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Best Bridal ‘Car’ for a Pinoy Wedding: A Carabao-Drawn Carriage

It probably won’t work in an urban setting, of course, but if you lived in a rural area, then you must have seen your fair share of Pinoy weddings with a carabao-drawn carriage as the bridal ‘car’ – and it looks so nice, right?

Carabao-Drawn Bridal ‘Car’ Goes Viral

The carabao is an animal of labor, recognized in the Philippines as the national animal. It’s not just a hardworking animal that helps in the field, plowing the ground to help farmers, but a carabao is also admired for its strength, perseverance, power, and efficiency.

Photo credit: Daisy Fulmaran

As the national animal, the carabao is a symbol of the Philippines. So, if you’re planning to do a Philippine-themed wedding, then having a carabao-drawn carriage might work for you.

Just like this couple, Card and Yeng, who got married last November 20, 2021, in a Filipino-themed wedding. Not only did they choose to have a carabao-drawn bridal ‘car’, they even had a Philippine flag hanging from one of the makeshift poles in their carriage.

Photo credit: Daisy Fulmaran

Though the wedding was obviously scheduled at daytime, there’s a lamp hanging at both sides of their carriage – another symbol that you can commonly find in the Philippines.

It would definitely be fun to ride in this special carriage. While it might not be practical in many places, particularly if you live in the big city where carabaos might be too scared to walk on the busy streets or too tired to walk so far, it certainly looks perfect in this rural setting.

Photo credit: Daisy Fulmaran

If given the chance to do it, would you also have a Filipino-themed wedding with a charming carabao-drawn carriage? It’s quite adorable!

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Card and Yeng! Great idea on using these Filipino symbols for your wedding.

Photo credit: Daisy Fulmaran

What are the Filipino National Symbols?

The following are the national symbols of the Philippines:

  • Animal: Carabao
  • Bird: Philippine eagle
  • Fish: Bangus
  • Anthem: Lupang Hinirang
  • Flower: Sampaguita
  • Tree: Narra
  • Leaf: Anahaw
  • Fruit: Mango
  • Gem: Pearl
  • Sport: Arnis
  • Hero: Dr. Jose Rizal
  • House: Bahay kubo


Woman Goes Blind after Graduation, Still Passes Board Exams

A woman goes blind after graduation, yet still manages to pass the board exams despite the hardships and heartbreaks she had to go through.

Her story is truly an inspiration for us to never give up, no matter the circumstances.

Woman Goes Blind but Still Passes Board Exams

There are so many factors that can lead to examinees’ different ratings, whether pass or fail, in the board exams.

But one board exam passer amazed everyone with her incredible story.

Nerikka Escario, 27, is blind yet she was able to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) – Secondary which she took last October 2022.

woman goes blind
Photo credit: PEP

What’s more incredible about her story is that she had major adjustments to do because she had completed her degree before she went blind.

It was challenging to change the way she studies, especially because she’s used to being able to see the things she needed for studying when she earned her degree of Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Technology Livelihood Education (TLE).

Escario recalls that it was back in 2015 when she was still in third-year college that her sight began to become blurred. At the time, she was diagnosed with uveitis, a kind of eye inflammation.

woman goes blind
Photo credit: PEP

However, when the condition worsened, they sought second opinion at St. Luke’s. It was there that her true condition was diagnosed: Behcet’s syndrome, an autoimmune condition affecting the nerves in various parts of the body.

Unfortunately for Escario, her Behcet’s syndrome affected the nerves of her eyes.

Although she managed to graduate from college, she became blind shortly after graduation. She lost hope that she’ll ever get to take the board exams.

She joined organizations to help her adjust to life without eyesight where she was introduced to technology to help people like her communicate. Some examples are the ATRIEV (Adaptive Technology for Rehabilitation Integration Empowerment of the Visually Impaired) and using AI (artificial intelligence) so she can use a phone and laptop.

Blind Person Taking the Board Exams

Escario learned from another blind person that the 2022 board exams will push through, and it will be the last time that the old curriculum, which she studied in college, will be used/covered. This gave her hope.

With the help of her supportive siblings, she reviewed for the board exams. She also enrolled in a review center.

They also had to make special arrangements so she can take the test.

Photo credit: PEP

It meant having two proctors to guide her – one to read the questions and the second to write her answers.

There was also an audio recorder the entire time she was taking the test to ensure that she isn’t cheating or getting any help from the proctors.

It was extra difficult because she couldn’t use a calculator but can’t also see the Math problems. So, she had to make mental calculations.

Although she didn’t think she would pass the test, she did!

Now that she’s a licensed professional teacher, she plans to teach – and might do so in SPED (special education) unit.

Congratulations, Ma’am Nerikka Escario.

