vs. Broner poster.

Photo credit: Neshell Dacalos / Facebook

Many netizens called him “The King of Barbers” and hoped he would become famous, thanks to his work of art. Others are also hoping Pacquiao would take notice of his talent and perhaps meet him after the match with Broner.

Photo credit: Neshell Dacalos / Facebook

And while everyone is hoping Pacquiao would win versus Broner, many were also rooting for Dacalos to meet Pacquiao. His talent is truly amazing, right?


No Bridal Car, No Problem? Groom Carries Bride Across Muddy Roads

Despite the rains, having no bridal car wasn’t a problem for a pair of newlyweds because the groom just carried his bride across the muddy roads! That’s so cool, right?

Groom Carries Bride Across Muddy Roads

There are many challenges that couples face along the way, with these challenges often helping shape their relationship.

no bridal car
Photo credit: Enao Aileen Billones

But a couple in Barangay Trinidad, Guihulngan City in Negros Oriental, Central Philippines, had a different kind of challenge as the rains the previous days made the roads so muddy in their area.

Living in what appears to be a mountainous area, they aren’t likely able to bring a bridal car, even if they wanted to. But the groom proved his love for his bride by carrying her on his shoulders as they walked the muddy roads together. Isn’t that sweet?

Photo credit: Enao Aileen Billones

Their photos went viral, with some netizens joking that this couple raised the bar high in marriages – and that girls shouldn’t get married if their man wouldn’t promise to carry them through the muddy roads. LOL.

We’re stating the obvious, but that’s a joke, of course.

The post was originally uploaded by Enao Aileen Billones, congratulating the couple on their wedding day.

Photo credit: Enao Aileen Billones

It was quickly picked up and shared by the local media and groups, with HEADZ UP NegOr writing the perfect caption:

In sickness or in health…

No bridal car or horse or even carabao needed to transport the bride just to be in the Church on time for their wedding in Barangay Trinidad, Guihulngan City.

Mabuhay ang bagong kasal! Congratulations.

Many netizens were amazed, with some saying that they know this couple would last forever because the groom truly loves his bride.

Others were a bit unsold to the idea, commenting that the bride shouldn’t have worn a bridal dress if they had to walk through mud. If the groom missed a step, both of them could end up in the mud!

It was a good thing that didn’t happen. Whew!

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Husband’s Appreciation Post for Wife Draws Mixed Reactions

A husband’s appreciation post for his wife drew mixed reactions on social media. Many were glad that he openly showed his appreciation to his wife, yet others think it was too much. Which side are you on?

Husband’s Appreciation Post for Wife Goes Viral

Society has long viewed women as second place to men, and that they’re expected to do the household chores even if they’re working. In some households, the women are even expected to work even if the man is jobless!

This kind of setup has long been accepted by society that most women just go with the flow, even if it’s something that they don’t like doing or even if they want to do something else. Many are even ignored or unappreciated by their husbands and other family members.

That’s why many netizens were happy after seeing a husband’s appreciation post for his wife recently on social media.

appreciation post
Photo credit: Mark Vincent Yap Nodado

Mark Vincent Yap Nodado shared the exchange he had with his wife early that morning. My wife said this morning;

10 years na pala akong graduate, parang wala akong personal achievements”

To which I immediately responded.

“Wag mo sabihin yan. Yung achievement ko, achievement mo. Kasi hindi ko naman magagawa ng wala ka ehh”

Totoo naman. Kaya nakakaalis ako para magsite kasi alam ko naaalagaan mo ng mabuti babies natin.

Kaya nga malakas loob ko, kasi alam ko you have my back and you will support my decisions.

Kaya kapag nagpost ako, hindi ko na chinecheck kasi alam ko na kung may typo, magmemessage ka kaagad.”

Everything was great up to this point, but netizens couldn’t help notice the “little things” he also appreciates about his wife because they think that his mindset about his wife is that she’s his helper.

Kaya nga yung mga maliliit na bagay, hindi ko na napapansin kasi nandiyan ka naman.

-pag iwan ng tuwalya kung saan

-hindi pag flush hahaha

-paghagis ng damit

-simple things that I don’t notice anymore kasi alam ko nandiyan ka naman

Kaya nga may gising na gising ako sa pagdridrive kasi kapag malayo yung site, hihintayin ko yung kape mo.

And kaya kapag may talk ako, may boses ako kasi nandiyan yung turmeric ko.

Kaya kapag pagod na pagod ako, alam ko dadatnan ko or lulutuin mo na ulam.

Still, there were also many netizens who were happy about his appreciation post, saying that those are the things that many wives are doing without being thanked for.

