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Another Pinoy Student Gets into Several US Schools with Full Financial Aid, Shares Tips

Another Pinoy student gets into several US schools with full financial aid – and we’re impressed! What we really love is that he’s also sharing tips on how to get into these schools, so that others who are interested might also get in.

Pinoy Student Gets into Several US Schools with Scholarships

You might have already heard of the Pinay island girl and the tricycle driver’s daughter who were accepted into several US schools, with scholarships just some weeks ago.

These two young ladies aren’t the only ones who achieved these milestones because another Pinoy student also got in, and he’s also going to receive full financial aid as offered by these schools.

Carl Audric Guia originally announced that he got accepted to “three of the most selective schools in the world” – that’s Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. But he would soon update his post to add Stanford! Wow.

Photo credit: Carl Audric Guia

These Ivy League schools are known to have super strict guidelines that aspiring students need to meet before they can be accepted. It seems that Guia aced, even surpassed the requirements, because these schools are also offering him full financial aid.

He shared some tips to get these scholarships.

According to Guia, the schools are offering him financial aid that covers his tuition fees, board and lodging, travel expenses, and even health insurance.

Photo credit: Carl Audric Guia

That just means the award depends on how much you and your family asked for, and these universities try their best to ensure that finances are not a barrier to getting an education,” he told PhilStar Life.

Doing well in school will get your foot in the door, but grades and test scores might not always be enough. It’s also important to showcase your personality, and the best way to do this is by pursuing activities that genuinely interest you. I guess finding out about your interests and having the initiative to pursue them can go a long way.

He studies in University of the Philippines Rural High School and joined various STEM projects and competitions.

He shared that most of the schools he applied for required applicants to list activities and awards they got in high school. They also need to submit their grades, test scores, and recommendations.

Photo credit: Carl Audric Guia
Photo credit: Carl Audric Guia

It’s also good to prepare for the essays that the schools usually ask as well.

These schools genuinely want to know your way of thinking and your personality, so the challenge is highlighting what’s special about you beyond your grades and achievements,” he added.

Photo credit: Carl Audric Guia
Photo credit: Carl Audric Guia

And he also received help from non-profit organizations.

I am so grateful to be mentored by non-profit organizations like CAUSE Philippines and EducationUSA. They both have super hands-on mentors who guided me every step of the way. And of course, reach out! There’s no doubt that the entire process of applying to college is difficult, so you’d want all the help you can get,” he shared.

What’s EducationUSA?

EducationUSA is a US Department of State network that works with over 430 international student advising centers located in over 175 countries and territories to offer higher education opportunities to students from across the world.


Elementary Students Praised for Playing “One Day” Using Ukuleles

Elementary students at a school in Mindanao earned praise online after playing “One Day” using their ukuleles for a presentation.

Many netizens were impressed about their skills, with some commenting that it’s a difficult piece to play on a ukulele, yet most of them nailed it! Wow.

Elementary Students Play “One Day” Using Their Ukuleles

A lot of people these days have this mistaken notion that kids are only fond of using cellphones and no longer enjoy playing with traditional toys or learning how to use a traditional musical instrument – because you can find lots of options for those online or with their phones.

But a group of students from Dipolog Pilot Demonstration School impressed netizens with their skills in playing the ukulele as they presented “One Day” for the school’s 100-year celebration.

Seated on the steps of their school, the kids played the musical instruments seamlessly, except for a few issues.

Photo credit: Kung Taga-Oroquieta City Ka

And while some netizens pointed out that one of the kids appear to be struggling with the proper chords and kept shifting around during the entire performance, the overall presentation is still quite impressive!

Many netizens even commented on the post of the Facebook page “Kung Taga-Oroquieta City Ka” that they were deeply touched by the kids’ presentation and were crying while watching. Awww.

A lot also praised the coaches who made this possible – and others felt proud of the children even if they had no idea who these little ones are.

It’s also quite impressive to see that the class had so many ukuleles. It is unknown whether the kids own the musical instruments or if the school provided them, but what’s clear is that their presentation is truly admirable.