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Former Jollibee Crew Refuses to Quit after Failing PNPA Tests Twice, Now a Cadet

A former Jollibee crew refused to quit despite failing the PNPA (Philippine National Police Academy) entrance test twice.

His determination paid off because he’s now a cadet – and the academy is so proud of him that they posted his story on their Facebook page. Wow.

Former Jollibee Crew, Now a PNPA Cadet

The PNPA shares the story of Cadet 2C Fabricante, a determined young man from Iligan City who refused to quit despite failing the academy’s entrance exams twice.

It was while he was studying at Iligan City National High School that Fabricante began dreaming of becoming a policeman.

At the time, he just can’t see himself working in any other job except being part of the police force, serving and protecting the people.

So, in 2017, he happily took the PNPA’s entrance test and hoped for the best. But he failed.

The following year, he tried again. But he failed again.

Yet he didn’t give up. Despite questioning himself and his capabilities at times, he refused to quit. He really wanted to become a policeman.

former Jollibee crew
Photo credit: Philippine National Police Academy – Justice, Integrity, Service

So, while waiting, he enrolled at Saint Michael’s Academy and took up Bachelor of Science in Criminology. After all, there’s another way to become a policeman if you can’t enter the PNPA.

While studying in college, he juggled time working as service crew at a Jollibee outlet.

The snappy young man was able to impress everyone as one of the fast food outlet’s fastest service crews.

He also managed to maintain high grades in school. Yet he never forgot about his dream.

He took the PNPA entrance again – and finally passed! He’s now a cadet of the Layag-Diwa Class 2024.

I told myself that it was only fitting that I failed twice,” he shared.

Dahil dun, nabigyan ko ng higit na pagpapahalaga yung cadetship ko ngayon. (Because of that, I’m putting more value on my cadetship now.)

He added, “The struggles and hardships I endured to get here gave me the fortitude to endure the gloom of cadetship and to appreciate its bittersweet experience.

What an inspiring story.

PNPA Perks and Benefits

Students who join the PNPA are entitled to the following perks and benefits:

  • Full scholarship grant for 4 years (Bachelor of Science in Public Safety)
  • Free tuition fee
  • With pay and allowances of at least Php38,366 per month
  • Clothing and subsistence allowances
  • Free accommodation
  • Comprehensive Training and Education Program
  • Permanent duty status with full benefits upon graduation (option to choose from Police Lieutenant in the PNP, Fire Inspector in the BFP, or Jail Inspector in the BJMP
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Energetic Teachers Give Away Free Breakfast and Allowance to All Students

Energetic teachers give away free breakfast, vitamins, and allowance to all their students – and netizens can’t help but applaud their efforts.

Many also wish that other schools can also have a similar program for their learners, especially in the poorest areas where many kids go to school on an empty stomach…

Energetic Teachers Go Viral for Big Hearts

Lots of families in the Philippines live below the poverty line, and countless kids go to school without eating anything at home because they don’t have enough money to eat three times a day.

energetic teachers
Photo credit: Sir Jeric Maribao / Jerics Channel

In Bag-ong Anonang Diut Elementary School in Bonifacio, Misamis Occidental, some energetic teachers led by Sir Jeric Maribao of Jerics Channel provided food for all the learners, plus some extra cash or snacks they can enjoy.

energetic teachers
Photo credit: Sir Jeric Maribao / Jerics Channel
energetic teachers
Photo credit: Sir Jeric Maribao / Jerics Channel

The video shared on the teacher and content creator’s page showed that the students were asked to answer certain class-related questions, such as addition or multiplication (depending on their level). They get money for getting the right answer but still have a consolation prize if they got it wrong.

energetic teachers
Photo credit: Sir Jeric Maribao / Jerics Channel

The kids are also provided with breakfast – isn’t that wonderful?

You can watch the video of these kind teachers with big hearts for their learners:

Teacher Regularly Provides Breakfast for Learners

This isn’t the first time that Sir Jeric went viral.

Several times in the past, his videos gained national attention for how he goes the extra mile for his students, including creating lessons that truly catch their attention.

Photo credit: Sir Jeric Maribao / Jerics Channel

He regularly provides them with breakfast out of his own pocket! This gained him much attention on social media, leading some netizens to send money or goods to help fund his heartwarming project for his learners.

Photo credit: Sir Jeric Maribao / Jerics Channel
Photo credit: Sir Jeric Maribao / Jerics Channel

There are even times when he wakes up as early as 3AM just to prepare the food for his learners. He’s truly an admirable and dedicated teacher!

Feeding Program in Schools

Some schools have a feeding program, sometimes funded by the government but others are provided by the teachers or the parents need to contribute and prepare food for the students.

Considering the sheer volume of students in public schools, however, many of these feeding programs don’t last long unless the parents or teachers can continue covering the expenses.

There are also government-funded feeding programs but in many places, these are only available for a limited number of learners.

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