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Inspiring Couple Both Top #1 in Board Exams, Impressive Story Goes Viral

An inspiring couple wows everyone after they both rank as top #1 in their respective board exams! Their story has since gone viral, with many netizens commenting that they’re truly impressed by this young couple’s achievements.

Inspiring Couple Tops Board Exams at #1

We’ve heard of some wonderful couples who both graduated at the top of their class, as magna cum laude, or some other amazing achievements.

Recently, another couple joins the roster of impressive “couple goals” after they both ranked as #1 in their respective board exams.

inspiring couple
Photo credit: Falculan Twins’ Review Center formerly Brainspeed LET Review Center
inspiring couple
Photo credit: Falculan Twins’ Review Center formerly Brainspeed LET Review Center

Marvin Nillas and Charline Tiquin Juntilla graduated and reviewed together.

And they would also pass the June 2022 LET (licensure exam for professional teachers) together, with Marvin getting a score of 94% (topping the BSEd, Bachelor of Secondary Education) and Charline getting a score of 93.40% (topping the BEEd, Bachelor of Elementary Education).

Both are graduates of the Compostela Valley State College – Montevista in Compostella Valley, Mindanao. We’re quite impressed!

inspiring couple
Photo credit: Falculan Twins’ Review Center formerly Brainspeed LET Review Center

Everyone is also quite amazed by their achievement, with their review center, Falculan Twins’ Review Center (formerly Brainspeed LET Review Center) sharing their story and jokingly adding that they couldn’t forget witnessing the couple’s sweet moments during the review.

Marvin also happily posted about their shared achievement:

Sabay nag-graduate

Sabay nag-exam

Sabay nag-top

God himself paved the way for us to achieve this feat.

Next time, Love, let’s try not to underestimate ourselves too much. hehe

Laabyoouu Charline Tiquin Juntilla. Congrats usab.

Many netizens commented in posts relating to the couple that they’re amazed at their achievements and consider them as “relationship goals.” Still, many acknowledged that this kind of achievement is rare, and is surely amazing because it isn’t likely to happen to many other people anytime soon.

inspiring couple
Photo credit: Niño Jan Garcia Olaivar
inspiring couple
Photo credit: Niño Jan Garcia Olaivar

Congratulations to this power couple!

Is It Better To Enroll in a Review Center?

Although it isn’t a requirement, many graduates who passed the board exams said that they learned new things at the review center that helped them pass.


Three Friends Become Grab Riders Together, Graduate from College Together

Three friends become Grab riders together to support themselves through school – and they inspired everyone after they also graduated from college together. Some netizens even called them as “barkada goals” because they helped each other succeed in life together.

What do you think?

Three Friends Work Hard to Graduate from College

While there are young people who blame their parents, relatives, and even society because they’re unable to go to school due to financial restrictions, there are also those who strive hard to find a job, juggle work with their studies, to succeed in life.

Take for example three friends Kendrick De Guzman, Mark Lawrence Rance, and Gilrex Servidad Jr. They decided to become Grab riders to support themselves through college – and managed to graduate together as good friends with a degree in Criminology.

three friends
Photo credit: Philippine Star

It all started with Kendrick who began working as a food delivery rider in 2018.

He was in first-year college when he found this job.

When the pandemic hit, Kendrick encouraged his two friends to work with him. So, Mark and Gilrex began working as food delivery riders in April 2020.

As other working students will tell you, it’s difficult to juggle work with studies. But these three friends never thought about quitting.

Need pang-tuition, pang tustos sa pang araw-araw. Kasi po may family na rin po kasi ako so ‘yun kaya ‘yun din po ang nag-inspire sa akin para rin po mag-grab na rin po,” Mark explained.

There were even times when they were unable to get enough sleep due to the demands of their job and school work. But they plodded on.

So bumabyahe kami ng after class, aalis kami sa bahay ng alas dose, ang uwi na rin namin niyan 12. So dalawang oras lang kami nakakatulog niyan. So papasok kami minsan, inaantok kami ganyan,” Gilrex narrated.

Pero even though na inaantok kami, hindi namin pinapabayaan ‘yung pag-aaral namin. A-absent lang kami halimbawa mag-eexam, ‘yun, medyo nagkakapos po kami sa review.

Thanks to their determination, the three graduated together from the Philippine College of Criminology with degree in BS Criminology last July 2022.

three friends
Photo credit: Philippine Star

They’re now planning to take the Criminology board exams in December and hope to join the country’s police force.

