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Online Seller Saves Php30k Profit in 2 Months, Grows Capital to Php70k

There are actually many ways to earn money, if you just know where to look. As the saying goes, “If there’s a will, there’s a way.” Just like this online seller who managed to earn a profit of Php30k in just 2 months and also grew the capital from Php50k to Php70k. Wow.

Online Seller Shares Inspiring Savings Story

An online seller who used to just randomly spend the money earned from buying and selling cellphones finally decided to keep the capital and actually watch it grow. The seller was surprised to discover that their online shop could sell as many as 60 cellphones in 2 months.

By tracking their earnings and deciding to keep the capital intact, the online seller was able to grow the capital while also keeping a separate savings that’s now at Php30k in just 2 months. Instead of just spending the money on random stuff, the seller is now happily saving part of the earnings and watching it grow.

Photo credit: CFO PESO SENSE / Facebook

In a post shared on Facebook financial literacy group CFO PESO SENSE, the online seller who did not identify himself/herself shared that they had been buying and selling cellphones for 4 years, even before the pandemic started.

The seller only earns Php10,000 from a regular job. This money is used for the seller’s family and is used partly as capital for the buy and sell business. But because the seller did not keep track of the earnings and simply spent the earnings, including the capital, the business did not really grow a lot and the seller was not able to save any money.

It was only in January 2021 that the seller realized this kind of attitude should stop.

To make the story short, January 2021 nagdecide ako na magkakaroon lang ako ng fix na puhunan which is 50k at oobserbahan ko kung lalago ba ito. Naisip ko ang ganitong sitwayson kada may mabebenta kong cellphone magtatago ako ng isang 500 na partial lamang sa tubo dahil madalas nasa 2k ang tubo sa kada cellphone,” this online seller shared.

Ngayon ay nakaipon nako ng 60pcs na 500 meaning umabot na ng 30k ang tubo ko sa loob ng dalawang buwan. (take note hindi po buong tubo ang sinesave ko.) At hindi po nagagalaw si puhunan, ang 50k na puhunan na nilabas ay umabot na ngayon sa 70k.

Impressive, huh?

How to Be an Online Seller Philippines?

There are different ways to be an online seller in the Philippines:

  • Sell on Facebook Marketplace
  • Sell on Facebook groups
  • Post on your own social media accounts
  • Open your own online store
  • Sell on online commercial platforms like Shopee and Lazada


Cyclist with No Hands Wows Netizens after Joining a Race

A cyclist with no hands has impressed netizens recently after he was photographed joining a race. Despite the limitations and the difficulties that cycling with no hands can be, this inspiring man did it. He’s truly an inspiration to us all.

Cyclist with No Hands Joins a Race

Do you know how to ride a bike? If you’ve ever ridden a bike, then you know that it can be difficult to maneuver it if you can’t easily move your arms. And how can you even shift the gears or brake if you don’t have hands?

cyclist with no hands
Photo credit: RJLens

Unless you have training wheels on or some kind of balancer, it might even cause you to lose your balance.

But while biking can be a difficult sport, one guy with no hands was able to excel in it – and showed the world that anyone can do anything, even if it seems impossible for him at first.

Ilonggo biker John Kenneth Flores joined the 1st Mayor FRANCISCO “ICO” L. CALVO Mtb/Xc Race 2021 Calinog, a bike race competition in Calinog, Iloilo, last November.

cyclist with no hands
Photo credit: RJLens

Photographer RJLens was there to cover the event – and was so impressed with Flores. Apparently, RJLens is a huge fan of Flores because he posted separate snapshots of his idol, rooting for him.

Manalo o matalo ikaw parin ang aking idolo,” RJLens wrote, sharing the photos of Flores in the post.

Of course, after you see the pictures, you’ll know why this photographer has idolized Flores who’s proving to the world that even PWDs (persons with disabilities) can excel in sports.

The post went viral, with many people praising Flores for what he’s achieving in this field in sports.

cyclist with no hands
Photo credit: RJLens

Disable but….. EXTREMELY ABLE!” one admiring fan commented.

Some netizens also expressed curiosity over how Flores brakes or uses the gears, but an eagle-eyed one explained that there are surely cables and specialized gadgets that he’s to control the bike.

Still so impressive!

Bike Modifications

Most shops can handle upgrades, but for special modifications like the ones done on Flores’ bike, it might be more difficult.

Still, it’s best to talk to the bike shop and check whether they can handle modifications or if they know another shop that can create these customized upgrades to suit your needs.

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Delivery Rider Who Cried after Bike was Stolen, Cries Again Because of Good Samaritans

Just some days ago, a delivery rider went viral after he was seen crying because the bike that he uses for making deliveries was stolen while he was pickup up a customer’s order. But just a few days later, he’s in tears again – but for a different reason because Good Samaritans gave him a new bike!