What’s a Ukulele?

A ukulele is a type of string musical instrument that’s smaller than a guitar. It usually has nylon strings as opposed to the metal used in standard guitars.

The instrument also has four strings but isn’t considered a “kid’s instrument” only. Instead, it can be played by kids and adults alike.

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Proud Vendor Dad Offers Free Taho after Daughter Passes Board Exams for Teachers

One proud vendor dad offered free taho for everyone when his daughter passed the LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers).

Netizens were even more impressed to learn that the young lady passed after doing a self-review.

Truly amazing, right?

Vendor Offers Free Taho after Daughter Passes Teacher’s Board

Passing the board exams is truly a milestone that everyone can be proud of – and most of the time, the parents are their children’s proudest cheerleaders!

Of course, spouses and kids also feel the same thing. For example, a taxi driver offered free rides after his wife passed the LET.

Photo credit: Rose Torallo

The proud parents of a student who passed that same LET are also offering free taho to their customers.

Bobby and Rose Torallo happily got a tarpaulin up to celebrate the success of their daughter, Rosebel Cielo Torallo. The young woman had graduated cum laude from Baao Community College in Baao, Camarines Sur.

Photo credit: Rose Torallo
Photo credit: Rose Torallo

Apparently, based on her mom’s post on Facebook, she had also self-reviewed for the licensure exams – and this made her success even sweeter for the family.

In the post of her mom, Rose, it showed that the family’s main source of income is from selling taho. It was through this that the parents were able to send their kids to school.

Photo credit: Rose Torallo

Rose lamented that there were times when people looked down on their because they are “just” taho vendors.

Thankfully, the family didn’t mind what these people are saying. Instead, they persevered and put their faith in God.

She thanked all her kids for cooperating and striving hard to succeed in their studies even if their parents are only supporting them by selling taho.

Photo credit: Rose Torallo

How to Celebrate Passing the Board Exams

There are many ways to celebrate passing the board the exams. Some of these are:

  • Throwing a party
  • Buying cake
  • Going on a trip
  • Treating your family, friends, or even strangers to something (such as a free rides from taxi drivers or free taho from vendors)
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Jollibee Praised for Hiring PWD Crew (Communicates via Writing or Sign Language)

Jollibee recently earned praise for hiring a PWD crew who can only communicate via writing or sign language.

What’s great is that this isn’t the first time that the Pinoy fast food brand went viral for a similar thing.

Jollibee Goes Viral for Hiring PWD Crew

In the fast-paced world of a fast food restaurant, especially one as popular as Jollibee, the service crew is often busy.

Everyone needs to be ready to help out the customers and work hard to achieve the company’s goals of making them satisfied.

Photo credit: Mylene Manalo Consignado

Still, the fast food company is making waves online for hiring a crew member who can only communicate via writing or sign language.

Netizen Mylene Manalo Consignado shared that she was in tears upon seeing a young woman named Maria Celeste working at a Jollibee outlet.

Photo credit: Mylene Manalo Consignado

The young lady is in full Jollibee uniform but has a large nametag that also indicates she’s a PWD (person with disability).

The nametag isn’t there for shaming her situation but to warn the customers that she isn’t like the rest of the crew. They can only communicate with her through writing or sign language – and the communication is preferably in English.

Photo credit: Mylene Manalo Consignado
Photo credit: Mylene Manalo Consignado

The situation is heartwarming, especially because many business establishments aren’t likely to hire PWDs because of their limited abilities. Consider that Jollibee is a busy work place, it’s amazing that Maria Celeste got her chance to be part of the team.

Photo credit: Mylene Manalo Consignado

Amazingly, this isn’t a first for the company.

Some months ago, Jollibee was praised for hiring a tattooed guy – considering that people with tattoos are often judged for their inks, particularly in the workplace.

Where to Learn Sign Language

Sign language classes are often offered in special schools, such as those for children/people with disabilities.

You can also find online tutorials or classes.

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