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Teen Mocked for Calling Charles & Keith a “Luxury Brand,” Meets Brand Founder

A Pinay teen mocked by netizens for calling Charles & Keith a “luxury brand” has been invited to lunch by the brand’s founder – and got a private tour of its headquarters, plus offers from other companies. Wow!

Pinay Meets Charles & Keith Founder over “Luxury Brand” Post

Singapore-based Pinay teen Zoe Gabriel, 17, was so excited over a Charles & Keith bag from her father that she vlogged about it, sharing the experience of her “first luxury bag” to her friends and followers on TikTok.

Here’s her video:


thank you dad 🥹

♬ Glitch – Just audios

But the post soon got flooded with laughing emojis and mocking words from netizens who pointed out that Charles & Keith is far from being a luxury brand.

Who’s gonna tell her?” one of the mean commenters wrote with a laughing emoji.

The comment has since been removed, but screenshots are being shared online and was addressed by the teen in a separate post.

To you, an 80$ bag may not be a luxury but for me and my family it is a lot,” Zoe said.


Replying to @cressy i am so happy and grateful for you, that you can consider charles and keith not a luxury. also btw if you google it, lots of sources do classify them as a luxury brand. so.

♬ original sound – zoe 🦋 – zoe 🦋

Thankfully, while there were others who chimed in and mocked the teen for “mistaking” the brand as luxury, many came to her rescue and defended her choice of words.

Many netizens explained that while Charles & Keith might not be a “luxury brand,” it’s still a luxury item to many people – especially because it has a higher price tag than what most people can afford.

luxury brand
Photo credit: Gerry Cacanindin

It’s true.. not all people can afford charles & keith.. so you go girl! Be proud of it!” one netizen commented.

The Classic bag. Looks great for work and interviews. And ignore the haters- they don’t know Charles and Keith are, in fact, Louis Vuitton owned.” another wrote.

Others also praised the young girl for being proud of her dad and appreciating his gift.

After her story went viral, Zoe was invited by no less than the Singapore-based brand’s founders to their headquarters – she and her dad enjoyed their tour.

Photo credit: Zoe Gabriel/Instagram

And the blessings keep coming for this young lady.

Shoes are the Charles & Keith Lucile Satin Platform Sandals, in black, with special thanks to miss Lyn Ng ✨ (look out for an unboxing, haha)” she wrote on Instagram, referring to the pair she’s wearing in the photo taken at the brand’s headquarters.

American TikTok star and model Wisdom Kaye tweeted that he’s going to give Zoe “luxury bag(s) with her name on it.”

Other local brands and establishments, including Kimistry Hair Botique, Thrifty Thieves, and Takagi Ramen have also offered her some treats.

Who Owns Charles & Keith?

The brand was founded by Charles Wong and his younger brother Keith Wong in Singapore back in 1990.

The LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) bought 20% of the company’s stocks in 2011, but this has since been bought back by the Wong brothers.


SHS Student Brings Photos of Late Parents on Graduation Day

A senior high school (SHS) student brought framed photos of her late parents on her graduation day, touching many hearts and making netizens cry.

Her story has gone viral, with many netizens cheering her on and praying for her success in life…

SHS Student Brings Photos of Late Parents on Graduation Day

Graduation day is one of the best days in a student’s life, but it’s not always the happiest for all.

Some also experience a bittersweet moment because their loved ones aren’t with them. While many are due to having OFW parents who can’t be home for the special, others are because the parents have already passed on.

SHS student Juvelyn Dela Torre Eugenio, 18, of North Cotabato made netizens cry after she carried her parents’ framed photos as she marched and posed on stage to receive her diploma.

Photo credit: Juvelyn Dela Torre Eugenio

She explained that during recognition days and other special events when she was younger, it was always her mother who would accompany her on stage.

She wants to share her success and milestones with her parents, but they’re no longer around.

They lost their father to heart failure in July 2020.

In 2022, the siblings decided to let their mother enjoy a vacation with her older children in Manila, only to discover that she was sick and already in the terminal stages of a stage 4 battle with the Big C. They lost her shortly thereafter.

Photo credit: Juvelyn Dela Torre Eugenio

Juvelyn shared that losing their parents took a toll on her mental health, especially because she had to stand as a parent to her younger brother.

