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‘Non-Fan’ Takes Photo with Nadine Lustre, Makes Fun of Actress in Facebook Post

A young woman who was not a fan of Nadine Lustre had a photo taken with the actress at a chance encounter. While there’s nothing wrong with a non-fan taking photos of a showbiz personality like Nadine, of course, netizens were angry at the woman for her nasty caption on the photo.

The woman, named Jessa Dulay, shared the photo of her and Nadine on her Facebook page.

Nakipicture ako sa artistang ayoko #NadineLustre,” this Jessa wrote as caption for the photo. She was quite amused with herself for taking a photo with someone she did not like. Just because Nadine is an actress, Jessa felt that she had the right to have the photo taken and that it was perfectly alright to make fun of her on Facebook.

Aside from the rather nasty caption, Jessa also made fun of Nadine in the comments. A friend, someone named Celine Belcita, first joked that she and the actress looked like twins but this turned out to be an inside joke and the two proceeded to laugh at the ‘flat-chested’ Nadine.

Celine joked that Jessa should have shared some of her chest to Nadine and further laughed at the actress, saying she wasn’t smiling that much because she knew Jessa had won (still an allusion to the chest).

This angered a lot of netizens even more! How dare these two make fun of the innocent actress who didn’t even have to agree to have the photo taken yet did so, anyway?

But many netizens were seething with anger when Jessa joked that Nadine’s boyfriend, James Reid, might actually be physically hurting her. This she pointed out to her friend with a close-up of the photo that shows ‘bruises’ on the actress’ arm.

Jessa has since deleted her Facebook account but screenshots of her post had already gone viral on Facebook. The internet is not going to let her forget this anytime soon. We’re waiting for a public apology…

Image credits: Facebook / Yvone JaDine Alamag


School Guard Goes Viral for Funny Moves after Joining “Tala” Dance of Students

School guards are often known to be strict, with their no-nonsense imposition of the school rules. But one school guard recently went viral for showing us the lighter side of these manong guards as he joins the “Tala” dance that some students are doing at the school he is guarding.

Photo credit: May Lanie Alcaide Dandal / Facebook

The yet to be identified guard works at Silliman University, a school in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental in central Philippines. The guard is assigned to monitor the grounds of this huge university.

Photo credit: May Lanie Alcaide Dandal / Facebook

At the time the video was taken, some students were performing to the “Tala” dance craze when this kuya guard decided to join in and have some fun.

Al Crimson Diputado Alcaide shares two videos of the dancing guard, with one taken in front of Silliman Church where the guard’s funny dance moves were clearly seen as he was much farther from the young dancers and basically had the ‘stage’ (actually the street) all to himself.

Photo credit: May Lanie Alcaide Dandal / Facebook

This first video was taken by May Lanie Alcaide Dandal who also works at the university. Dandal and the other onlookers could be heard cheering more for the school guard than the dancing students. Someone commented that the guard looks so cute and funny as he danced, even when he’s got a big belly. But most netizens were simply amused with his funny moves.

Photo credit: May Lanie Alcaide Dandal / Facebook

Watch Part 1:

😂"TALA" pa more! ☄️🌟⭐👍Nice one, bossing…😂

Posted by May Lanie Alcaide Dandal on Monday, January 13, 2020

In a second video posted by Alcaide but still credited to Dandal, the school guard had moved from his spot in front of the church to the grassy area just a few steps away from the students who were dancing at the stage area of the Amphitheater.

Photo credit: May Lanie Alcaide Dandal / Facebook

Again, netizens found it cute that he would dance in this manner, saying that they had a good time watching this manong guard’s version of the “Tala” dance craze.

Photo credit: May Lanie Alcaide Dandal / Facebook

Here’s Part 2:

Guard TALA dance Part 2. 👌😆🎥: May Lanie Alcaide Dandal#tala

Posted by Al Crimson Diputado Alcaide on Monday, January 13, 2020

What’s an Amphitheater?

An amphitheater is an open-air venue used for performances and sports or entertainment. Often, this spot has a stage area and provides seating for the viewers, often in a sloping, semi-circle arrangement.

