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Teen Mocked for Calling Charles & Keith a “Luxury Brand,” Meets Brand Founder

A Pinay teen mocked by netizens for calling Charles & Keith a “luxury brand” has been invited to lunch by the brand’s founder – and got a private tour of its headquarters, plus offers from other companies. Wow!

Pinay Meets Charles & Keith Founder over “Luxury Brand” Post

Singapore-based Pinay teen Zoe Gabriel, 17, was so excited over a Charles & Keith bag from her father that she vlogged about it, sharing the experience of her “first luxury bag” to her friends and followers on TikTok.

Here’s her video:


thank you dad 🥹

♬ Glitch – Just audios

But the post soon got flooded with laughing emojis and mocking words from netizens who pointed out that Charles & Keith is far from being a luxury brand.

Who’s gonna tell her?” one of the mean commenters wrote with a laughing emoji.

The comment has since been removed, but screenshots are being shared online and was addressed by the teen in a separate post.

To you, an 80$ bag may not be a luxury but for me and my family it is a lot,” Zoe said.


Replying to @cressy i am so happy and grateful for you, that you can consider charles and keith not a luxury. also btw if you google it, lots of sources do classify them as a luxury brand. so.

♬ original sound – zoe 🦋 – zoe 🦋

Thankfully, while there were others who chimed in and mocked the teen for “mistaking” the brand as luxury, many came to her rescue and defended her choice of words.

Many netizens explained that while Charles & Keith might not be a “luxury brand,” it’s still a luxury item to many people – especially because it has a higher price tag than what most people can afford.

luxury brand
Photo credit: Gerry Cacanindin

It’s true.. not all people can afford charles & keith.. so you go girl! Be proud of it!” one netizen commented.

The Classic bag. Looks great for work and interviews. And ignore the haters- they don’t know Charles and Keith are, in fact, Louis Vuitton owned.” another wrote.

Others also praised the young girl for being proud of her dad and appreciating his gift.

After her story went viral, Zoe was invited by no less than the Singapore-based brand’s founders to their headquarters – she and her dad enjoyed their tour.

Photo credit: Zoe Gabriel/Instagram

And the blessings keep coming for this young lady.

Shoes are the Charles & Keith Lucile Satin Platform Sandals, in black, with special thanks to miss Lyn Ng ✨ (look out for an unboxing, haha)” she wrote on Instagram, referring to the pair she’s wearing in the photo taken at the brand’s headquarters.

American TikTok star and model Wisdom Kaye tweeted that he’s going to give Zoe “luxury bag(s) with her name on it.”

Other local brands and establishments, including Kimistry Hair Botique, Thrifty Thieves, and Takagi Ramen have also offered her some treats.

Who Owns Charles & Keith?

The brand was founded by Charles Wong and his younger brother Keith Wong in Singapore back in 1990.

The LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) bought 20% of the company’s stocks in 2011, but this has since been bought back by the Wong brothers.


Tricycle Driver Who Lost Own Child Comes Back to Support Passengers Who Rushed Kid to ER

A tricycle driver who lost his own child comes back to support his passengers who rushed their kid to the ER. The gesture touched netizens’ hearts and made many people cry.

Driver Who Lost Own Child Supports Passengers Rushing Kid to ER

Losing one’s own child is the most difficult thing a parent could ever experience. It can make some people lose faith, yet others have become stronger with the experience, and make them more empathic toward others in the same situation.

Neil Chester Romero shared their experience with a driver identified only as Kuya Francis. He didn’t indicate where this happened but his Facebook profile indicates that he’s from Toril, Davao Del Sur, in southern Philippines.

Photo credit: Neil Chester Romero

Romero narrated in Visayan how they rode the tricycle of Kuya Francis to rush a baby to the ER (emergency room).

In their fear for the baby, they quickly rushed the child to the ER as soon as they alighted from the vehicle. They didn’t realize that some of the child’s important documents were left in the tricycle.

About 20 minutes later, Kuya Francis came back to bring the documents to the family.

But he didn’t arrive empty-handed. Despite not having a lot of money to spare, this tricycle driver even bought some fruits for the child.

Photo credit: Neil Chester Romero

He apologized to the family that he can only give this much but said that he hoped it can help them out.

It turned out that he had a child about the same age as the 2-year-old kid that the family had rushed to the ER.

The child had also experienced a similar situation as this tiny passenger. Unfortunately, the driver’s child didn’t make it.