On graduation day, she vowed that she wouldn’t cry despite seeing all the other students with their parents.

But she broke down on stage when a concerned teacher asked her about her parents and offered words of consolation after she showed her their photos.

Despite the challenges, Juvelyn plans on continuing her journey as she dreams of becoming a lawyer someday.

Photo credit: Juvelyn Dela Torre Eugenio

How to Become a Lawyer in the Philippines

  1. Complete a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Arts or Sciences.
  2. Pass the PhiLSAT (Philippine Law School Admission Test)
  3. Complete law school.
  4. Complete the law internship.
  5. Pass the bar exams.

Did you know that lawyers in PAO (Public Attorney’s Office) with an entry-level position (Public Attorney I) earn a basic salary of Php95,000 (salary grade 25)?

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Elementary Students Praised for Playing “One Day” Using Ukuleles

Elementary students at a school in Mindanao earned praise online after playing “One Day” using their ukuleles for a presentation.

Many netizens were impressed about their skills, with some commenting that it’s a difficult piece to play on a ukulele, yet most of them nailed it! Wow.

Elementary Students Play “One Day” Using Their Ukuleles

A lot of people these days have this mistaken notion that kids are only fond of using cellphones and no longer enjoy playing with traditional toys or learning how to use a traditional musical instrument – because you can find lots of options for those online or with their phones.

But a group of students from Dipolog Pilot Demonstration School impressed netizens with their skills in playing the ukulele as they presented “One Day” for the school’s 100-year celebration.

Seated on the steps of their school, the kids played the musical instruments seamlessly, except for a few issues.

Photo credit: Kung Taga-Oroquieta City Ka

And while some netizens pointed out that one of the kids appear to be struggling with the proper chords and kept shifting around during the entire performance, the overall presentation is still quite impressive!

Many netizens even commented on the post of the Facebook page “Kung Taga-Oroquieta City Ka” that they were deeply touched by the kids’ presentation and were crying while watching. Awww.

A lot also praised the coaches who made this possible – and others felt proud of the children even if they had no idea who these little ones are.

It’s also quite impressive to see that the class had so many ukuleles. It is unknown whether the kids own the musical instruments or if the school provided them, but what’s clear is that their presentation is truly admirable.

What’s a Ukulele?

A ukulele is a type of string musical instrument that’s smaller than a guitar. It usually has nylon strings as opposed to the metal used in standard guitars.

The instrument also has four strings but isn’t considered a “kid’s instrument” only. Instead, it can be played by kids and adults alike.

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Proud Vendor Dad Offers Free Taho after Daughter Passes Board Exams for Teachers

One proud vendor dad offered free taho for everyone when his daughter passed the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers).

Netizens were even more impressed to learn that the young lady passed after doing a self-review.

Truly amazing, right?

Vendor Offers Free Taho after Daughter Passes Teacher’s Board

Passing the board exams is truly a milestone that everyone can be proud of – and most of the time, the parents are their children’s proudest cheerleaders!

Of course, spouses and kids also feel the same thing. For example, a taxi driver offered free rides after his wife passed the LET.

Photo credit: Rose Torallo

The proud parents of a student who passed that same LET are also offering free taho to their customers.

Bobby and Rose Torallo happily got a tarpaulin up to celebrate the success of their daughter, Rosebel Cielo Torallo. The young woman had graduated cum laude from Baao Community College in Baao, Camarines Sur.

Photo credit: Rose Torallo
Photo credit: Rose Torallo

Apparently, based on her mom’s post on Facebook, she had also self-reviewed for the licensure exams – and this made her success even sweeter for the family.

In the post of her mom, Rose, it showed that the family’s main source of income is from selling taho. It was through this that the parents were able to send their kids to school.

Photo credit: Rose Torallo

Rose lamented that there were times when people looked down on their because they are “just” taho vendors.

Thankfully, the family didn’t mind what these people are saying. Instead, they persevered and put their faith in God.

She thanked all her kids for cooperating and striving hard to succeed in their studies even if their parents are only supporting them by selling taho.

Photo credit: Rose Torallo

How to Celebrate Passing the Board Exams

There are many ways to celebrate passing the board the exams. Some of these are:

  • Throwing a party
  • Buying cake
  • Going on a trip
  • Treating your family, friends, or even strangers to something (such as a free rides from taxi drivers or free taho from vendors)
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