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Angel Locsin Goes to Mindanao to Donate and Distribute Relief Goods to Quake-Hit Areas

Several areas in Mindanao were affected by the series of earthquakes that hit the area over the past week. While many groups and individuals came together to provide support for the quake-hit areas, actress Angel Locsin stood out from among them as netizens dubbed her a ‘real-life Angel’.

Together with fiancé Neil Arce, Angel traveled all the way to Mindanao to donate boxes of relief goods which she also personally distributed to the affected areas.

Photo credit: Senator Gordon / Facebook

Senator Gordon was among those who praised the actress for the kind deed.

ANGEL INDEED. Ms. Angel Locsin, together with her fiance, Neil Arce, personally went to our Davao del Sur Chapter to donate and volunteer in the distribution of relief goods and hygiene kits for the quake-hit families.

Photo credit: Senator Gordon / Facebook

She has been supporting PRC for a long time and has participated during our relief distributions since Typhoon Ondoy.

Thank you, Angel, for trusting the Philippine Red Cross.

Photo credit: Senator Gordon / Facebook

Davao del Sur, Cotabato, and Sultan Kudarat were the areas greatly affected by the series of earthquakes, but Angel had gone to Davao del Sur to provide aid for the quake-hit residents. Many are hopeful that they would also see the actress in the other areas, even if she won’t bring relief goods to them but that they could at least see her there.

Photo credit: Senator Gordon / Facebook

According to Senator Gordon who is the chairman and chief executive officer of Red Cross, the actress has long been a supporter of their cause, starting with the huge donation she made and also personally distributed during Typhoon Ondoy in 2009.

Photo credit: Senator Gordon / Facebook

She might be a huge star but Angel was quite simple and humble as she rode the truck that would deliver the supplies to the people. The trucks carried boxes of canned tuna, instant noodles, and sacks of rice.

Photo credit: Senator Gordon / Facebook

What is the Red Cross?

The Red Cross is a humanitarian non-profit agency commits to various social welfare services and promotes volunteerism. The Red Cross does not only operate and maintain a blood bank but also helps in providing aid in terms of relief goods to areas affected by calamities and problems.

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Policeman’s ‘Malambot’ Dance Moves Got Netizens Cheering, Some Say He’s Probably Gay

Policemen are known to be tough and the perfect embodiment of masculinity – and there’s even an unspoken rule that the job is not for gays. That’s not a definite law, of course, but netizens are having a good laugh as they cheered at a policeman’s ‘malambot’ dance moves in a video that recently went viral.

Shared by Vigilantia Aeterna, the video shows a group of policemen doing their routine exercise at a covered court or gym at some place not indicated in the caption but was later identified to be somewhere in Dumangas, Iloilo Province.

Photo credit: Vigilantia Aeterna / Facebook

When in doubt, DANCE it out!” the video was captioned.

With his ‘malambot’ dance moves that showcased his talent, the policeman danced ‘like nobody is watching’. But his moves made a lot of netizens think he is going to come out as gay soon, if he hadn’t done that already!

Photo credit: Vigilantia Aeterna / Facebook

After all, he didn’t just sway his hips ‘like he is gay’, his hands and fingers also curled in such a way that gays often do when dancing.

Ok lng po n malambot ang beywang magaling kumembot at gumiling. Pro ung pati mga daliri at kamay ay malantik at pumipilamtik ay prang alam na dizzz..hihi,” a netizen observed.

Photo credit: Vigilantia Aeterna / Facebook

But while netizens are one in saying he’s gay, the policeman is actually just a comedian who loves to dance and make others laugh. Identified as Patrolman Chervin Carl Delfin of the Reconnaissance Company under the Regional Mobile Force Battalion 6, this policeman is actually married and already has kids.

Photo credit: Vigilantia Aeterna / Facebook

According to Brigada Mike Salgado, Delfin simply loves to make his friends laugh – and that’s exactly what he’s doing with the ‘gay dance’ in the video…

Check this out:

When in doubt, DANCE it out! # the dancing prowess of Vigilantia Aeterna

Posted by Vigilantia Aeterna on Saturday, October 5, 2019

What’s a Comedian?

A comedian is a person who loves to make other people laugh. This is actually a job that has made a lot of people good money, especially on TV.

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