Jobs for Criminology Graduates in the Philippines

There are plenty of opportunities for criminology graduates in the Philippines, with further training or studies:

  • Police officer
  • Jail officer
  • Forensics officer
  • Court peace officer
  • Discipline officer
  • Investigator
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Couple Shares Savings Tips by Doing the Monthsary Ipon Challenge

A couple shares savings tips they managed to achieve by doing the monthsary ipon challenge – and it works so well for them that they’re able to save Php15,600 in a year.

Do you think this would also work for you?

Couple Shares Savings Tips

How many ipon (savings) challenges have you tried in the past years?

So many of us have experienced trying to save money, but in reality, most of us also fail.

But perhaps it might be a good idea to save with someone else so that you can really feel more challenged to try and do it.

Photo credit: CFO PESO SENSE

Take for example a couple who shared their monthsary ipon challenge on CFO PESO SENSE, a financial literacy page on Facebook.

Sharing our ipon goals. Inlove and inspired ️,” the uploader explained.

Naexcite kami matapos ni boyfie ang monthsary savings namin. Pero we don’t usually celebrate naman talaga every monthsary. 😊

Of course, not everyone can relate to the couple, especially because many couples don’t really believe in celebrating their monthsary. However, we could certainly learn a lesson from these two on how they were able to save some money for one year by doing this challenge.

Nakita ko siya nung may nagshare din sa PesoSense. Yung malaki muna inuna namin then pababa. Gaya nung nasa picture,” the uploader explained.

Every month tig isa kami ng hulog 1,200 each so 2,400 ang total. 2200 the following month and so on so forth hanggang sa mareach na po ung 100 each na lang kami.

The uploader explained further that they found motivation in previous posts they saw on the page.

So, they decided to give it a try – and when they actually succeeded in doing the challenge, they decided to share their story to also inspire others in the same way that the page had inspired them to do the challenge.


What Other Ipon Challenges Can You Try?

There are lots of ipon challenges you can try on your own or with a partner. You can even create your own.

For example, one guy saved over Php80k in his own version of the Php100 challenge, while a kid saved more than Php7k by also doing an ipon challenge.

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Padyak Driver & Leftover Food Collector Graduates Magna cum Laude, Now Teaches in La Salle

A padyak driver who also collected leftover food amazed everyone after graduating magna cum laude – and he now teaches in La Salle! Isn’t that amazing?

His story simply shows that anyone and everyone have the chance to turn their life around, no matter the circumstances.

Padyak Driver Graduates Magna cum Laude & Teaches in La Salle

When he failed the SASE (System Admission and Scholarship Examination) of the MSU (Mindanao State University) with a score of just 65%, Jerson Entrampas Aboabo felt like he was a failure in life.

He lost the will to go to school, thinking that he’s too dumb to be in college and that he should just find a job and quit thinking about getting an education. Yet a part of him continued to hope – and this part eventually won.

padyak driver
Photo credit: Jerson Entrampas Aboabo

Due to his low score, however, he felt bullied and discriminated against from the courses he wanted to take.

Surprisingly, he was accepted at the BET (Bachelor of Engineering Technology) – Chemical Engineering of Technology despite the low score, but he processed his papers with a heavy heart. He really wanted to be a teacher.

He had already completed the enrollment procedure for the Chemical Engineering of Technology course when he decided to withdraw and try his luck at the Education Department to take up BSEd Filipino (Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Filipino).

padyak driver
Photo credit: Jerson Entrampas Aboabo

Thankfully, he was accepted. He was finally excited to go to school because he got accepted in his dream course.

But his struggles didn’t stop at enrollment. In fact, it grew more difficult with each passing day. But this hardworking young man supported himself through college by continuing his job as padyak driver and leftover food collector – both of which helped support him in high school.

He would collect leftover food and sell it for Php20 per container.

At first, he felt ashamed about these measly jobs, but he later accepted them wholeheartedly, knowing that these are honest jobs.

padyak driver
Photo credit: Jerson Entrampas Aboabo

Aside from struggling with these jobs, he even found time to do extra-curricular activities in school! He served in the College of Education-Executive Council for two years, became the secretary-elect and now Vice President for Communications at Rotaract Club of Iligan Bay, and the editor-in-chief of school paper SIDLAK IIT.

Amazingly, the student who failed the entrance exam graduated as magna cum laude and as the College Leadership Awardee and Department Leadership Awardee!

And his achievements didn’t stop there.

padyak driver
Photo credit: Jerson Entrampas Aboabo

The former padyak driver and leftover food collector is now a teacher at La Salle – Iligan, a prestigious school in the area.

Padyak Driver Earnings

Many padyak drivers earn below the minimum wage even if they do manual, physical labor because their vehicle for hire (a bicycle with a sidecar) is powered by their legs.

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