He ended the post with much love and appreciation for his wife – and the people who admired the post said that it’s best to focus on the overall gist of the post and how he’s trying to uplift his wife.

“Hindi totoong wala kang achievement, kahit personal, sa pagiging financial advisor mo, sa mga plantitas mo, sa pagiging taga review ko ng documents. Dami mo ng na achieve.

Yung mga anak natin, mababait, matatalino and loving kasi nandiyan ka lagi. Mas pinili mo yung freelance work para mas marami kang time sa kanila, sa amin.

And dahil nandiyan ka, I’m free to reach higher. That’s why every achievement I get, you are a big part of it.

You are the scaffolding to my structure, in the end, people won’t see what you’ve done, but this structure won’t go higher without you.

I love you”.

After all, behind every man’s success is a woman, right?

What do you think of this appreciation post?

Not every man would commend his wife the way you did, so inspiring and full of love…. Salute to you sir and wishing you many more fruitful years with Miss Mhei,” says one of the top comments.

Agree po ako, Engr. Mark, mangangapa po tayo sa dilim kung walang ilaw ng tahanan. Dahil sa matinding suporta ni misis po ninyo ay nagawa at natapos ninyo ang bahay namin. Maraming salamat po sa inyo,” another wrote.

But others don’t agree.

Sorry, but I do not find this romantic at all, tbh. Ito ata yung sinasabi ni Isko na “supreme sacrifice”. Dude, even the easiest of the house chores (e.g. pagsampay ng tuwalya, pagflush ng toilet, paglagay ng damit sa laundry bag), inaasa mo pa sa kanya?” one netizen wrote.

Seriously, kinikilig kayo dito? When I read it, I felt sad for the wife. All his husband thinks about is himself and how he can get higher while the wife is stagnant attending to his needs,” another commented.

Wife’s Role in the House

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Some households even have a “househusband” with the wife being the breadwinner and the husband at home to care for the kids.

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Wife Sells Cheating Husband’s Expensive Clothes, Shoe Collection in Live Auction

“MGA GAMIT NG SUMAKABILANG BAHAY NA ASAWA LIVE SELLING” – that’s how a scorned wife captioned the live video she did to sell the expensive clothes and shoe collection of her cheating husband. Netizens were quite supportive, bidding over the items worth thousands of pesos! Wow. This is one good way of moving on, right?

Cheating Husband’s Things Sold in Auction

We’ve heard so many stories of cheating spouses or partners. In many of these, we also hear about how the scorned one burned or threw away the cheating one’s stuff.

Well, one scorned wife knew the monetary value of her cheating husband’s stuff. So, instead of doing those, she decided to sell them to an online auction on Facebook.

cheating husband
Photo credit: Jamille Margarita Galvez

Quite amazingly, despite warnings that these clothes might carry a “babaero sumpa” (playboy curse), the items sold out like hotcakes – and they were worth thousands of pesos!

Jamille Margarita Galvez impressed everyone with how she handled her husband’s cheating by selling his clothes and shoe collection. She went viral with her announcement post, and many also supported her live selling auction.

Netizens loved her caption and the hugot lines she did, though she told buyers to have the clothes blessed to remove the curse. LOL.

cheating husband
Photo credit: Jamille Margarita Galvez

Hi guys! Magliveselling ako ng gamit ng ASAWA KO NA SUMAKABILANG BAHAY NA.


Super MURA nalang, kasi di naman marunong magMAHAL ung may-ari

Lahat ng items MATINO pa, ung may-ari lang ung hindi

ORIG lahat to walang fake, di naman ako MANLOLOKO gaya nung may-ari

Walang LASPAG dito, ung kabet lang nya yerrnn

Wag magMINE kung di mo kaya panindigan gaya ng ginawa ng asawa ko

RFS: Baboy ung nagsuot


Ganito pag business minded ung niloko mong asawa or bf gf!

Pabasbasan o painsensuhan nyo muna bago suot Chaaarr

Photo credit: Jamille Margarita Galvez
Photo credit: Jamille Margarita Galvez

During the live, she would jokingly ask her cheating husband to watch the live so he can see the things she’s selling.

Polo shirt ng babaero,” she calls the clothes, yet her loyal buyers scrambled to outbid each other! Amazing!

Some netizens thought that it was all a joke, but it turned out to be true. Sadly, she even posted about finding the other woman’s sweet note in one of her husband’s clothes. Sigh.

Photo credit: Jamille Margarita Galvez

Many also hoped that she’d find peace and happiness, especially because she has three young kids to raise on her own.

Watch the live selling auction here and be impressed by this strong woman and her supportive buyers:

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For example, the archeologists who fell to the curse of the mummy’s tomb passed from infections due to fungi and other pathogens.

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