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Security Guard Couple Goes Viral after Passing the Teacher’s Board Exams

A security guard couple recently inspired netizens after they both passed the teacher’s board exams. They’re happy to share their story, knowing that people will no longer look down on them again…

Security Guard Couple Passes Teacher’s Board Exams

Life wasn’t easy for couple Reyner and Nurhima Bahulluk from Sulu who had to juggle time for their jobs as security guards with reviewing for the LET (Licensure Exam for Teachers).

As security guards, they weren’t able to get enough rest because they’re just standing up for most of their shift. But the couple didn’t give up.

security guard couple
Photo credit: Philippine Star

Sobrang hirap po ng setup namin. ‘Yung preparation sobrang hirap. ‘Yung time na nagpreprepare lahat siguro ng paraan ginawa ko na– sulat sa papel, magsulat sa pader na rin at ‘yung mga notes, gumagawa ako ng mga notes sa papel, tapos binabasa ko ‘yon sa oras ng trabaho,” Reyner said.

Kahit nakatayo, kahit makita ko lang doon sa table ko, binabasa basa ko tinatandaan ko ‘yung mga importante.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in fishery education in 2015. The couple got married before his graduation, and he helped Nurhima complete her degree in elementary education.

Both failed on their first try.

Photo credit: Philippine Star

Then, Nurhima managed to pass in 2019, her second try. She resigned from her job as a security guard to work as a volunteer teacher in Sulu.

But it wasn’t easy for Reyner who had to take the LET six times before finally passing. He’s also working in Zamboanga City, far from his family.

Now that he finally passed LET, he hopes to find a job as teacher so he can finally be with his family in Sulu.

They faced discrimination, Reyner explained.

Kami mga muslim najujudge na agad. Ang liit ng tingin ng iba sa amin. Parang sa tingin nila parang patapon na ba talaga? Security guard na lang. Sabi ko na lang sa asawa ko, ‘wag mo na lang [pansinin]. Positive na lang. Ito na lang ang isipin natin, sila ang may problema,” he said.

After the oath-taking ceremony, he plans to return to Sulu to find a job as a secondary school teacher.

Photo credit: Philippine Star

Sa mga katulad ko lalong lalo na sa sa mga security guard, alam nila gaano kahirap ang maging security guard. Lalong lalo na di tayo mataas sa paningin nila. Pero basta alam natin nasa tama tayo, alam natin ang ginagawa natin, respeto pa rin sa kanila para irespeto din nila tayo,” Reyner shared.

At tyaka wag basta-basta susuko, lahat may paraan basta pursige at syempre wag kalimutan magdasal sa Panginoon.”

What’s the Salary of Security Guards in the Philippines?

The salary depends on the agency and the place they’re assigned to, but the average is Php 203,280 a year or Php 98 an hour in Manila, Philippines.

This average salary ranges from around Php 159,147 to Php 242,163.


Scavenger Saves Php500k+ to Buy 3.5-Hectare Land

A scavenger saves Php500k+ that was enough money to buy 3.5 hectares of land – and here I am wondering how I could save up some cash to buy even just 100 sqm! Isn’t he cool?

Scavenger Saves Enough Money for Land

If someone asks what you can imagine about a scavenger, your answer will likely be a person who pushes a cart or brings sacks filled with recyclable trash, and living in a shack or even on the streets. That person is likely homeless.

But that doesn’t apply to all, of course – and many OFWs (overseas Filipino workers) have actually earned some extra cash abroad by doing this. In many places, it’s not a dirty job but something they can earn some money from, that doesn’t require a lot of skills.

Photo credit: GMA News

Janry Alburo of Payatas, Quezon City, is a scavenger who earned everyone’s admiration after he bought 3.5 hectares of land from the money he earned from collecting trash.

Alburo and his wife were able to save Php500k+ in coins. He revealed that there were times when they managed to get jewelry, gadgets, and even foreign money from the trash bins – and they saved up all those until they had enough to buy the land.

During the pandemic when no one was allowed to go out, the family was forced to pawn off the property for Php58,000 so they can have food.

scavenger saves Php500k+ 2
Photo credit: GMA News

Part of their contract is for the couple to pay the borrowed money in 2 years, or they forfeit the land. Imagine originally paying for that land for more than Php500k, only to lose it to a small fraction of the price.

So, the couple worked double time after they were allowed to go back to scavenging. They also helped each other make rags and sell grilled food.

After 2 years, they went to the bank to exchange coins – but did they save at least Php58,000 to get the land back? Watch this video:

Money Savings Reminder from BSP

According to the BSP, it’s best to save money in the bank because the money saved at home is money out of circulation.