He told the family to do everything they can because they can still find the money they’d pay for the child’s medical bills but could never bring back a kid’s life if they lost it.

He added that he still finds it hard to move on from his child’s passing.

Photo credit: Neil Chester Romero

Romero hopes that they can still Kuya Francis again and that the man will receive more blessings for what he has done for the family.

Public Tricycles in the Philippines

In many parts of the Philippines, tricycles have become a very important mode of transportation.

Although they’re prohibited to ply the highways in some areas, they remain the most versatile option for most passengers, particularly for short trips.

Like in the Romero family’s situation, tricycles can sometimes become ambulances, too, as they bring people to the hospital because calling for an ambulance isn’t easy (and can be costly).

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Taxi Driver Offers Free Rides to Teachers & Education Students after Wife Passed LET

A proud husband offered free taxi rides to teachers and student teachers (education students) after his wife passed the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers). What a sweet gesture!

Proud Taxi Driver Husband Offers Free Rides after Wife Passed LET

Thousands of families are rejoicing after the PRC (Professional Regulation Commission) released the results of the March 2023 Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers.

Everyone celebrated in different ways, with one proud taxi driver husband offering free rides to passengers who are teachers or education students in honor of his wife’s achievement.

Danica Tamsi Padilla shared her experience with the taxi driver when they rode his cab in Baguio City.

proud taxi driver offers free rides
Photo credit: Danica Tamsi Padilla / SaBaguio

According to Padilla, it was raining really hard when the driver dropped a passenger close to where they were waiting for a cab.

They were lucky when they rode the cab and learned that the driver was offering free rides. The ride was only for teachers and aspiring teachers (he requires an ID just to be sure).

Padilla said that it was lucky she’s an Education student at BSU (Benguet State University). She’s taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) Major in Filipino Education.

It turns out that it was also a good coincidence because the driver’s wife also earned her degree from the same university.

In her post, Padilla thanked the driver for the free ride, though she sheepishly added that they were unable to ask for his name.

Photo credit: Danica Tamsi Padilla / SaBaguio

She happily thanks him for the gesture, saying that giving free rides isn’t a joke (considering the high costs of gas).

The driver explained that he made a promise to his wife about doing this gesture when she passes the LET – she did it, and he’s doing his share in the deal.

What Do You Call Someone Who Passed the LET?

LET passers are called LPTs or “licensed professional teachers.”

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At Least 9 Universities Confirm Scholarships and Admissions Following Julian Martir Controversy

Following the Julian Martir controversy, at least 9 universities have confirmed that they’ve offered the young man admission or scholarships – this comes after he got bashed for supposedly faking the good news.

Universities Confirm Offers over Julian Martir Controversy

Tricycle driver’s son, Julian Martir, went viral when he shared that he’s being offered around $2 million worth of scholarship from 30 different schools in the US and United Kingdom.

While many netizens were amazed by the inspiring news, there were also many who questioned his credentials and how he was able to get those many scholarships from the international schools.

Netizens were also quick to point out that his answers to a news outlet’s interview didn’t make sense. They believe that he was just faking his current achievement and that none of the universities actually sent him any of those emails he posted.

What’s sad is that even the teachers and admin in his alma mater were also skeptical of his numerous international university admissions.

HS student
Photo credit:

News outlets were bashed for reporting about the young man’s “fake” admission and scholarship offers – and everyone scrambled to get the universities’ side.

As of press time, The Philippine Star received at least nine confirmations from the universities regarding the admission offers – and yes, they’re all true.

Of these nine universities, six confirmed that they offered Martir scholarships but refused to disclose the amount.

They reported receiving confirmation from the following universities:

  • Alfred University
  • Ball State University
  • Johnson & Wales University
  • Michigan Technological University
  • Ohio Wesleyan University
  • University of Massachusetts Boston
  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  • Webster University
  • Woodbury University

According to the update, eight of the universities refused to confirm or deny Martir’s admission and scholarship offers, citing privacy concerns. The rest have yet to reply.

Julian Martir’s Respond to the Controversy

The 20-year-old student was mum on the controversy for days, but eventually issued a statement denying these accusations.

He explained that all the letters and the universities were for real, adding that he really did his best in applying for these scholarships and admissions.

The young man also asked people to stop bashing him, telling them that they can try to clarify the matter from all these universities – and they will get the same answer: he applied, they reviewed his application, and they offered him admission and scholarships.

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