Delivery Rider Gets New Bike after Going Viral

A FoodPanda rider was just picking up a customer’s order outside a mall in Biñan, Laguna, when his bike got stolen.

delivery rider
Photo credit: Team Katagumpay

Without the means of delivering the customer’s order and having lost the bike which he uses to earn money, it was quite understandable that this rider cried his heart out. The crying delivery rider went viral, with netizens wishing he could get his stolen bike back or someone would give him a new one.

Photo credit: Team Katagumpay

Nag-park po ako nun sa Savemore kasi may pickup po ako na cake, may ongoing delivery po kasi ako nun,” the rider explained.

Iniwan ko ‘yung bike ko sa labas, pinark ko ng maayos, maigi. Kasi kahit na secured yung place, di mo rin masisigurado yung gamit mo.

But the bike was gone when he went back.

delivery rider
Photo credit: Team Katagumpay

Netizens took pity on him and some asked the video uploader, Raymond Bartolome, for his GCASH number or some other way they could send him some money.

Many also tagged Team Katagumpay who’s well known on social media for doing random acts of kindness to random riders.

Indeed, Team Katagumpay didn’t fail his loyal followers. Upon learning about this rider’s plight, Team Katagumpay reached out to him – and gave him a brand-new bike!

delivery rider
Photo credit: Team Katagumpay

Yung bike na binili namin, hindi ‘yun ‘yung pinaka maganda dito. Wala akong pambili nung pinaka maganda, pero ‘yun ‘yung kaya kong ibigay sa kaniya kasi nararamdaman ko ‘yung pangangailangan niya,” explained Jay of Team Katagumpay.

The rider has a message to the thief:

Dun sa kumuha ng bike ko, ibibigay ko sayo ‘to maibalik mo lang yung bike ko. ‘Di mo alam kung gaano ko kamahal ‘yung bike ko.

Photo credit: Team Katagumpay

We still hope the thief gets apprehended – but we don’t want the rider to give him the new bike!

What’s Team Katagumpay?

Team Katagumpay is a vlogger who makes good pranks that provide random riders with helmets or some other things they need for a safe tide.

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Stray Kitten Snuggles with Sleeping Delivery Rider Who Often Gives It Food

A stray kitten melted hearts online after it was spotted snuggling with a sleeping delivery rider. Apparently, the young rider has been giving this tiny animal some food – and the kitten thought he’s its fur dad! Awwww. Isn’t this cute?

Stray Kitten Finds Fur Dad in Kind Delivery Rider

It is said that animals can distinguish bad from good people – and that appears to be true in many cases. For example, a teen was able to rescue a stray dog that had falling into a flooded river. Although they don’t know each other, the dog instinctively knew that his person was just trying to help him out.

That also seems to be the case of this stray kitten who apparently thinks that the delivery rider, Rodolfo Elchico, who keeps giving it some food is its fur dad.

Recently, the rider was spotted slumped over his motorcycle, sleeping in between orders. The photo doesn’t appear to be unusual at first glance, but if you look closely, there’s a kitten on his back!

The little one was snuggling with the delivery rider who actually knew that it was there on his back the whole time.

Habang naka duty at naghihintay ng susunod na booking, ako ay [biglang] inantok at nakatulog. Una ay tumalon siya sa hita ko, then matutulog na ako, naramdaman ko naman ‘yung pusa pero pinabayaan ko lang,” Elchico explained.

The rider explained that he had fed the kitten twice before, sharing some of his lunch with the stray animal. It must have felt a connection with him, then.

stray kitten
Photo credit: Jomar Tuquib / Justin Mhar de Jesus – INQUIRER

Earlier, he gave it a few slices of the shrimp he packed for his dinner.

It was the security guard of the establishment who snapped the photo and woke him up.

Nang ako ay gumalaw,nasa batok ko pa rin siya, [kaya] yumuko ako papunta sa sahig para makatalon siya at makababa lang,” he said.

The young rider added that this isn’t the first stray animal that he’s bonded with, but the first that he had a picture with.

Nakaugalian ko po na bumati sa hayop, madalas sa pusa, minsan sa aso. Marami pa akong napakain pero walang picture o video, hindi ko nakunan. May mga nasagasaan na aking itinabi, yun mga hindi gaanong na-injured, may isa ako video sa YouTube,” Elchico said.

Can Animals Sense a Bad Person?

It might be hard to believe at times, but animals have long appeared to be able to sense a bad person.

A study conducted by researchers in Kyoto University in Japan showed that if a dog knows that you were lying, it will no longer trust you. In a way, they can sense whether you’re a good person or not.

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