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Blessed Mom Receives Php500k for Her 77th Birthday from Her 7 Children

One blessed mom with 7 children received the surprise of a lifetime for her 77th birthday after all her kids chipped for a grand celebration where she got a total of Php500,000 in different surprise gifts. Amazing, right?

Blessed Mom Receives Php500k for 77th Birthday

Many families want to make sure that they can give back to their parents by providing them a house, a car, a grand trip, or an amazing birthday party.

blessed mom
Photo credit: Sherwin Mulingtapang

It’s their way of thanking their parents for giving birth to them, raising them, and providing for their needs. Now that they’re older and successful, these kids are grateful for their parents and wish to give back so their parents can be happy.

In Lemery, Batangas, Nanay Belen celebrated her 77th birthday with a grand surprise from her 7 kids as she received a total of Php500k in cash – and that’s not counting the amount they spent for the party itself!

Of course, her kids don’t mind giving her this much money because they love her and are all thankful for everything that she did for them.

blessed mom
Photo credit: Sherwin Mulingtapang

She got one umbrella money, two money bouquets, two money cakes, and two boxes of money. It’s like she hit the jackpot, right?

We believe parin naman na its not the monetary value na makakapagpasaya sakanya, pero kahit paapaano masurprise man lang siya, masiyahan siya,” explained Sherwin Mulingtapang, one of Nanay Belen’s kids.

Usually kasi ‘yung iba nagaambagan lang para makuha ‘yung P77,000 so sabi namin lahat naman able tayo as magkakapatid. Para mas ano pa ‘yung happiness. Per anak, nak, nag P77,00 kami. Kaya umabot yung suprise namin ng morethan half million. We made sure din na iba’t ibang pakulo.

Photo credit: Sherwin Mulingtapang

He added that they know giving expensive gifts is not mandatory. What’s important is to show them how much you love and cherish them.

Hindi naman kinakailangan na ganun ka bongga, or hindi rin naman talaga nasusukat sa monetary value ‘yung pagmamahal natin sa mga magulang. If hindi natin kaya, wala naman problema. Maging mabuting anak na lang tayo at napakalaking bagay na ‘yun sa ating mga magulang. Pero if meron naman tayong means, meron tayong sobrang pera, minsan nakakapagbigay ligaya din naman ito sa kanila,” he explained.

Best Gifts for Parents

The best gifts for parents are really something that they can surely use – and many parents will even tell their children that they don’t need anything as long as their children are alright.

Still, here are some popular gifts for parents:

  • A smartphone (and you have to patiently teach them how to use it, if they don’t know how to)
  • Framed family photo
  • A grand vacation
  • A money bouquet
  • Some other form of money surprise, such as a money umbrella
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New Teacher Literally Saves Her School after Becoming Topnotcher in March 2022 LET

A new teacher literally saves her school from closing down after she ranked among the top 10 in the March 2022 LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers). The pressure to save the school scared her, but it also motivated her and her batchmates to try harder and do their best.

Their extra hard work definitely paid off!

New Teacher Literally Saves Her School

Lucille Taro Dejos from Barangay Linao, Talisay, Cebu, is the Top 3 of the March 2022 LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers), garnering a score of 91.40%.

It has always been Lucille’s dream to become a teacher to become an inspiration to young minds.

So, I took education in college. I love children, and I want to teach them not just school lessons but life,” she explained.

new teacher literally saves her school
Photo credit: PEP

What Lucille didn’t know is that she’d also become a hero for her alma mater, not just a hero for the students whose lives she wanted to influence and improve.

The inspiring young woman shared that while they were reviewing for the board exams, they were told by their dean from Talisay City College that if they don’t pass, the college’s education department might be dissolved or closed down.

I admit that it scared me to take the LET and fail,” she shared.

Aside from that pressure, she also admitted that she really wanted to pass so she could become a licensed teacher and find a job to help her family. Her dad works as a welder while her mom is a dressmaker.

Money was tight for the family, with Lucille needing to take on tutorial jobs to help fund her board exam review.

new teacher literally saves her school
Photo credit: PEP

But her hard work paid off as she ranked #3 in the LET, making everyone proud and literally saving their college from getting shut down. Wow.


Sidelines & Jobs for Students

Many students earn money by doing tutorials, while others are able to find part-time jobs in establishments that accept working students.

Some students are also able to earn extra on the side by doing business such as selling ukay-ukay, food, or other items.

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